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Lux Skin vs. Kenzzi: Which IPL Device Should You Choose?

By Laura
May 19, 2023
7 minutes

Almost everyone keen on removing objectionable hair from their bodies now prefers using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) handsets. Besides the handy and safe nature of these handsets, many are also super-fast at delivering results. Without professional monitoring or external assistance, you can operate an IPL device at home and jilt the exorbitant salon fees that set you back with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

But as you must have realized by now, many IPL brands exist, each trying to outdo the other in publicity and advertorials. There have been claims by consumers of many of these products that not all of them deliver half of what their adverts claim. From reviews on independent platforms, some customers even allege that some of these IPL devices do not work at all. Therefore, if you are considering trying this method for the first time or have once tried one that didn’t give the desired result, this article will help you.

But before we answer this article’s question, it’s expedient to clarify why some may not get the best out of IPL despite its undeniable effectiveness. First, let’s appraise this hair-removal method.

What is the IPL?

What is the IPL

Source: MikeMurphy

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a technology used by beauty experts and dermatologists to remove unwanted body hair and treat some skin conditions. It involves shooting high-energy lights of broad wavelengths into the skin through a specialized handset made by different manufacturers. When these lights enter the skin, they target the color-imparting pigment known as melanin .

Melanin is buried in hair follicles, which means the light will also impart the follicles to reach it. On getting to the melanin, a heat reaction disrupts the hair-growth cycle. The hair roots become weak, and surface hairs fall off. Of course, this process requires time for it to happen.

Why Your IPL HandSet is Not Giving Desired Results

If you’ve been disappointed by an IPL device you once bought, here are the possible reasons it went that way. And if you are new to this technology, you can consider these things as warnings or guidelines for effectiveness.

  1. Incorrect Skin/Hair Tone

While IPL is effective at progressively removing unwanted body hair, it doesn’t work for all skin tones and types. For instance, if your skin is too dark, that suggests that your melanin content is high. And if this is so, it will absorb more light energy than required causing a serious burning sensation. Similarly, if your skin is light (to the extreme), the melanin content may be small, and the absorbed light may be inconsequential to give the desired results.

For this reason, most IPL manufacturers include a chart in their products to guide on compatible skin and hair. A typical chart is shown below from Braun. You can check your prospective IPL provider’s website to see their charts. And good enough, many IPL handsets now have smart sensors that detect skin compatibility. In that case, it will refuse to flash.

Skin tones&Body hair type chart

Source: Braun

  1. Not Following Usage Instructions

All IPL handsets have instructions on the best way to use them for optimal results. Generally, shaving before flashing is recommended for the light to get a chance to penetrate the hair roots. But besides that, there are other specific rules like how often to flash and post-flashing treatments. And for each IPL brand, these details differ. If, therefore, you falter in following the instruction for use, you might not get the expected results.

  1. The Brand You Purchase

All IPL handsets are not the same, and it’s crucial you note this point. Some devices deliver twice or thrice the energy supplied by others, resulting in faster and better hair removal than others. Also, some IPL handsets have innovative technologies that mitigate pain and ensure no aftermath effects after treating your skin with it. These brands may sell their products at slightly higher prices than others, and if you pass them by for a cheaper option, it may be the reason you are disappointed about the performance.

  1. You Aren’t Patient Enough

Getting the expected results from IPL devices requires patience. Sometimes, because of the need to entice buyers, manufacturers input confusing statements into their adverts that do not expressly represent reality on the ground. For instance, you may read things like: “You will start seeing results in four weeks, but long-lasting hair loss is until 12 weeks.” In this case, you should zero your mind to 12 weeks before seeing results if you follow other instructions. The four weeks earlier mentioned were to grab your attention; it might work for some, but many will only see significant improvements after the longer time spectrum.

Now, to the two IPL devices in contention, the best way to know which is better is to compare them based on some parameters. The one that has more wins carries the day and may make a better purchase than the other. So, let’s compare the two.

Lux Skin vs. Kenzzi: Which is Better?


