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5MinSkin vs. Silk’n: Which IPL Hair Removal is Better?

By Mariela
June 10, 2023
7 minutes

Two commonly compared IPL handset brands by customers are Silk’n and 5MinSkin . Besides operating by the same principle, both IPL handsets share similar designs, are FDA-cleared, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, provide free shipping in the US and Canada, and promise guaranteed results for removing unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. There are differences, though, especially in price, effectiveness, and nearly painless hair removal.

If you are struggling with deciding which of these two devices is better for you, this article will help resolve the puzzles. We will compare them using customer-centric parameters, and you can decide for yourself which is better.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) provides a non-invasive, harmless, and effective solution to getting rid of unwanted body hairs, and these two devices work on its principle. High-energy lights penetrate the skin and dislodge the hair-growth cycle by altering the structural integrity of the hair follicles.

Different devices handle this process slightly differently, so we are comparing two of them: Silk’n and 5MinSkin. Below is a detailed comparison between the two that will help you decide.

  1. Time To Start Seeing Results: Winner – Silk’n Infinity

Among the first three things anyone buying an IPL device would want to know is how long they will have to wait before seeing the unwanted hair disappear from their skin. The longer this timeline is, the less desirable the product. IPL manufacturers understand this and, most times, try to economize the truth in their advertisements.

In describing when users can expect to start seeing results, 5MinSkin used the not-too-clear statement, “After less than 12 uses.” So, a user is confused about whether it is after 12 uses (invariably 12 weeks) or less than that. But from numerous feedback collated, it takes at least 12 weeks to see the slightest results. However, if you increase treatment to twice a week (not recommended), the result time may decrease by half.

Silk’n Infinity was also careful not to declare a particular timeline within which its users can expect results. Instead, it says the timeline depends on individual hair types and their focus area. Nevertheless, from reasonably large customer reviews, it takes an average of six weeks to begin to see meaningful results from the Silk’n Infinity handset. The slight edge that Silk’n has over 5MinSkin is attributable to its eHP-patented technology that improves on the traditional IPL.

  1. Nearly painless Hair Removal: Winner – None

IPLs generally do not cause severe pains like waxing or plucking. Still, they can produce a stinging or heating effect if manufacturers do not include any intervention when fabricating their handsets. And since we handle discomfort or pain differently, this consideration usually tops the requirement list of almost all IPL buyers.

Unfortunately, none of the two brands we’re comparing included any exceptional anti-pain innovation in their devices except for the basic intensity graduations. In essence, when you buy the Silk’n Infinity or 5MinSkin IPL hair removal handset, you can only rely on choosing the right intensity level to avoid burning your skin or feeling a warm sensation.

Other brands like Ulike include Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology in their products, neutralizing the heat that may be produced inside the skin when the intense light hits their targets.

  1. Cost of Purchase: Winner – 5MinSkin

Price is always a leading consideration when choosing any product. As it goes, items that cannot justify their price tag are usually less desired by everyone. And considering many IPL handsets are available, any unnecessarily pricey option may receive less customer cleared.

5MinSkin currently sells for $189 on the brand’s official website and on Amazon, a 50% price cut from its original price. For an IPL of its category, it is quite cheap and worth the amount. Silk’n, on its part, places its price tag at $300.3, representing a 30% price slash from its original selling price. This implies that Silk’n is $111.3 more expensive than 5MinSkin, which is undeniably significant.

For any budget-constrained customer, the pull to go for 5MinSkin is more than the Silk’n Infinity IPL device because of the over $100 price difference. Besides, both products are not far from each other regarding what they promise users.

  1. Hair Removal Effectiveness: Winner – Silk’n Infinity IPL

For most of us, the most important consideration before buying any novel hair removal gadget is if it works. It’s no surprise that everyone asks this question when shopping for IPL devices. That’s because not all of them work as advertised. Some aren’t compatible with some age groups and skin colors, while others require an extended time to produce the results that users crave.

