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Top 20 Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram

By Jason
February 13, 2023
7 minutes

Whether you’re a macro fitness influencer or fitness enthusiast looking for inspiration, advice, or training tips, the top 20 male fitness influencers on Instagram below will help achieve your goals. The majority of these men are the best male fitness trainers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Besides their entertaining iconic 8-pack and impressive physique, there will be plenty to learn from their profiles –fitness and bodybuilding training, meal routines, mind-muscle connections tips, and the best chest workout tips.

Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Listed below are the top male fitness influencers to follow on Instagram and learn the secrets to becoming the best fitness influencer.

Influencer ID name

Instagram Profile Link

No. of Fans Instagram


Flex Lewis




Jo Lindner

@ joesthetics



Jeremy L. Buendia

@ jeremy_buendia



Simeon Panda




Jeff Seid




Chris Bumstead




Sergi Constance




Lazar Angelov




Tavi Castro




Ulissesworld Maddy




Mike O’hearn




Martyn Ford




Steve Cook




Bradley Martyn

@ bradleymartyn



Mr Olympia Big Ramy




Joe Wicks

@ thebodycoach



Joey Swoll




Kai Greene




Andrei Deiu

@ andreideiu_



Ryan Terry



1. Flex Lewis – @flex_lewis

Flex Lewis

The contests won, inspirational Instagram videos, free training videos on YouTube, and passion to train others are the reasons Flex is our top male fitness influencer.

Discipline, dedication, and go-getter are the first lessons you’ll learn from Flex. Pictures of his gym on Instagram- DRAGONS LAIR GYM – portrays a man who has positioned himself for success. Besides boasting of winning 7 times Olympia 212 championship, he has won over 21 other bodybuilding contests.

Taking advantage of his followers on social media platforms, Flex Lewis has become an entrepreneur selling ladies, children and men’s clothes, hats, and E-books online to help them learn some fitness and bodybuilding tricks.

2. Jo Lindner @ joesthetics

Jo Lindner

Jo Lindner is among the young male fitness influencers to follow on Instagram for inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals. His followers are always treated to new fitness exercises and motivational quotes on social media. To learn how to build your arms, massive calves, and bigger chest, join the other Linder a.k.a Joesthetics’ 702k YouTube followers.

If you’re wondering how he manages to maintain his physique as a bodybuilder and fitness model, get Jo’s tips about the meal plan, nutrition, and dietary supplements from his social media channels.

3. Jeremy L. Buendia – @ jeremy_buendia

Jeremy L. Buendia

Jeremy is a 4 times Mr. Olympia Physique champion and offers high ticket 1 on 1 coaching on WhatsApp. To know his tricks to success, you’ll find snippets of the nutrition supplements he uses, his meal plans, and workouts from Instagram shots, reels, and videos.

And if you admire this legendary’s chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and back, Jeremy has the e-books for you to buy online. His 10-15 fitness workout videos on YouTube are recommendable resources to all upcoming male fitness models on Instagram.

3. Phil Heath @ philheath

Phil Heath

While in his official suit, Phil portrays himself as a charismatic professional bodybuilder, speaker, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer highly spirited in his endeavors. Focus and positivity have earned him seven Mr. Olympia trophies. From his Instagram, his followers are treated with entertaining yet educative shots and videos.

From his compressed 1-hour training video on YouTube, you’ll be taken through practical and easy-to-learn training workouts. You’ll also find videos dedicated to young bodybuilders – arm and chest workout videos.

4. Simeon Panda – @simeonpanda

Simeon Panda

Simeon named the most influential fitness professional by Forbes is also an entrepreneur, fitness coach, and bodybuilder. In his Instagram posts, he promotes his supplements for enhancing faster metabolism and increasing muscle mass and strength to make you transform faster.

It’s out of Simeon’s generosity he has trained thousands of bodybuilders and fitness models through online training. His hard work proven by the videos shared on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook has earned him 8+ million Instagram followers.

5. Jeff Said – @jeff_seid

Jeff Said

At only 19, Jeff earned himself the IFBB professional card which brought him to the limelight as an influential bodybuilder. Being the youngest American IFBB Pro bodybuilder, he’s the most suited fitness influencer to follow on Instagram if you’re looking for an influencer to grow with.

As Jeff shares his fitness workout and aesthetics supplement effect videos at the gym, his comic character is evident in the Vlog Instagram videos. From the videos, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s triceps and biceps workouts are his favorite.

6. Chris Bumstead – @cbum

Chris Bumstead

Cbum is a reputable Canadian bodybuilder and the top male fitness influencer on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. As a celebrity influencer, he shares his bodybuilding workouts across all his social media channels. His website showcases stylish sweatpants suitable for fitness workouts.

As an accomplished fitness trainer, Chris came up with a fitness training app – @cbumfitness – with programs to help his followers work on their physiques with ease. Each program is tailored to meet a specific goal. Chris has his own Instagram nutrition channel @getrawnutrion where he shares his nutrition supplements.

7. Sergi Constance – @sergiconstance

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a male fitness influencer who treats his followers with much dignity. He shares promotional and motivational training videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In his YouTube channels, he shares ‘how to get shredded shoulders’, chest workouts for shape and mass, and biceps and triceps workouts.