  • Design & Display: Kenzzi is Better

An IPL handset design is vital because it determines how easy it would be to operate. It can also tell how long a person will spend treating their whole body with it. And their designs are not too significantly different for the two handsets in question, but Kenzzi has an advantage over Lux Skin.

Kenzzi offers a full digital display of the working parameters of the handset. With this, you can know how many flashes you have left, the intensity level you are working on, and how much battery capacity you have left. Lux Skin doesn’t feature any digital display, making it miss out on all its benefits.

  • Price: Lux Skin is Better

Every rational consumer prays to get their preferred product at the least possible price. And for these two items under review, Lux Skin takes the crown for price friendliness. It almost has no competitor, given the very affordable price tag it showcases.

From its initial $160 price, it has now dropped to $79, arguably the cheapest you can get an IPL device of its caliber. But that’s not enough; purchasing this device from the company’s website gives the buyer access to a gift, which also aids in getting the best results from the handset.

Kenzzi IPL PRO Handset , on its part, sells above $300 – about four times the price of Lux. So, if Lux Skin gives the same results as Kenzzi, why should you spend more when you can spend less? That’s what we’re considering next. Do they provide a similar timeline for effectiveness?

  • Time to Achieve Hairlessness: Kenzzi is Better

When trying to remove unwanted hair from the body, time is crucial. Not everyone has the patience to wait for months before they get rid of the spiky hairs from their bikini line or elsewhere. Besides, a too-long timeline can indicate that the handset is ineffective in getting the job done.

Lux Skin

While Kenzzi claims that users will start seeing results in 2-4 weeks, the reality is that the earliest time it takes to get significant results is four weeks. You have to wait eight weeks or more to achieve about 90% hairlessness.

Lux Skin Premium IPL Handset takes 12 weeks before you can get the results you probably have in mind. However, clear evidence of something happening should surface by the fourth week. More than before, you should notice a reduction in hair growth.

  • Nearly painless Hair Removal: None is Better

Without any particular intervention from IPL manufacturers, the technology will generate a warm sensation as the light hits the melanin target in the skin. What many do to minimize this burning sensation is to graduate the intensity on a scale of one to six. The lower grades on the scale are not likely to cause any significant discomfort as the higher ones, but they will take longer time to deliver results.

But besides this basic protection, some brands have gone ahead to innovate ice-cooling technologies that neutralize the warm sensation that the IPL generates. The result is a nearly painless experience that makes the treatment process effortless.

  • FDA Cleared: Kenzzi is Better

In an age where there are many options for a single need, government cleared means a lot. The FDA approves products for safety, effectiveness, and conformation to some set standards. Kenzzi leads Lux Skin in this regard because it is FDA-cleared, while the latter is not. Perhaps shortly, Lux can also achieve this feat because it currently has a patent application pending for its IPL technology.

A Third and Better Alternative

Kenzzi is evidently better than the Lux Skin Premium IPL handset. However, the latter is not a bad option either, considering its highly-affordable price and sleek design. Nevertheless, a far better option is Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device . It answers the many questions that the two devices left unaddressed: timely hair removal and nearly painlessness.

Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ulike specifically thumps the previous two devices in the following ways

  • It is FDA and dermatologists cleared for personal safety and effectiveness

  • You start noticing significant results in three weeks

  • Complete body treatment in seven minutes, thanks to its automatic gliding option

  • Nearly painless hair removal, thanks to its patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology

  • It is suitable for all skin types

Comparison Table for the Three IPL Devices


Lux Skin








Lux Skin

FDA Cleared




Kenzzi & Ulike

Money-Back Guarantee

90 Days

90 Days

90 Days


Intensity Level




Lux Skin

Time to see results

12 weeks

8 Weeks

3 Weeks


What’s in the box

IPL Handset, charging accessories, and an extra gift

IPL Handset, charging accessories

IPL Handset, Goggles for eye protection, razor, charging accessories


Pain-free treatment?





Dermatologists Cleared?





Number of flashes






Kenzzi and Lux Skin IPL handsets provide standard services for users, but if you want something more practical, check out Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 IPL Handset. Hair removal does not get any better than what it offers.

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