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20 Tips on How to Have A Glow Up

By Mariela
January 5, 2023
8 minutes
20 Tips on How to Have A Glow-Up

What is a glow-up? Glowup is commonly used as a slang word that refers to improvement, particularly in physical appearance. It refers to the process of bringing out a better version of yourself in terms of personality, appearance, and health.

Everyone has a glow-up stage and this helps them improve themselves, and be confident which further gives them freedom of expression. Self-transformation towards a positive path not only makes your body and mind healthy but also makes you noticeable in a crowd of thousands of people.

Wondering how to have a glow-up? We have some glow-up tips for you!

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Glow-up Tips for Enhancing Physical Appearance


Appropriate skincare is necessary not only to look good but also to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The first step towards skincare is cleansing followed by exfoliation, and hydrating the skin. Regular cleansing and exfoliation are recommended to prevent acne and breakouts while skin hydration keeps your skin barrier strong.

Moroever, make sure to remove makeup before sleep and use sunscreen every time you go out. It protects your skin from UV rays and prevents skin damage.


It is a common opinion that the most attractive thing about a woman is her hair. Whether they are long or short, they attract attention as long as they are pretty and healthy.

Haircare is easier for those with wavy hair as compared to those with dead straight or curly hair. Some of the basic steps in haircare include oiling your hair, cleansing it, regular conditioning and nourishing, detangling, and moisturizing hair every day.


Your dress speaks a lot about your personality. To improve your dressing sense, you first need to know about your style and preferences. For this, understand your body type and know what suits it the best.

Having some basic clothes like jeans, tailored blazers, neutral-colored tops, and a pair of classic shoes can help you create several looks by mixing and matching. Adding little details like earrings, rings, watches, and bags can make your appearance more noticeable.


Now comes the makeup. Firstly, select your makeup according to the occasion. You can wear light makeup in the office while heavy makeup can suit you best for special occasions. If you love shimmer, save the glittery makeup look for a dazzling party night.

You can also choose your makeup style depending on your eye shape, face shape, lips, and nose bridge. The lipsticks can be chosen depending on your skin tone and choice of dress.

Teeth ManagementTeeth Management

If your smile is pretty, there are fewer chances of anyone forgetting you. For this purpose, you need to keep your teeth clean. How?

Use floss at least once a day, eat healthily, and avoid eating garlic or onion before a meeting. Also, you can brush using a fluoride toothpaste, brush twice daily, and get a new toothpaste every 4  months. These small steps keep your breath fresh and teeth clean.

Body Hair Removal

The last step towards your physical appearance glowup is body hair removal. Although the body hair does not hurt anyone, it looks messy and unkempt.

When you remove your hair regularly, your skin becomes smooth and things like jewelry shine better on smooth skin. You can try the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 for this purpose as the device offers you long-lasting hair-free skin. This at-home tool works best for lighter skin tones and dark hair colors. Additionally, you can benefit from its services for at least 10 years.

Part 2: Glow-up Tips for Fitness and Health


Regular exercise removes your burns unwanted body fat from the body and improves your muscle tone. It makes you stronger, fresher, and more active.

The physical activity can also help you in relieving your stress. This means you can health of body and mind for a long time by exercising regularly. Women can go for squats, planks, bench presses, lunges, and deadlifts while men can start with pushups, pullups, farmer’s walks, and Bent-over row exercises.

Balanced Diet and Nutrition

Intaking a balanced diet and eating nutrition-rich foods makes your body feel good thus helping it stay healthy. Our body cannot synthesize all the vitamins and nutrients by itself so it requires a balanced food intake to fulfill its nutritional requirements.

When your meals are a combination of fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and grains, they make the perfect healthy diet. Fruits are a rich source of vitamins and minerals while vegetables fulfill your folate, vitamin B, copper, and dietary fiber. Once all your nutritional deficiencies are fulfilled, your health improves.

Drink Water

Some might have started drinking water to get rid of their acne naturally while others must have feared dehydration. Other than these, why do you think water is important?

It regulates the temperature of your body and prevents overheating. Drinking water makes your body hydrated and your skin tissues moistened. Additionally, it facilitates oxygen transport throughout your body. All these mechanisms going in your body make it healthy and strong.

According to  The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, your daily fluid intake should be 3.7 liters for men and about 2.7 liters for women.

Sleep Well

How do you think adequate sleep is associated with your health and fitness? Getting enough sleep throughout the 24-hour cycle relaxes your mind, increases concentration, reduces the risk of weight gain, and strengthens your immune system.