He’s a fitness trainer, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur from Miami, Florida.

8. Lazar Angelov – @lazar_angelov_official

Lazar Angelov

Lazar is a Bulgarian Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok fitness model with millions of followers consistently treated to informative training fitness workouts. Owing to his many years in the bodybuilding and fitness profession, Lazar’s kitchen on YouTube will give you the right advice on food and nutrition to gain extra mass.

If you’re around Cairo, Gaza and the beachside of Seashell Lazar has gyms to help you transform your physical and mental health.

9. Tavi Castro – @tavicastro

Tavi Castro

If it’s your first time visiting Castro’s Instagram profile, his water-diving stunts will stun you. Castro is a Canadian bodybuilder and among the top IG fitness influencers offering the most detailed fitness training guides. Under the guides section on his Instagram page, you’ll find biceps and chest training programs.

After linking to his website, you’ll be offered online coaching, 1 on 1 training, diet plans, and training programs to subscribe at a fee. To learn how to create a career out of passion, Castro has perfected his art of influencing others to realize their goals.

10. Ulissesworld Maddy – @ulissesworld

Ulissesworld Maddy

Ulissesworld is a personal coach, who keeps surprising his 8.8M followers with diet and supplement tips, fitness training video workouts, new e-books, and classic fitness training accessories.

A scroll through Ulisses Instagram feed gives an impression of an Instagram fitness influencer out of his way to walk through his followers in their training workouts.

11. Mike O’Hearn – @mikeohearn

Mike O'Hearn

Mike is one of the older male fitness influencers with a clear focus on helping his followers destroy procrastination and achieve their goals. He’s an American bodybuilder, actor, personal trainer, and model. His Instagram photos showcase a motivational individual focused on his goals.

From his meal plans, nutrition supplements, and 1-on-1 training, you’ll change your bodybuilding perspectives.

12. Martyn Ford – @martynfordofficial

Martyn Ford

Martyn has acted in movies such as The Golden Circle and Kingsman. His love for cars and acting is evident in his photos shared with his enthusiastic Instagram followers. As a bodybuilder and online fitness coach, Martyn is full of motivational quotes and stories to ensure his followers go through their hard fitness training programs.

The reels section contains workout secrets if you want to quickly become a fitness influencer and bodybuilder.

13. Steve Cook – @stevecook

Steve Cook

Steve is an American fitness influencer, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur specializing in apparel, fitness training, health, and nutrition. Steve’s commitment to helping his followers reach their fitness goals is showcased by the videos he shares on YouTube.

The Fitness Culture App by Steve Cook is designed to take you step-by-step through different fitness training programs, nutrition, and lifestyle training.

14. Bradley Martyn – @ bradleymartyn

Bradley Martyn

Bradley is a male fitness model on Instagram where he shares his training workouts and promotes his gym and training programs. Just like any other social media fitness influencer, he markets his clothing apparel brand across all platforms.

Bradley has been propelled to his position by the challenges he faced when young. His Instagram fun side shows a man full of joy, humor, and silly jokes.

15. Mr Olympia Big Ramy – @big_ramy

Mr. Olympia Big Ramy

Big Ramy is an Egyptian bodybuilder and Instagram influencer who attracted millions of followers after winning the 2020 and 2021 Mr. Olympia champion. He runs an apparel business designed for gym lovers. Though there’s little to show on YouTube, the videos on his Instagram profile will motivate you during your training workouts.

16. Joe Wicks – @ thebodycoach

Joe Wicks

Joe also called “thebodycoach” starts his YouTube channel with an impressive video titled “28-Day Challenge for Ultimate Beginners” to make his followers take up the challenge and become the fitness and bodybuilding influencers they always admire.

Joe’s Instagram page portrays a social and family man with great love for healthy foods. The YouTube videos Joe posts every week are lengthy and insightful to guide you through any fitness workout.

17. Joey Swoll – @joeyswoll

Joey Swoll

Joe Swoll a fitness influencer on Instagram is a fitness trainer and the CEO of GYM POSITIVITY – an apparel company selling hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. On his website,, Joey offers 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week training.

Also featured on his website are customized trainings on diet and nutrition, meal planning, and e-books.

18. Kai Greene – @kaigreene

Kai Greene

Leslie Kai Greene is among the biggest fitness influencers on Instagram from America and has attracted 7.3 million followers. He is also a determined artist, personal trainer, bodybuilder, and actor. When Kai is not in the gym, he is busy creating motivational videos which he shares on YouTube.

19. Andrei Deiu’ – @ andreideiu_

Andrei Deiu'

Cumulatively, Andrei boasts 7.5 million followers on Instagram and YouTube. In his YouTube channels, Andrei shares videos on how to grow a nasty pump; get a fuller chest, and have strong muscles.

To prove he’s a fitness pro, Andrei has given each video on his YouTube channel a specified workout plan to make selection faster for you.

20. Ryan Terry – @ryanjterry

Ryan Terry

If you want to grow in your fitness and bodybuilding career, the training motivation video on Ryan’s YouTube channel will give you the strength to push harder. Ryan’s gym workouts shared on YouTube are scripted for you to choose the training guide you want.

Watch his physique stunts in his Instagram profile. Ryan has participated in many bodybuilding competitions like Briti

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