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The 10 Benefits of Carrots for Skin: Whitening and More!

By Laura
June 18, 2023
6 minutes

We all consume carrots in one way or another whether it is a carrot juice, part of your favorite salad, or the delicious soup in winter. Those who don’t like eating it, your moms will forcefully make you eat carrots, right? You will happily start eating them once you know the benefits of incorporating carrots into your Diet.

So, let’s get to the point and discuss each of the benefits one by one. We’ll also talk about some ways of using carrots in a healthy and simple way. Even if you are lazy, those benefits are going to make you get up and cook.

Nutrients in Carrots

Do you want to know what treasure the carrots hide in them? Well, let’s discuss some nutrients they have to help you better understand carrots’ health benefits.

Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Dietary fibers, Vitamin A, Xanthin, Lutein, Vitamin E, and Of course Vitamin C. So, it is not wrong to say that they contain almost everything a healthy food should have. Moreover, Carrots contain Carbohydrates, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Carotenoids. They are even good for those who diet, as a 60g of carrot only has 25 calories.

So, With all these nutrients, incorporating carrots into your diet is going to be such a win-win situation for you. Your mom’s going to be happy and you are going to stay healthy for a long time.

Benefits of Carrots for Skin

Hydrates Skin

Carrots are natural moisturizers. One of the causes of dry skin is the deficiency of potassium in your body. As carrots serve as a great source of potassium, they will fill the void caused by the reduced amount of potassium and help your skin stay hydrated.

Additionally, they have a high water content ranging between 86-95% so their consumption will prevent dehydration in your body.

Want to know more? The carotenes present in carrots are helpful for dry skin, itchiness, and eczema.

Acts as an Anti-inflammatory Agent

Beta-carotene is not good for dry skin only but it also helps with reducing inflammation even in chronic conditions such as arthritis. This precursor of Vitamin A, the Beta- carotene, also proves beneficial in repairing epithelial damage. So, it aids in skin healing by enhancing the rate of re-epithelialization and restoring the structure of epithelium, which covers our organs and other deeper tissues.

Protects against sun

The sun’s rays are known for causing a number of harmful effects including sunburns, premature aging, and even skin cancer. To avoid these, we use sunscreens, moisturizers, and a range of other therapies. How about using a vegetable against the Sun?

The carrots have a surplus amount of Vitamin A and Carotenoids fight against UV rays and act as photoprotectors. So, if you are prone to Erythema induced by Sunlight, adding carrots to your food consumption won’t be a bad deal.


Everyone does have this wish of looking young for their whole life. Although it is impossible, there are ways to slow down the aging process of your body. One of these ways is to make a habit of using carrots in various ways in your daily life.

The Beta-carotenes heal your damaged skin and the Vitamin C enhances the amount of collagen in your body. Collagen is responsible for your skin elasticity thus preventing wrinkles.

Beneficial for Acne, Pimples, and Clogged Pores

If you are worried about acne or the pimples you might get just before the party, then you can let go of your worries. It is because, with all other benefits, carrots can help in clearing acne from your skin and get rid of unwanted pimples.

On one hand, calcium and sodium help in treating acne while on the other hand, the fibers present in carrots flush out all the toxins from your body. In addition to this, carrots help in natural exfoliation and clearing out clogged pores.

Skin Whitening

As we discussed earlier, carrots enhance the synthesis of collagen. Collagen heals our skin and also reduces the production of melanin in our body. The lesser melanin is, the fairer our skin will be.

Also, check out the Best Natural Food for Skin Whitening to know some other ingredients that can help you get fairer skin naturally.

Great for Uneven and Tanned Skin

Carrots have the ability to protect your skin from UV rays, so they can help in preventing tanned skin. Furthermore, as they are natural exfoliators, they can remove all the dead cells from your skin thus helping with uneven or tanned skin.

So, by using carrots, you can wear whatever you want to without worrying about uneven skin.


The next property of carrots is their antiseptic property. The vitamin C present in carrots helps in boosting the activity of WBCs ( white blood cells) which are an integral part of our immune system.

In this way, they will prevent the entry of bacteria and germs into your body. Hence, you can use them for liver diseases and reduce the risk of infection.

Works as An Anti-oxidant

Carrots contain a number of anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, Lutein, anthocyanins, lycopene, and beta-carotenoid. These antioxidants are good for boosting your immunity, providing you with glowing skin, repairing skin damage, and delaying aging.

Prevents Skin Cancer

Another worth-mentioning benefit carrots have is their ability to reduce the risk of cancer. Skin cancer is mostly caused by exposure to UV rays. Carrots can reduce this by protecting you from UV rays and fighting against the free radicals present in your body.

Ways to Include Carrots in Your Diet

Now you want to add carrots to your daily routine, but how? Let’s see.

Face Mask

The application of carrots is as beneficial as eating them. An easy way to make the face mask is to mix carrot juice, yogurt, and egg white 1 tablespoon each and apply it on your face for 20 minutes.

Applying the mask once every 7 days will show you effective results.


If you love salads, you can add carrots to your favorite recipes. Carrots can be used in combination with walnuts, raisins, and some dressings like salt, pepper, vinegar, or even lemon juice.

You can customize the salad however you want to and enjoy your day.

Carrot Juice

If you are lazy and don’t like mixing or cutting so many ingredients for salad or the mask, you can just simply go with the carrot juice.

Peel your carrots, take your juice out, and put the sliced carrots in it. Turn on the button and you are done with making the juice. To add some more flavor, you can mix some orange juice.

Carrot Soup

Soup is essential in the winter season. You must have tried chicken soup or corn soup but how about trying carrot soup?

To make a creamy carrot soup, put some oil in the pan and add ½ tablespoon of garlic and onion each. Now saute them and add carrots and celery to the pan. Then add some salt and cumin seeds and cook the mixture for some time. Add some water or vegetable stock and cook on medium flame. Once the carrots soften, cool them and put them in a blender. After you are done with making puree, put it in a pot and cook it with some more vegetable stock.

After some time, add lemon juice or parsley if you want to. You are done with making a delicious healthy carrot soup.


There are different opinions regarding carrots. Some people like them while others don’t. But, unlike other vegetables, carrots can help your skin glow, repair, and stay safe from the harmful rays of the sun. They are beneficial for every age group as they delay the aging process, can help acne, and unclog pores. Furthermore, this vegetable can work as an antiseptic as well.

You can get all these benefits by using carrots as a face mask, carrot juice, soup, or even salad. Therefore, even if you didn’t try carrots yet, just do it now for helping your skin, your immunity, and your organs. You can start by trying out easy recipes that work according to your taste.

Lastly, if you are not a fan of vegetables, you can read out Best Fruits for Skin Whitening. Maybe your favorite fruit is on the list to help you get glowing skin.

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