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10 Best IPL Hair Removal Brands for You (2023)

By Viktoria
March 12, 2023
6 minutes

Besides price, a product’s brand or maker strongly determines its customers’ acceptance. Even when the price is high, it will hardly suffer patronage if it is from a publicly favored brand. This phenomenon is particularly true in the fashion world, where the classic law of demand and supply doesn’t always hold. As it goes, the higher the price, the higher the demand.

A 2022 poll by Consumer Goods reveals that 82% of consumers place a brand’s values over its product’s cost. If their favorite brand compromises on such salient matters as quality, fairness, honesty, and timelessness, 39% say they won’t hesitate to jilt it regardless of how long they have come together. It is that serious.

But the same sentiment applies to IPL hair removal. Consumers’ main concern isn’t about price but values such as efficiency, safety, warranty, swift delivery, and durability. Many will not mind paying $500 or more for an IPL hair removal package if a brand can guarantee all these. Are you in search of such brands? Welcome!

We have tested products across many brands and can authoritatively separate the pros from the wannabes. In this article, you will learn ten of the best IPL Hair Removal brands you can trust in 2023. Here’s a table for your quick reference.



Product Price


4.4 (5,495 reviews)



4.5 ( 2,640 reviews)



4.7 (93 reviews)



4.97 (128 reviews)



4.4 (59 reviews)



4.4 (10,475 reviews)



3.9 (2,199 reviews)



4.7 (11 reviews)



4.4 (54,283 reviews)



4.9 (35 reviews)


  1. Braun

Braun German products are renowned for quality, and this brand lives up to that agelong reputation. Established in 1921 in Germany’s populated city of Frankfurt, the headquarters is in Kronberg. This brand has produced excellent electric shavers and various electronics for over a century but recently brought its expertise into the IPL Hair Removal niche.

Braun’s IPL Hair Removal is among the most sought-after on Amazon, raking in hundreds of sales daily. The product takes a wander-like shape, making it very convenient to handle for as long as the treatment session lasts. Braun’s IPL handset beautifully combines white and gold to present an attractive outlook to its users. It comes in four different variants, namely:

  1. Philips

For over 130 years, Philips has been consistent with one operational philosophy – improve people’s health with innovative technology. The company, a brainchild of Frederik Philips and Gerard, his son, commenced operations in the Netherlands in 1891. The initial focus was on producing pocket-friendly electric bulbs. Still, staying true to its vision of bringing innovation to tech, the company added electric shavers to its already long list of products in 1930.

Fast forward to 2023, and you cannot mention five leading brands producing IPL Hair removals without mentioning Philips. Their popularity has surpassed the Netherlands to the UK, the US, Europe, and Africa. Philips IPL gives up to six months’ holiday from those spiky bikini hairs and other unwanted body hairs if used appropriately.

Philips IPL 9900 Series is this company’s masterpiece, offering up to four caps for different body parts and promising a visible hair reduction after three uses.

  1. Ulike

Ulike Unlike the first two brands that initially started with something different, Ulike has always focused on hair removal since its inception in 2013. From that time till now, the China-based beauty company has sold over three million of its portable, highly efficient IPL hair removal. Since effortless hair removal is their sole obsession, they dedicate 30% of their annual profit to research for improved IPL technology.

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal Handset is the top product from this brand, loaded with many benefits. It has over 900,000 flashes and is FDA and dermatologist-cleared. Another highlight that makes it the brand of choice for many is its patented Ice-Cooling technology that moderates your skin’s temperature as you flash in the lights.

With this innovation, this product effectively combats the side effects often associated with IPL devices and makes it suitable for all body parts, including the face.

  1. Nood

Nood is another brand that has always had hair removal as its single focus. However, its approach differs from others because it adds skincare to its tech. Stated differently, when you purchase Nood’s IPL handset, you also get products that prepare your skin before and after treatment to make the process nearly painless and enrich your skin.

Its minimalist design and affordability are two factors that endear this brand to the hearts of buyers. With 600,000 flashes and two years warranty, you know you aren’t investing your money in a product that doesn’t work. The Noodist Kit is Nood’s ace IPL package, consisting of the flasher, exfoliator (3.3 oz package called The Revealer), and an after-treatment soothing cream called the Reviver.


smoothskin This brand prides itself as the world’s No. 1 IPL hair removal brand that removes 99% of unwanted hair in just twelve weeks of prescribed usage. The ergonomic design of their IPL device and high effectiveness set the brand apart as one of the most sophisticated long-lasting hair removal brands globally.

It has been clinically proven to start producing results in two weeks; by the 12th week, you can hardly notice any strand again. The company is UK-based and has been operating for over forty years. It has won several global awards in the beauty niche, including the 2018 Women’s Health Beauty Awards and Best Buy Independent awards, among several others.

  1. XSOUL

Here is a unisex IPL brand that makes hair removal available to people with tight budgets. Its design is similar to that of Philips but features over 900,000 flashes that can last two users a lifetime. The excellent customer service this brand offers and their three years warranty is its top selling point.

Also, it is among the most affordable brands, with impressive features. More than 70% of users of this brand report their first observable difference within three weeks of using it. However, complete hair removal may not occur until after eight weeks of continuous use as prescribed.

  1. BoSidin

bosidin From the R&D department of the famous British laboratory comes this beauty brand that has taken the world by surprise. Its IPL handset is a product of research with the 2006 Physics Nobel Price winner, Prof. Smooth. BoSidin is a multiple-award winner for excellent designs, with the 2020 German Reddot Design Award for Hair Removal being one of its latest.

Besides its two-year product warranty, this brand offers free shipping to almost all countries. BoSidin’s IPL handset’s light source is of medical grade, filtering ineffective light and ensuring quick results. Its Dynamic Cooling System automatically produces a cooling sensation after each flash to ensure that users don’t feel uncomfortable using the handset.


This brand is 2022’s Beauty Awards winner, a UK brand that makes high-quality IPL hair removal handsets. Their device has undergone several clinical trials and has come out safe for home and personal use.

Sensical’s cordless IPL device is ergonomic, affording easy handling and providing a result within eight weeks. Its uniqueness is advancing the standard IPL technology to react to individual skin tones.

  1. Aopvui

Aopvui This brand is one of the best-selling on Amazon. It amazingly makes IPL devices available for under $200 budgeters. As affordable as it is, it is no less efficient. And unlike other brands that only include five intensity levels, Aopvui’s IPL handset has nine. With the extended range of options, almost every skin type and tone can find one appropriate.

  1. Myupszmi

Last on this list is this relatively new brand in the game. The brand’s IPL hair removal device is capable of 999,000 flashes and produces noticeable results in six weeks. It has an inbuilt fan cooling system and a cooling tech for users to mitigate against feeling burning sensations. It is also one of the most affordable brands, where you can spend less than $150 to keep your skin hairless.


There you have ten of the best IPL Hair Removal brands you can patronize in 2023. Their history, reputation, and effectiveness of products informed their inclusion on this list. Many are available on Amazon, but you can also learn more about their offers from their official store or website.

If you are unsure which of them to choose, check their reviews and ratings to determine which aligns with your values. But if you ever need a recommendation, Ulike IPL comes first because of its super-cooling, patented technology that removes painful feelings. It’s also the only brand that has undergone the most rigorous safety and quality test.

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