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Burberrys vs. Burberry: What’s the Difference?

By Laura
July 16, 2023
7 minutes

Burberry is one of the most popular brands in the world. In terms of luxury, it is the tenth-largest brand worldwide. The brand makes exceptional trench coats, perfumes, handbags, scarves, footwear, and other leather accessories. Its fine craftsmanship makes it unique and luxurious for the wearers.

The main headquarters of Burberry is in London, England but it is available in 34 other countries with almost 418 Burberry stores running. You can buy the items online as well. Its main trademark is its skillfully designed attractive check pattern.

Have you ever been across any Burberry store or had a chance to buy online products but got confused between Burberrys and Burberry? You might have taken Burberrys as a copy of Burberry or some other separate brand, right? We are here to get you out of this confusion. So, let’s get started and know everything about Burberrys and Burberry.

What is the Difference Between Burberrys and Burberry?

What if we say Burberrys and Burberry are the same? Well, Burberry is the new name of the Burberrys fashion house. When the brand started, it was known as Burberry but with time, the name changed to Burberrys. Due to unknown reasons, in 1999, they changed it back to Burberry. To put it simply, it was Burberry first, then Burberrys, and now Burberry again.

Now most of the Burberry products have “Burberry” written on them but if you find any item with “Burberrys” logo, it isn’t fake as well. It is a vintage item made before the year 2000 or we can say that it is a 20th century item. Consider yourself lucky to come across such a masterpiece. Make sure that it is the original one and not a copy. Stay with us till the end and we’ll tell you how to identify the fake item.

History of Burberry

Are you getting a little curious about the history of Burberry now? It was started by Thomas Burberry in 1856 in Basingstoke, a small town in Hampshire, England. In 1879, he introduced gabardine, a unique fabric, to his collections. The fabric is waterproof, durable, and breathable which makes it perfect for British people. This is when his brand gained popularity.

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In 1893, the gabardine was worn to the poles by Noble Peace Prize winner, Dr. Fridtjog Nansen, a zoologist and polar explorer. Then other various popular explorers like Roald Amundsen and Earnest Shackleton wore Burberry as their first choice.

Then comes the iconic equestrian knight logo of Burberry which was designed in 1901. From Tielocken coats to trench coats, the development came in World War 1 when British soldiers wore Burberry during their encounters with the enemy. With time it became famous and famous, and now one of the most loved brands of the century.

Sub-Brands of Burberry

You must have heard about Burberry Porsum, Burberry Brit, Burberry Blue Label, or Burberry London at least once. Are they all the same? Or How are they different? They are all Burberry sub-brands that are now unified to Burberry only. Let’s discuss the details.

Burberry Porsum

Burberry Porsum was the most expensive sub-brand that mainly focused on runway outfits. The word Posrum means “forward”, so it was mainly for those who enjoyed runway shows and liked to experiment with their looks.

In 2015 the line was discontinued and now only the main brand name “Burberry” is used for all the collections of Burberry.

Burberry Blue Label

Burberry Blue Label was started by Sanyo Shokai in the year 1996 for the residents of Japan. It first targeted women as their main customers and then started introducing men’s wear as well naming it as Burberry Black Label. The Label sold Japan-only products.

But due to some reasons, The contract between Burberry and Sanyo Shokai terminated in 2015 and the Blue label became independent of Burberry. Now Shokai has continued the Blue Label and Black Label and Burberry has also started its business separately in Japan.

Burberry Brit

Just like Burberry Porsum, Burberry Brit was one of the three main lines of the luxurious brand Burberry. It mainly featured classic wear that mostly attracts young, stylish customers.

It had trench coats, raincoats, and scarves. The Brit line was cheaper than Porsum. But, in 2016, it was also discontinued.

Burberry London

Burberry London was the third main line of Burberry which mainly made casual wear. It had comfortable street wears or those you can wear on hiking. It was the cheapest one of all three lines. The other two lines, it was also discontinued in 2016 and merged under the main brand Burberry.

How to Identify the Real Burberry?

Now, you have enough knowledge about Burberry and its history. But, are you confident that you will be easily able to tell the real Burberry from the fake ones? Well, if you can’t make the decision, these points can help you.

  • The Burberry items are stitched neatly and you can tell just by stitches how perfect the craftsmanship is

  • If we talk about Burberry Purses, the fake Burberry bags have the Burberry logo either stamped or printed on them.

  • Burberry items have leather labels with centered logos or metal plaques with stamped logos on them

  • You can also identify the real item by looking at the folded tags present with the product. The description of the item in that tag should match the item. Fake products can have a slightly different description than the product.

  • Now examine the plaids. Burberry plaids are straight and evenly matched on all sides while fake plaids are skewed and mismatched.

  • In Burberry trench coats, you will find a bigger Label saying “BURBERRY” along the neckline with a smaller label indicating where the coat is made and the size. These need to be in the center.

  • If you are still confused about the item, you can get it checked by a retailer. The retailers usually help you with it and charge only a small amount. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to Know If Burberry Logo Is Real?

Another deciding factor that contributes to helping you check the authenticity of the product is the Logo. Keep in mind the following points and save yourself from scams.

  • First of all, make sure that the logo is in the center and written in capital letters

  • Check whether you can clearly identify the logo or if is it blurred or if the letters are clear and sharp enough

  • If we look at the spelling, the upper part of B is slightly smaller than the lower one

  • It is difficult to notice but the upper bar of E is a little smaller than the bottom one

  • The right stem of U is slimmer than the left stem

  • If you carefully look at the R, it has a slightly extending tail. Both the Rs should look the same.

  • Lastly, the left stem of Y is broader than the right stem just like U

What is Burberry Famous For?

Trench Coats

The trench coats of Burberry make it distinctive from other brands. If you want to know about some particular trench coats, you can go for either Kensington Trench or the Sandridge Trench. The Kensington Trench is a mid-length trench coat with belted cuffs and buckles made of calf leather. The coat itself is made of cotton gabardine and its vintage look makes it eternal.

The Sandridge Trench is classic and slightly on the bolder side with belted cuffs, a storm collar, and oversized pockets.


Burberry cashmere scarves are lightweight scarves. These scarves are particularly made in a 200-year-old industry in Scotland. They are super soft and available in various colors. There are also cotton silk scarves available. So, you can also buy them as a gift for your loved one.


Burberry also has a makeup line. The most famous products include the Burberry Fresh Glow foundation which gives you a natural look and the Velvet Lip Crush Lipstick which is weightless and gives a matte finish. Moreover, the Burberry Bold Finish Mascara with its pitch black pigment can enhance your appearance further.

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Lastly, it is famous for its signature bags. The most famous ones are the Grainy Leather Bag, the Lola Bag, and the Pocket Bag. The Grainy Leather bag is a Tote bag and you can even personalize your initials on it. The Burberry Pocket bag is classic with a snap-closure pocket and handle on top. You can wear it as a crossbody bag. Lastly, the Lola bag comes with gold hardware. With its thin chain strap, it gives you a minimalist but trendy look. So, you can make a long-lasting impact everywhere you go with these bags.


Burberry has been around for years and is known for its high-quality products. Burberrys was its old name and is no more in use. Now only Burberry is used all over the world. You can find Burberry bags, scarves, coats, and makeup products in 34 countries. Gucci and Chanel are one of the toughest competitors of Burberry, to know about them, Click Gucci vs Chanel .

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