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Swarovski vs Pandora: Which One is Better for You?

By Mariela
July 28, 2023
6 minutes

An elegant look is incomplete without accessories that look delicate yet graceful. Two of the top brands making such beautiful jewelry are Swarovski and Pandora. Both brands offer high-quality jewelry at an economical price.

So, whether it is a gift for your mother, a ring to show your commitment, or something you would like to wear on occasion, these brands have several options for you. However, you cannot buy both at once leaving you wondering about Swarovski or Pandora, right?

Let us find out which one is better for you by looking at the major differences between these luxury brands.

Swarovski vs Pandora: How They Started

The story of any brand begins from the very beginning as it is the start that shows the goals, intentions, history, struggles, and will to maintain the quality of any brand. So, let us see how Swarovski or Pandora came into being.




Country of Origin

Wattens, Austria

Copenhagen, Denmark

Year of Establishment




Daniel Swarovski

Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Enevoldsen

Brief History

Being born in a family having the profession of cutting crystals for jewelry and a country where crystal craftsmanship was part of the culture, Daniel Swarovski grew up observing his surroundings profoundly.

In 1883, he made a small company with only 70 employees to design and deliver crystal jewelry to Queen Victoria.

In the following years, he made a machine for cutting crystals. With this machine, he signed up for a patent in 1891. He also moved from Bohemia to Austria in 1895 to create his official company for crystal production.

Being founded by a couple, Pandora has a romantic and meaningful history behind it. Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie has a small goldsmith’s shop in Copenhagen where they sold jewelry made in Denmark or imported from Thailand in 1979. Their business was doing great. So, they decided to close the shop and open a whole company.

Then they recruited designers and began to make one in a million kind of bracelet. After that, they moved to Thailand and finally created their first charm bracelet with the assistance of the designers. The brand received recognition and their sales doubled with each passing year making the brand what it is today.

Main Features

Swarovksi has a secret patented technique to make their glass crystals with the addition of potash, quartz sand, and soda. This makes the crystals reflect light beautifully.

This brand also makes decorative items, ornaments, and similar pieces in addition to jewelry.

Pandora Makes its jewelry with high-class raw materials like nickel-free sterling steel, 14K gold, and rose gold. Also, it uses synthetic crystals including zirconia, rubies, sapphire, and more.

It cuts the cost yet makes the jewelry look precious.

Fun Fact

High-end brands and well-known designers like Dior, Coco Chanel, and more wanted to collaborate with Swarovski after world war II.

The idea of the couple behind this brand was to make jewellery with love and memories which is why it took Pandora so many years to introduce their first charm bracelet.


Swarovski rings, man-made crystals, gemstones, and ornaments are known to be durable and hard-wear.

Pandora offers good quality jewelry with reliable metal and genuine gemstones. Also, it is known for its theme bracelets.

Primary Focus

The primary focus of Swarovksi is on the adults who have enough to afford classic jewelry. It makes jewelry for everyday workplace wear and special occasions as well.

The primary focus of Pandora is on youngsters including teenagers and people in their early 20s as it makes contemporary and pocket-friendly jewellery for casual wear.

Both brands have their mark in history, have come a long way, maintained their reputation, and are attracting more women and even men. Based on history, we can not answer whether is Swarovski better than Pandora or vice versa. All you can guess is even with the age difference of a century, both brands stand neck to neck.

Is Swarovksi Better Than Pandora in Price Range of Items

Swarovksi has a wide range of items including jewelry, watches, everyday accessories, decoration pieces, and gifts. The jewelry ranges from $21 for an extender and $50 for studs to $2000 for chokers or rings; watches cost $75 to $650; accessories cost $33 to $5000; decoration pieces are from $50 to $200; of about $130.

On the other hand, pandora is mainly based on jewelry. So, you can find charms, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The price range is $7 to $595; the price for bracelets is $170 to $3000; the price for necklaces is $200 to $2000; for earrings is $20 to $1600.

If we see the overall prices, Swarovksi is more expensive but it offers more options when you want to buy stuff other than jewellery. In contrast, Pandora is relatively affordable but its options are only limited to jewelry.

