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Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Which is Better for You?

By Viktoria
March 6, 2023
7 minutes

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon

In deciding Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: which is better for you, what factors should weigh more? Lululemon made its triumph first in 1998 when yoga was at its peak and this catapulted the brand’s popularity taking center stage within yoga fitness training studios. Their rival, Alo Yoga, started in 2007 and has gone exponentially on social media hitting 3.1 million followers on Instagram – 1.3 million followers behind Lululemon.

The battle as to who wins Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon isn’t a battle for price tags or the brightness of the fabric color but for suitability of purpose, durability, and comfort. Whereas the world is flooded with athleisure some from never seen or heard brands, Alo Yoga and Lululemon are the crème de la crème.

Contrary to the imaginations of many, these athletic wear mega brands are not confined to athletic wear. Both companies have diversified to lifestyle apparel, and personal care products making it harder for buyers to choose which is better Alo Yoga or Lululemon.

To help make a better choice, we’ll take an in-depth look at;

  • Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon history,

  • Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon sizing,

  • Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon leggings,

  • Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon pricing

  • Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon product rage.

But first, let’s take a look at the history of these global athleisure companies:

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon Brand History

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon Brand History

Big brands are built on a story that’s spread to their target audience through social media influencers and ambassadors. Their mission and vision statements are the storylines that introduce, influence and determine the predetermined journey the brands will take. Analyzing their history can help determine whether Alo Yoga is as good as Lululemon.

Alo Yoga


Country of origin: Los Angeles, USA

Country of origin: Vancouver, Canada

Year of foundation: 2007 ( 16 years)

Year of foundation: 1998 (25 years)

Alo Yoga Brief History: Marco and Harris founded Alo Yoga in 2007 with the aim of spreading good to the world through yoga. The desire to spread kindness and goodness led to the birth of Alo Yoga. They aim to offer the best yogis with the best gear that inspires wellness, spreads mindful movement, and transforms the power of yoga.

Their initial journey began as yoga clothing meant to inspire more yoga life and translate to a mindful movement. Then lead to better and more inspiring living. The goal has seen Alo Yoga spread their products range to street active wear, personal care items, and accessories.

Lululemon Brief History: Even though Lululemon was launched in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, the first shop was opened in 2000 in Vancouver’s Kitsilano. With the idea having been born in a yoga studio, the athletic wear from this company is yoga inspired. Lululemon brand is today synonymous with athleisure and yoga.

Lululemon started as an athletic gear company with target customers being wealthy men and women who needed luxurious workout gear.

As a common workout gear, it’s hardly impossible to walk into a yoga studio and fail to spot a Lululemon. What started as a studio with a vision to establish a hub of healthy living, active community, and mindfulness has grown into a brand renowned for menswear, women’s yoga activewear, swim, jackets, and accessories.

Main Features: Abiding by their mission, from the studio- to-yoga, Alo Yoga manufactures athleisure that transforms lives on and off the mat. Stylish active wear for men and women best described by their silhouettes incorporates fashion, and color in all street and studio yoga clothing.

High-waisted leggings, flared shorts, short and long-sleeved Wonderer, colorful mats, and high-end beauty products are the main Alo Yoga features.

Main Features: Yoga athleisure is what best describes Lululemon. High-quality but pricey leggings, luxury-grade brand, durable colorful fabric, and functional body complimenting gear are the main features that depict Lululemons’ history as told in the modern.

Over the past 25 years, Lululemon has consistently remained truthful to its promise of thickened signature yoga apparel for taking sweaty workouts without a sweat.

Interesting Fact: As the Beverly Hills store runs on solar power with an electric car charging station installed within its premises, Alo Yoga products are eco-friendly. All products are stinky-free, 100% sweaty, and are either made from recycled polyester or organic cotton.

Alo owns an app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Despite being yoga clothing, you can wear them when traveling, walking, gymming, shopping, and doing yoga.

Interesting Fact: Each product is manufactured for a specific purpose and has unique characteristics. There’s a legging for dancing, running, and doing yoga.

Chip Wilson refers to himself as the third person. In 2007, Wilson falsely claimed Lululemon was made from seaweed. In describing Lululemons ideal customers, the male customers are described as dukes willing to make more than Ocean and ready to pay for the quality. And the woman as a 32-year-old single professional making $100,000.

Reputation: Alo carries the global accreditation platinum certification badge making it a highly credible brand. As a household in LA, you’ll find people both old and young in Alo Yoga shorts, tops, leggings, or bras. The company’s accessories and apparel are designed at the headquarters in Los Angeles.

Reputation: Lululemon products are so highly reputable that people have shops for Lululemon’s second-hand clothes. Their logo is a brand symbol customers are willing to pay for.

