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Barbie Movie: Can My Kid Watch? (for What Age)

August 26, 2023
7 minutes

With the hype of the Barbie movie all around, we are sure that you will want to see it in the theater with your family. The trailer of Barbie portrays the exact Barbie doll the children have along with the Barbieland. 

However, coming across the fact that this live-action movie is not targeted at kids as the Barbie cartoon movies must have put you in confusion. So, are you wondering if you should let your children watch it or not?

Also, for which age group it is suitable if children can watch it. So, in this article, we will find out how popular is the Barbie movie, what are its aging ratings, and why it is not suitable for children. Additionally, let us find out some movie suggestions for your babies. 

Table of Contents:

Popularity of the Barbie Movie in the World

The extent of the popularity of the Barbie movie can be determined by the fact that it is one of the 20 most popular movies in history. It has been loved by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities regardless of their interest or disinterest in this genre. 

Moreover, it successfully bagged home about $1.3 billion at the box office within a short time after its release making it one of the top-grossing films. Plus, a fun fact is that it is one of the few movies with a lead female character which has got its way in this list. 

Its storyline and the nostalgic love of millennials aside, the Barbie movie has been marketed exceptionally well that you must have seen everything around you focusing on the “Barbie theme”.  From brands releasing their Barbie merchandise to Barbie-Ken couples appearing on dating apps, Barbie is everywhere.

Even after a month of its release and being released alongside a much-anticipated movie like Oppenheimer, Barbie has marked an irreplaceable spot and its popularity is not dying anytime soon. 

What Age Rating is the Barbie Movie?

In contrast to what the parents and even the children might assume, this Barbie is not a cartoon movie like that of the 59-year-old Barbie that passed through different eras over the years in her Barbieland.

This is a real-life live-action adaption movie that shows more than what kids should be watching. However, it does not include drugs and violence. So, Barbie is rated as a 12A movie by the British Board of Film Classification, a 12A movie by the Irish Film Classification Center, and PG-13 for its suggestive references and brief language. 

According to this, it is suitable for the teenagers. However, it might not be appropriate for kids under this age because the movie has more to it than the dolls, it is a fight between Kens and Barbies.

What Age Groups Can Watch it?

Well, if you do not bother with the age ratings and just want your kids to have fun seeing their favorite doll turn into a real person, kids of any age group can watch this movie. It is more of the preference of the parents rather than the age ratings and suitable age groups.

Yes, the movie is aimed at people older than 13 years but nothing prohibits it from being watched by kids under this age. It is just that the children might not be able to understand the sensitive topics that are elaborated on in this Barbieland movie. 

Additionally, some parents might not want their underage children to get across the cat-calling phrases and abrasive language at such a young age.

So, if you want your kids to just have fun and are sure that the children can handle it well,  there is no issue in watching the movie as a family. However, if you like to be careful, multiple other kid-friendly movie options are available.

Why is it not Suitable for Little Children?

Now let us see what features in the movie made it rather PG-13 for young minds. So, below are some reasons why it might not be suitable for little children.

  • An Explanation of Gender Norms and Discrimination: There is a place where Barbies get curious about the anatomical differences in their bodies and Kens. Additionally, the movie shows how the men rule the women in the real world and vice versa in Barbieland. The movie shows the extremes of both situations. Your kids might be too young to learn about their roles in a society like this. 
  • Mature Langage: The Barbie movie opening shows talk about the private parts, sleeping together, and sexual harassment. Additionally, it has included curse words in the movie, both with and without beeps. So, the later your kids learn about such language, the better it is. 
  • The Fight Between Barbies and Kens: Although the fight between Barbies and Kens seems like jokes and fun, it actually illustrates the desire to gain power over others by suppressing them. This is the time for children to learn about support, friendship, and unconditional love and not quarrels and battles. 
  • Inappropriate Jokes: Lastly, the movie has some inappropriate jokes for the children. While the kids might not understand such jokes at first, they can ask you to explain. And it can leave you in trouble of finding the appropriate words to talk about it. 

Suggestion of Movies for Children of Different Ages

There are endless options for your children other than the Barbie Movie. So, let us see a few of them for different age groups. 

For Little Children (3-7 Years Old)

These movies will fascinate the growing minds of your little ones. 

1. The Mario Bros Movie

This is an animated movie that shows how 2 brothers are transported to a mushroom world and their new challenges. It offers a nostalgic feeling to the parents as well. 

2. Dog Gone

This heartwarming movie shares the bond of a family and its pet. It illustrates the emotional relationship with animals and how they can become your constant support. 

For Big Kids (7 to 10 Years Old)

These movies are a better option for kids who want more than just animation. 

1. Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse

This movie is a thriller and a war between a villain named “The Spot” and Spiderman in multiple universes. It is an exciting movie that your kids will watch with throbbing hearts.

2. The Little Mermaid

This real-life adaptation of the cartoon “Little Mermaid” is one of the top movies that will keep the children interested from the start to the end. It also highlights the importance of sacrifice and the different choices they have to make in life. 

For Tweens (10 to 13 Years Old)

These kids are just entering their teenage can enjoy watching the following movies. 

1. Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles 

This movie starts with the Ninjas trying to fit into the world of teenagers. However, their journey does not go as smoothly as they imagined and they come across mutants. 

2. Crater 

This movie is about children living on the moon. One day, a boy and his friends take on a new challenge before he is transported to a different planet. 

Core Theme of the Barbie Movie 

Let us talk about the core theme of the Barbie movie but without spoilers, OK? Starting in the plastic world, our Barbie doll lives a carefree life with her partner. Moreover, there is more than a single Barbie in the movie and it shows how different Barbies have fun in their lives in this movie during the early period.

However, one of the Barbies, our main character Barbie decides to get out of the plastic world into a real one. And somehow, Ken gets into the real deal with her. 

In the real world, Barbie is surprised by how the men, the women, and their relationships work. These relationships meant a lot more than just love affairs. It was associated with patriarchy, feminism, and toxic masculinity. 

This is the point where the theme of our favorite childhood cartoon movies gets a real-life touch to it. To know this in detail without getting spoilers, you have to watch the movie.

The Release and Removal Date of Barbie Movie in North America

Barbie movie was released on July 21, 2023, in North America just when it was released in other parts of the world. It was expected to grace the box office for a month till August 19, 2023. 

Although it is been past August 19, you can still watch this movie in theaters. So, if you plan on watching it on the big screen, it is a good time to take your date or family to this blockbuster movie. Plus, the theaters might still be full of people wanting to watch The Barbie movie, but it is a little less populous as compared to one month ago.

Moreover, if you would rather watch it online, the movie will be available on digital platforms on September 5, 2023. Streaming platforms like Netflix will have the movie for you. In addition to North America, Barbie is breaking the box in theaters around the whole world.


The Barbie movie touches on the sensitive topics of gender discrimination, feminism, and chauvinism. Little kids might not understand such things yet making this interesting movie holds no lesson for them. Additionally, it has some swear words and mild violence which you must not want your children to learn so early. 

So, the better choice is to let your children grow enough and watch the movie when you feel like they are ready to discuss such topics with you. Meanwhile, watch some kid-friendly movies with them and spend quality family time.

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