You must have noticed how we start getting more depressed at night. Moroever we feel tired, hopeless, and dreadful after going through a long depressing night. Sleeping on time can reduce your stress level and let your body enjoy its well-deserved break.

A fun fact about sleeping is that it also enhances your beauty. To know more, click Beauty Sleep.

Connect with Nature

Last but not least, make a connection with nature. Nature and greenery can make you feel calm, positive, and productive. Imagine you are sitting on a wide ground full of flowers and birds chirping all around. A few steps away, there is a lake too. Feeling excited and joyous?

This is what connecting with nature feels like. It also lowers the cortisol levels and relaxes your heart thus decreasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Thankfully, you will not have to make time for this, you can just wake up early and go on a walk. You can also grow plants at home starting from small indoor desk plants.

Part 3: Glow-up Tips for Developing Confidence and Self-Expression

Build self-esteem and self-belief

Building self-esteem and having self-belief are two important steps toward the development of a healthy and strong mind. No one will believe you and be confident in you if you, yourself, are not accepting the way you are.

We normally tend to focus on only negative aspects of our life and this makes us underconfident. So, you can start building self-belief by trusting yourself, thinking positively about yourself, being kind to yourself, and knowing and accepting your good and bad.

Embrace Personal Strengths and Talents

There are times when we are so busy highlighting the bad things about our personality that we forget about our strengths and talents. If you are not pretty or do not fit society’s definition of beauty, it does not mean you are nothing.

Accept yourself as who you are, try exploring your strengths and talents, and start polishing them. For instance, if you are good at painting, you can polish your skills and become a well-known name in the world of painting.

Explore New Hobbies and InterestsExplore New Hobbies and Interests

Not everyone knows what their strengths are. What to do at such times? You can start by exploring new hobbies, experimenting with several activities, and then see what works best for you.

From where to start? Maybe Google or your mind! They can both help you in this regard. You can google new hobbies and see what sounds interesting. You can also go through your memories to find what always makes you happy, excited, and light-hearted. Those things can be your interests.

Cultivate Positive Relationships and Surround Yourself with Supportive People

What will the society say? A common question that strikes everyone’s mind before making important decisions. But, does it matter what society says? People are not aware of who you are, or how you reached where you are today so who are they to judge you and manipulate you?

Just surround yourself with positive people, establish good connections, and make those connections your society. When we are around supportive people, we feel better as those people always help us in looking at life and ourselves in a positive approach. Being positive is necessary to be self-confident, cheerful, and happy.

Continuous Learning and Education

Being stupid never sounds cool. We are always attracted to those who have immense knowledge, are smart, and are hard-working, right? You can also be someone like that by continuously learning and educating yourself.

Learning new things can fill the gaps in your personality and help you become versatile. Acquiring knowledge and new skills enhances self-confidence and eventually helps you become satisfied with your life.

Set and Achieve Personal Goals

Life is nothing without a goal. It is like floating in the sea with nowhere to go. Setting a goal can help you concentrate on your life better as it gives you a path to walk on.

When you reach your goal, it makes you feel confident and you start trusting yourself even more with every new goal you achieve. Setting goals can also help you sort out your life so that you can focus on one thing at a time and live a calm composed life.

Embrace Challenges and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Some of us are too lazy to step out of our comfort zone while others are too afraid to face new challenges. That is why they prefer staying in their shell. It is certainly not a good step toward your journey of self-confidence and self-expression.

If you want to grow and be confident, you need to start accepting new challenges and facing all the difficulties bravely. This makes you stronger mentally, helps you learn about life in many new ways, and also fulfills the gaps in your personality.

Practice Self-reflection and Gratitude

Self-reflections helps you know the aspects of your personality in which you are improving and in which you are lacking. Knowing both your strengths and limitations is necessary so that you can keep on working on yourself for improvement.

In addition, gratitude helps you have a positive outlook on life. You focus on good things instead of depressing negative things. This helps you keep going with confidence and full energy.

Stress Management Techniques

Before you start working on yourself, work on your stress and anxiety first. Managing stress will clear your mind of all the bad thoughts and set a precise goal.

You can manage your stress by Yoga, taking deep breaths, and meditation. Sleeping early can also be one of your stress management mechanisms.


A continuous struggle for self-improvement is necessary if we want to lead a simple, stress-free life. Learning new skills, being confident in oneself, and staying healthy can give you an escape from anxiety and depression.

But, you will have to strive to achieve a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem. You can start by working on your physical appearance and then your health and fitness. Also, work on your mind side by side and do not let it think negative about you.

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