Focus On: Alo Yoga is committed to making yoga clothing that inspires the best world’s yogis. Sweatshop-free and environment-friendly athleisure is a promise they’ve always committed to abiding by.

Focus On: Lululemon is focused on maintaining the quality of its products. Quality is a guarantee their gear is crafted for long-lasting performance.

Following the history of these two giant athleisure companies, is Alo or Lululemon better? A company’s history defines the nature, quality, and design of its products. But the mission and vision which lays the history basement outline why you should bond and be loyal to the company.

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Range of Items

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Range of Items

From their introductions, Lululemon states its products range from athletic wear and technical clothing while Alo Yoga as yoga leggings, clothes, and accessories. Initially, both companies were driven by the desire to produce yoga apparel for men and women. Though still maintaining their stand, they’ve diversified to yoga-related products such as yoga mats, sunglasses, shoes, and socks.

Alo Yoga


For the female bottoms, they’ve leggings, skirts, trousers, and sweatpants. Male bottoms are shorts and pants, sweatpants

Women’s clothes include leggings, dresses, hoodies, pants, coats and jackets, and shirts.

Special yoga items for females are sports bras, tank tops, swimsuits, underwear, and sweaters

Short and long sleeves, jackets, coats, sweatshirts, and hoodies for male and female

Men’s wear includes shoes, socks, hoodies, trousers, shorts, polo shirts, and joggers

Beauty products include air diffusers, essential oils, soak and scrub

The female and male accessories section lists wraps and scarves, gloves, mittens, bags, wallets, pouches, water bottles and yoga mats, and hair accessories

Women’s accessories include shoes, socks, hair, hat, bags, sunglasses, underwear, books, and jewelry

Pants, polo shirts, shorts, hoodies and sweatshirts, bottom-down shirts, joggers, coats, and jackets

It seems you’ll walk on a tightrope considering both companies specialize in almost the same products with almost the same features. A Slight exception goes for Alo Yoga which has more casual yet active wear for shopping, traveling, and gymming.

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Prices

If Lululemon athleisure is designed for the wealthy, will the price differences determine Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: which is better for you? Considering Alo Yoga covers not only the best yogis but also the beginners, price shouldn’t decide which is better but should influence your buying decision.

Let’s analyze the price range for these two global yoga apparel companies.


Alo Yoga Official Price From Website

Lululemon Official Price From Website

Sports bras

$40- 70

$50 to $80

Tops and shorts

$50 to $100

$40 to $100 (tops)

$40 to $120 (Shorts)

Leggings and pants



It’s clear the price differences are almost equal.

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Style

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Style

Both Alo Yoga and Lululemon styles are more influenced by flexibility, the ability to withstand vigorous stretches, and comfort. Most of their apparel feature hemming and zigzag stitches as they make the apparel neat and sturdy. Most clothing materials used to make yoga apparel are comfortable and stretching in nature.

Alo Yoga Style: studio-to-street active wear, comfortable, flattering, high-quality, breathable, squat-proof, stretchy, and fashionable.

Lululemon Style: Buttery soft, durable, technical apparel, sturdy sports bras, fine yoga mats, very stretchy, luxurious, stylish streetwear, and lightweight.

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Celebrities

Influencers and celebrities play a great role by showcasing the trending products in the market. Famous celebrities have been wearing Alo Yoga and Lululemon activewear on many occasions highlighting their greatness and sense of fashion in them. This does not only attract more yoga enthusiasts to the two brands but made them global shopping, fitness, traveling, and streetwear.

Celebrities Who Wear Alo Yoga: Jennifer Garner, Kendall Jenner, Camila Cabello, Jamie Chung, Ariana Grande, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Bella Hadid.

Celebrities Who Wear Lululemon: Rob Watson, Chrissy Teigen, Malia Manuel Ana de Armas, Ryan Leier, Amanda Baxter, Camilla Cabello, Lori Harvey, and Craig McMorris.

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Where to Buy

Now that it’s easier for you to decide on Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon which is better, now we’ll highlight the right places to shop athleisure. Among the factors to consider when choosing the right place to shop is the availability of free shipping, return policy, the authenticity of the products, and discounts.

Here are the places you should look into when shopping for Alo Yoga or Lululemon products:


  • Lululemon online stores

  • From their official website

  • Independent online stores

  • Independent brick-and-mortar stores

Alo Yoga:

  • From Alo Yoga official website

  • Closest boutique

  • Independent Outlets online

  • Pre-loved stores

Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon: Which Brand is Right for you?

Will you go by the brand philosophy, style, pricing, or quality? Considering most of the features embodied in Alo Yoga vs. Lululemon, you’ll be left with a hard decision-making standpoint. For purely yoga athleisure, Lululemon is the right brand for you. But for yoga studio-street activewear, Alo Yoga is the right brand for you.

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