Which is of Better Quality Swarovski or Pandora

The quality of Swarovski and Pandora is comparable. Both are high-quality, have durable materials, attractive designs, and well-made jewelry. However, the items of Pandora are more sold and more loved by people which might be due to their designs, customization options, affordability, and easy availability.

In addition, the difference is that the jewelry pieces from Swarovski are known to maintain a brilliant and shiny color while the stones from Pandora stay true to their origin with no effects on colors and shades even after using them for years.

So, you can determine that both brands are reliable. However, they focus on different aspects of quality.

Swarovski vs Pandora: Celebrities Support

Swarovski started for a celebrity, Queen Victoria, and is known as the red carpet brand. Pandora is not behind Swarovski either as it is successfully grabbing the attention of a lot of celebrities. So, let us see which celebrities stand by which of the following brands.



Sara Sampaio, the supermodel

Millie Bobbie Brown, StrangerThings Actress

Terms, the Nigerian singer

Beabadoobee, Singer, and songwriter

Voila Davis, an American award-winning actress and produced

Addison Rae, the American Actress

Ashley Park, the actress in “Emily in Paris”

Charlie, the XCX star

Britt Lower, a stunning American actress

Ashley Graham, a World-famous model

Harry Styles, the heartthrob singer

Rosario Dawson, An actress, and producer

Paola e Chiara, an Italian pop musician

DJ Khaled, Grammy-winning artist

Taylor Swift

Evan Mock


Precious Lee

Rita Ora

Cici Xiang

The endorsement by the celebrities clearly shows how Swarovski is worn by famous personalities who are in their late 20s or even older. They wear it to add grace to their style. However, Pandora is more popular among our younger celebrities. Also, the brand ambassador of Swarovski is Bella Hadid while Millie Bobbie Brown is the face of Pandora.

Swarovski vs Pandora: Social Media Influence

Swarovski and Pandora also stand very close when it comes to social media influence. They are popular among the masses. So, let us see how many followers both brands have on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media

Swarovski (Followers)

Pandora (Followers)


9.8 Million

18 million


213 K

161 K


7.9 Million

9.5 Million

Pandora’s following is double that of Swarovski on Facebook while it is almost the same on Twitter and Instagram. So, make sure to follow both brands to know they market their products.

Swarovski vs Pandora: Items Sold

The range of items sold by Pandora or Swarovski is the same yet different. Let us see what you can find in both of these high-class brands below.




  • Crystalline collection

  • Octea collection

  • Cosmopolitan collection


  • Dangle Charms

  • Clips

  • Spacer charms

  • Safety chains

  • Charm holder


  • Bangles and cuffs

  • Adjustable bracelets

  • Chain bracelets

  • Tennis bracelets


  • Charm bracelets

  • Bangles

  • Diamond bracelets

  • Leather bracelet

  • Link bracelet


  • Halo rings

  • Band rings

  • Cocktail rings

  • Motif rings

  • Adjustable rings

  • Stackable rings


  • Heart and promise rings

  • Stackable rings

  • Pinky rings

  • Band rings

  • Statement rings

  • Diamond rings

  • Necklaces

  • Pendants

  • Chokers


  • Chain necklace

  • Diamond Necklace

  • Charm necklace

  • Initials necklace

  • Pendant necklace


  • Stud earrings

  • Drop earrings

  • Hoop earrings

  • Clip earrings

  • Ear cuffs


  • Drop earring

  • Hoop earrings

  • Diamond earrings

  • Stud earrings


  • Pen

  • Smartphone cases

  • Tech accessories

  • Sunglasses

  • Hair accessories

  • Handbag

  • Body Jewelry

Decorative items

  • Home decore

  • Asian symbols

  • Character inspired

  • Nature inspired

Pandora produces handcrafted jewellery and lab-produced diamonds which are the main part of many of its products. So, its focus is mainly on designing jewelry with customization options.

In contrast, Swarovski sells jewelry in the form of a collection with limited to no options for customization. However, the product range here is wider and you can find more than only jewelry pieces in Swarovski.


Swarovski is a better option if you are looking for a jewelry piece that will make people look twice and compliment you wholeheartedly on special occasions and formal events. However, Pandora makes more aesthetic jewelry if you want something that adds to your everyday style and casual look.

Now, we want you to tell us is Swarovski better than Pandora to you or is it the vice versa?

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