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5minskin vs. Ulike: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Viktoria
May 28, 2023
7 minutes
Ulike Air3 vs. 5minskin

Hair Removal has never been more easy, inexpensive, and nearly painless until IPL hair removal devices appeared on the scene a few decades ago. With shaving, there was always the risk of irritation and razor cuts. Waxing has always been too painful to do every few weeks. Laser is ridiculously expensive for the results it offers. And depilatory creams are just a chemical mess.

In such circumstances, IPL devices brought the ultimate feasible, affordable, long-lasting, and relatively nearly painless hair removal solution with them. If you are wondering how, give How Does IPL Hair Removal Work to know the details. Because here we are going to compare 5minskin and Ulike Air3 hair removal IPL devices.

Both are the same price, have effective and quick results, are attractive to look at, and are easy to use. Regardless of their similar features, both devices are not the same when it comes to user experience. So, I will compare both at-home laser hair removal devices below to find out the better one.

5minskin Device vs. Ulike Air3 IPL Handset

1. Design and Dimensions: Winner – Ulike Air 3

5minskin “Do not judge a book by its cover” might be true in many cases. But we all agree that design and looks are important, right?

The 5minskin at-home laser device is an elongated oval-shaped device with straight ends. It has a simple interface with an intensity indicator and usage button on the front side of the device. Moreover, it weighs 580 grams and comes in pink, black, or white colors with golden detailing.

Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset is a rectangular device with a sleek design. It also has a simple yet graceful interface with a small button and slim light and intensity indicators. It only weighs 271 grams because of its smart design. Additionally, you can get the crystal purple or full white device.

Looking at the design, the 5minskin IPL device gives the impression of a regular typical IPL device. On the other hand, Ulike Air3 is pretty impressive because of its elegant looks. Moreover, the slim design and light weight of Ulike Air3 make it easier to hold and use.

2. Cost and Inside the Package: Winner – Ulike Air3

The price of a 5minskin at-home laser device and Ulike sapphire Air3 IPL handset is the same. Both cost $300+ but Ulike also provides free shipping. Regarding the accessories that come with the device, Ulike has more to offer.

The 5minskin IPL package only has a hair removal IPL device, a charger, its wire, a safety razor, and goggles. There is no storage case in the 5minskin set. In contrast, the Ulike Sapphire Air3 package includes an Air3 IPL handset, its adaptor, a 2-meter-long cord, a mini hair-shaving razor, black goggles, and a storage case.

So, Ulike provides all items needed to remove hair long-lastingly and keep your device contamination-free at the same price as that of 5minskin while you have to buy a storage pouch separately with 5minskin.

3. Skin Tone and Hair Color Compatibility: Winner – A Tie


Although IPL hair removal is one of the most effective and practical ways to hair long-lastingly, IPL hair removal is not for everyone. People with dark skin tones like dark brown or black can have their skin burned by IPL light that gets absorbed into skin melanin.

Similarly, IPL light is not absorbed into hair if there is no melanin as in blonde, ginger, gray, or white hair. So, IPL won’t work. In addition to that, there are several conditions like pregnancy and skin diseases in which IPL hair removal devices should not be used. You can further find out an IPL hair removal treatment contraindication here.

Both Ulike Air3 and 5minskin are the same in terms of skin tone and hair color compatibility. Moreover, their indications and contraindications are also the same.

4. Treatment Modes: Winner – Ulike Air3

Treatment modes mean the way a hair removal device can be used. It includes stamping mode for precise hair removal on tricky areas like armpits or bikini lines and gliding mode with large areas like the chest, thighs, and back.

Unfortunately, 5minskin only has the stamping mode to treat unwanted hair and you have to constantly press the button to stamp the IPL radiation on the skin continuously. On the other hand, the Ulike Air3 IPL device has both stamping and thumb-free auto-gliding modes giving its users the best hair removal experience.

So, if you are looking for a hair removal machine with customizable treatments, Ulike Air3 is the one.


5. Comfort Modes: Winner – Ulike Air3

Comfort modes are the number of radiations that flash through the device as you use it in different parts of the body. It helps in making the treatment gentle on delicate body parts like the face and intense on body parts with thick skin and stubborn hair like on the legs.

5minskin only has one treatment mode for all parts of the body. In addition, it has multiple intensity levels to help in making the treatment suitable for different types of hair on different areas of the body.

Ulike Air3 offers 3 comfort modes with 3 intensity levels to ensure that your body does not have to get more radiation than it needs to get the hair removed from the roots. Its comfort modes include a soft mode for delicate skin, a body mode for regular use, and a power mode for stubborn hair.