As you may expect, none of the two devices we’re reviewing is perfect. Both take quite a while before they start doing what they exist to do. However, if we must rate one efficiency over the other, it would be Silk’n Infinity IPL device. Its revolutionary eHPL™ technology is patented and improved with galvanic energy to make it more efficient in removing deeply rooted stubborn and spiky hairs. So, where 5MinSkin may be inefficient, Silk’n Infinity can live to expectation.

  1. Design and Ease of Use: Winner – 5MinSkin

From a cursory look at the two devices, there appears to be little or no difference in their designs. Both are white with a central big push button for flashing the light. The only difference from a physical inspection is the golden design around the central button of the 5MinSkin and the semi-curved space at the top. That said, 5MinSkin beats Silk’n in design because of its brilliant combination of gold and white and relative ease of use.

While both require charging, you can use the 5MinSkin handset constantly without plugging it in. Silk’n Infinity requires plugging into a power source for the time you’d be using it, which many people dislike. But left for that, it’s hard to tell the difference in design between them.

  1. Time to Complete Full Body: Winner- 5MinSkin

In this age of busyness, time is of the essence. Spending hours on a body treatment routine is no longer fashionable. As such, in deciding on an excellent IPL device, many people now consider the time it takes to complete a full-body treatment.

5MinSkin got its name from the average time it takes to finish flashing the whole body. Depending on your skills and experience using this device, you can complete your entire body treatment in 5-10 minutes, thanks to its wide mouth and other specialized caps. Silk’n will require up to twice this timeframe if not more.

So, Which is the Better IPL Device?

From the six parameters used for comparing these two brands, it’s apparent that 5MinSkin edges Silk’n out in speed, design, and price. However, when considering overall effectiveness and superior hair removal technology, you can’t help but give it to Silk’n Infinity.

Therefore, if your selection criteria are based on effectiveness, Silk’n leads 5MinSkin, although not by a wide margin. If you’re considering market pecks like affordability, design, and ease of use, 5MinSkin is better than Silk’n Infinity.

A Third and Better Option

5MinSkin and Silk’n Infinity are not the only IPL devices available, and certainly not the best of this technology. For a more detail-oriented and nearly painless hair removal from ANY part of your body, you may have to spend a little more to save money in the long run. One of the best IPL handsets currently ruling the world is:

Unlike Sapphire Air3 Hair Removal Handset

You haven’t yet enjoyed the best IPL offers if you haven’t checked out this product. From its unmatched sleek design to the numerous benefits you cannot find in other gadgets, every dollar spent to get this Ulike IPL is worth it. Do you doubt this? Check out its outstanding benefits:

  • FDA-cleared and leading dermatologists’ cleared puts everyone’s minds at rest for safety and effectiveness (* Ulike entered into a commercial arrangement with 2-3 dermatologists, which provided positive reviews)

  • Its patented ice-cooling sapphire technology eliminates pain and makes it suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive.

  • You will begin to see noticeable results in just three weeks, thanks to its high J/cm energy.

  • 90-day Money-Back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

  • Speedy completion of your body treatment, thanks to its gliding option that releases flashes every 0.7 seconds.

  • Premium packaging and free delivery in selected countries and locations.

Silk’n vs. 5MinSkin vs. Ulike Air3


Silk’n Infinity


Ulike Air3


Money-Back Guarantee

30 days

30 days

90 days

Ulike Air3






FDA Cleared





Dermatologists Cleared?




Ulike Air3

Suitable for sensitive skin?




Ulike Air3

Nearly painless technology?




Ulike Air3

Time to start seeing results

6 weeks

12 weeks

3 weeks

Ulike Air3

What’s in the box?

IPL Handset, charging accessories, two caps

IPL Handset, charging accessories

IPL Handset, razor, protective goggles, leather pouch, and charging accessories

Ulike Air3


Why settle for something good when something better is available? Silk’n or 5MinSkin are basic in their offers and do not represent the best option in their niche. Ulike Air3 purple IPL handset puts all users’ desires into a product and does not cost a fortune.

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