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Is Nood Hair Removal Safe to Use? (& Precautions for IPL Use)

By Laura
June 7, 2023
7 minutes

Nood IPL device is one of the most reviewed IPL devices you can find out while looking for an IPL handset to get. It is one of the top-rated IPL devices because of its affordability and feasibility of use. However, it might or might not be the safest IPL device available in the market.

Moreover, you would not know how effectively it works. So, I suggest you go through Does Nood actually work to find out most of your queries about Nood. Today, I am specifically going to talk about the safety of Nood in this article.

So, stay tuned.

How Does Nood Hair Removal IPL Device Work?

Nood hair removal IPL device just like any other IPL or laser hair removal device in the market works by eliminating hair follicles. How does it do that? Nood flashes high-intensity pulse light which has an affinity for the pigment of the hair and the skin as well.

So, when the hair is dark and the skin is light in color, the IPL radiation gets directly absorbed into the unwanted hair. Consequently, it reaches the bottom of the hair and is transformed into heat energy. This heat annihilates hair follicles along with the roots. Thus, the person becomes hairless in multiple sessions.

Is Nood Hair Removal IPL Device Safe to Use?

A straightforward answer to the safety of Nood IPL devices is Yes. But it is not that straightforward at all. Nood has a few safety mechanisms infused in it. Additionally, it has cleared from FDA.

However, the results and effects of the device on the skin mainly depend upon your usage. For example, first of all, you need to have compatible hair color and skin tone. Because if your skin is any darker, it will be burned by Nood flashes. Then the excessive use of the device can also cause side effects like pain, redness, stinging, burns, blisters, and scars.

Which Features Make Nood Hair Removal IPL Device Safe?

Below are the few mechanisms Nood has to make IPL hair removal safe.

UV Filters

UV light from an IPL device can prove to be detrimental to the skin and it has a similar yet more intense effect when compared to the UV light from the sun. So, Nood Flasher IPL hair removal devices have built-in UV filtering lenses behind their light window to filter out the UV radiations before they can come in contact with the skin.

Intensity Levels

Nood Flasher offers 7 levels of intensity so that anyone in a suitable skin tone range can use this device without the device being harsh on the skin. However, lower levels of intensity have lower efficiency and higher levels of intensity might make the process painful.


Regardless of what Nood has and what it lacks, it is officially cleared by the FDA, the firm that monitors the safety of any device we use. So, it is safe to say that Nood, when used appropriately is completely harmless for the skin.

Is Nood Hair Removal Painful?

Nood might be harmless and safe to be used on the face and body. But I would not say that it is nearly painless as well. Because, IPL radiations are hot and when such hot rays stuck to the skin, they give a burning or stinging sensation.

Although the device feels more comfortable and gentle on lower levels of intensity, you have to be prepared for a slight to moderate amount of pain on higher levels. However, the pain is much less as compared to professional laser hair removal.

Which Safety Features Does Nood Lack?

We have already concluded that Nood Flasher is a safe IPL hair removal device. But it could do better and improve its features in the following aspects.

Technology for Nearly painless Hair Removal

One of the major things making people go for IPL hair removal is the pain associated with other methods. So, IPL devices should be as nearly painless as possible. Nood has no technology to make hair removal nearly painless. However, some devices like Ulike and JOVS have exclusive ice-cooling technology.

Comfort Modes

Although intensity levels can help in adapting the treatment to skin sensitivity and tolerance, comfort modes add to the comfort and make the user experience better. Nood only works on one mode.

Mechanism to Prevent the Device from Overheating

There are vents at the back of the Nood device but they are not efficient in keeping the device cool. An overheated device is difficult to hold and it can burn the hands. Also, some users have experienced sparking types of sounds from the Nood handset.

Skin Tone and Contact Sensors

One of the basic safety mechanisms IPL hair removal devices have is skin tone sensors. These sensors prevent the device from flashing when skin tone is not compatible. Thus, they prevent dark skin tones from burning.

Similarly, many IPL devices have contact sensors that make the device flash only when it is fully pressed against the skin. It prevents the flashes from scattering. Thus, it can protect the eyes.

Sadly, Nood lacks both

Is Nood IPL Device Safe for the Eyes?

If you are asking about directly looking at the flashes when you do hair removal sessions, I would say a BIG NO. Please do not look into any IPL device like that because bright light flashes can damage the eyes.

But if you are wearing glasses and not using the IPL device too close to the eyes or on your eyebrows, Nood Flasher is completely safe for the eyes as well. Unfortunately, Nood does not provide any safety goggles to protect the eyes. So, you have to get your own before starting your IPL hair removal sessions.

Precautions for IPL Use At-Home

With the safety of the device, comes the individual safety measures that need to be taken to ensure that you face no unwanted or unpredictable effects during your hair removal session. Here are some must-have precautions for the use of IPL devices at home.

1. Right Device for Your Skin Type

It is important to understand that no matter how advanced an IPL device you get, there are some skin tones and hair colors that an IPL device won’t work for. For example, dark brown or black skin tones are not compatible with IPL hair removal.

So, it is better to know your skin type and get a device that works on it beforehand.

2. Patch Test is a Must

While IPL hair removal can be safely performed at home, people are born different and some might be allergic to IPL rays due to idiosyncrasy. So, do a patch test on a small section of the skin 1 day before officially starting your IPL hair removal journey.

It helps in avoiding any unforeseen side effects like hypersensitivity or itching.

3. No Waxing or Plucking, Only Shaving

IPL hair removal works best on freshly shaved skin. Remember that I said the word “shaved”, not waxed, epilated, depilated, or plucked. It is because it is essential to have hair strands just beneath the skin for IPL rays to get absorbed into them.

And if you do not shave, and there is hair above the skin’s surface, there are chances of skin burning.

4. Skin Exfoliation and Cleansing

It is important to get rid of the dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil stuck in the deep layers of the skin before an IPL hair removal session. Because it can interfere with the results of IPL devices and can also increase the chances of infection.

So, exfoliate the skin 1 or 2 days before your session and cleanse it right before starting IPL hair removal. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean the light window of the IPL device after using it to prevent contamination.

5. Light Protective Goggles

As I explained earlier that IPL radiations might be considered safe for the eyes but it is best to take no risk with one of the most delicate organs of your skin. So, wear black colored UV light protective goggles during your hair removal session.

6. No Sun Exposure or Artificial Tanning

You do not want your skin to go through IPL-induced burns and scarring, right? You won’t want it to aggravate your sunburns as well. Thus, it is advised to limit sun exposure when you are going through IPL hair removal and stop using artificial tanners.

You should wear sunblock every time you go out.

7. Loose Dress

Although there is not much significance of clothing in IPL hair removal, I insist you go easy with clothing and wear loose dresses for at least 24 hours after your IPL hair removal session. It helps in avoiding friction, keeping the skin ventilated, and preventing skin irritation.

8. Going Through the Instruction Manual

Read the instruction manual that comes with your IPL hair removal kit to know more about the usage of the device, its settings, dos, and don’ts. It can help you understand your personal hair removal kit better. Also, make sure to never use the device more often than recommended.

You can check the details of the dos and don’ts of IPL here.


Nood hair removal IPL handset is surely a safe device to be used at home for hair removal because of its UV filters, multiple intensity levels, and FDA cleared. However, it could do better in terms of nearly painlessness, skin tone, and contact sensors.

In addition to this, I have mentioned some precautions that are important to take when it comes to IPL hair removal even with a certified safety device like Nood Flasher.

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