So, Ulike Air3 outsmarts the 5minskin IPL device with its personalized modes that take comfort to the next level.

6. Treatment Time and Results: Winner – Ulike Air3

body modes

An IPL device needs to be faster than other ways of hair removal to become the best method of removing hair, right? So, both 5minskin and Ulike Air3 are two of the fastest IPL devices that you can come across.

5minskin IPL handset claims to take about 10 minutes to treat the full body. However, this time also depends upon the density of your hair and the area you are willing to treat at one time. Moreover, its stamping mode can increase treatment time. This device needs to be used once every week and it takes 12 treatments within 3 months for it to kill all hair follicles.

On the other hand, Ulike Air3 takes only 7 minutes to treat the full body with thumb-free auto-glide mode and 0.7 flashes per second of speed. Ulike needs to be used twice every week. And 6 treatment sessions within 3 weeks are enough to remove 90% of unwanted hair long-lastingly.

Thus, the treatment with Ulike Air3 is faster as compared to 5minskin. Additionally, you can also notice quicker results with Ulike Air3.

7. Patented Nearly painless Technology: Winner – Ulike

5minskin is a relatively nearly painless device. However, it is not completely nearly painless. You won’t experience the pain of pulling hair as with waxing there will be a heated snapping sensation on the skin with a 5minskin IPL device.

Conversely, Ulike Air3 gives a whole nearly painless experience with its patented sapphire ice-cooling technology. It takes the temperature of radiation to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you will experience a cooling sensation instead of snapping or pain while doing your hair removal session.

Moreover, the device does not get heated making Ulike the best option when it comes to nearly painless hair removal.


8. Number of Flashes and Lifespan: Winner – Ulike Air3

An IPL device comes with a predetermined number of flashes which determines the lifespan of the device. Ulike Air3 clearly states that it has unlimited or 1 million flashes that can last for the entire life without running out. In other words, the device can stay useful for 50-60 years, the average lifespan of a person.

But I have failed to find how many flashes 5minskin has and how long it can last. The company only says that no refills are needed without mentioning the lifespan of the device. So, you cannot estimate when the device will die.

This is the reason why Ulike Air3 can prove to be your best investment that will last a whole life.

9. Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty: Winner – Ulike Air3

As IPL devices might not work for everyone for one reason or the other, most brands provide a money-back guarantee. Moreover, there can be mechanical or technical errors in the device. So, the devices come with a warranty as well.

5minskin offers a no questions asked money-back guarantee if the device does not meet with your expectations within 1 month. Additionally, it provides a 2-year warranty.

Ulike Air3 wants to give its customers more time to know about the device and its results. It provides 3 months money-back guarantee along with a 2 years warranty. So, you can invest in this reliable handset without any concerns about losing your hard-earned money.

10. FDA Cleared and Safety: Winner – Ulike Air3

Ulike One must be careful about the safety of IPL devices because intense pulse light can damage the skin. One way to determine safety is to check the official safety cleared of the device through the FDA or other health organizations.

Both 5minskin and Ulike Air3 are FDA-cleared. So, you can use both devices safely at home.

In addition, Ulike Air3 is certified safe by 30+ global health organizations. Board-certified dermatologists like Dr. David Lim also love to recommend this safe and comfortable device. Thus, it is clear that Ulike Air3 is the safer of the two devices.

Comparison Table

Let us now take a brief look at the comparison of Ulike Air3 and 5minskin. I have simplified all the parameters we discussed earlier.


5minskin at-home laser

Ulike Air3 IPL device



580 grams

271 grams

Ulike Air3


2 years

2 years

A tie

Money-back guarantee

30 days

90 days

Ulike Air3

Original Price



Ulike Air3

Inside the box

  • 5minskin IPL device

  • Charger and cord

  • Safety glasses

  • Shaving razor

  • Ulike Air3 IPL device

  • Charger and long cord

  • Black UV protective goggles

  • Mini safety razor

  • Leather storage box

Ulike Air3




Comfort modes



Ulike Air3

Nearly painless technology


Patented sapphire ice cooling technology

Ulike Air3

Treatment time

10 minutes


Ulike Air3

Results within

3 months

3 weeks

Ulike Air3


I have discussed and compared different aspects of the 5minskin at-home laser hair removal device and the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset in this article. While both devices can be used to zap off unwanted hair from the body and face long-lastingly, the experience of using both devices is not the same.

5minskin has a few unclear features and it claims more than it actually offers. While Ulike Air3 has stated everything you need to know clearly. Moreover, it also stands by its claims. So, Ulike Air3 is the better of the two devices because of its ergonomic design, quick results, fast treatments, lifelong flashes, comfort modes, and treatment times.

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