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25 Best Beauty Bloggers/Influencers to Follow in 2023

By Viktoria
February 21, 2023
9 minutes

Whether it’s on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, there are hundreds of beauty bloggers/influencers to follow. But the question is; what will inspire you after following your most admired beauty influencer? Male or female beauty influencers, we’ve got them featured in this article.

To learn about skincare, haircare, makeup, and cosmetics the best beauty bloggers/influencers to follow in 2023 are Nadine Baggott, Pat McGrath, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, and James Charles among many others.

Best Beauty Influencers plus Beauty Bloggers to Follow

Because we want to help you achieve your dream faster through the top beauty influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and blogs, we’ve selected the right influencers for you. Besides sharing their DIY makeup tips, they’ve interviewed famous makeup influencers to equip you with expert knowledge.

Here are the top beauty bloggers/influencers;

1. Nikkie de Jager

Instagram _ @ NikkieTutorials -17.2M followers

YouTube _ @nikkietutorials – 14.1M subscribers

Nikkie de Jager

Due to her informative beauty and humorous makeup tutorials on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, Nikkie has attracted millions of followers. Do you admire LADY GAGA’s, Becky G’s, or Selena Gomez’s makeup? Nikkie’s YouTube channel has lengthy makeup video tutorials to help you perfect your beauty styles.

Nikkie a Dutch national is among the famous makeup bloggers on YouTube. She came into the limelight in 2015 and she’s now popularly known as Nikkie Tutorials. To become a makeup artist, or apply makeup on your face, watch the “POWER OF MAKEUP” videos on Nikkie’s social media channels.

2. Sali Hughes

Instagram _ @Sali Hughes _218K Followers

YouTube _ @salihughesbeauty _ 56.9K Subscribers

Sali Hughes

Sali may not have the advantage of millions of followers on her social media channels, but her influence is beyond many mega influencers. In her interview series titled “In the Bathroom….” Sali discusses beauty and makeup trends with renowned makeup artists like Caitlin Moran, Jamie Genevieve, and Lisa Armstrong.

Sali is also a journalist, broadcaster, and resident beauty writer with The Guardian from Welsh. Just like the YouTube channel, her Instagram is full of beauty product reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials.

3. Amanda Steele

Instagram _ @ amandasteele – 2.6M Followers

YouTube _ @amandasteele – 2.56M Subscribers

TikTok _ @amanda.steele24 – 237K Followers

Amanda Steele

If you want to become a fashionist, model, beauty influencer, and blogger, Amanda is the best beauty influencer to follow. And as you opt to learn more about makeup, fashion, skincare, and how to style your hair from her YouTube tutorials and Instagram, catch up with extra tips on her Twitter @MakeupbyMandy24 .

Amanda is the owner and designer of STEELE. For informative product and makeup videos fused with laughter, don’t forget to follow her on TikTok.

4. Charlotte Tilbury

Instagram _ @ charlottetilbury -5.4m Followers

YouTube _ @CharlotteTilbury – 826k Subscribers

TikTok_ @ CharlotteTilbury – 514.4k Followers

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s passion for beauty is exemplified in her beauty blog which attracts 3.6 million monthly visitors ( ). This website has Makeup, Skincare, Pro Beauty Tools, and Gift sections for easy website navigation. After selecting your beauty products, follow Charlotte on TikTok and Instagram for educative and inspirational videos.

Did you check the Magical Masterclasses on her YouTube channel? “How to Get the Supermodel to look, How to Get the Sophisticate Look, and Charlotte’s Live Magic Makeup Masterclass with Jourdan Dunn” videos will take you step by step when applying cosmetics.

5. Nadine Baggott

Instagram _ @ nadinebaggott -182k – Followers

YouTube _ @NadineBaggott – 166k Subscribers

Nadine Baggott

For over thirty years, Nadine has been actively sharing health and beauty tips in magazines, television, and social media. Nadine’s longevity within the beauty industry makes her among the few beauty bloggers on YouTube featuring real beauty and skincare experts in her videos.

Whether it’s hair care and styling, the best beauty products, cosmetic treatment, or makeup tutorials, Nadine generously shares her wisdom on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

6. Jackie Aina

Instagram _ @ jackieaina -1.8M Followers

YouTube _ @jackieaina -3.54M Subscribers

Jackie Aina

Jackie is a YouTube beauty influencer, entrepreneur, makeup guru, and blogger from America. If you’re a black American, Jackie is devoted to inspiring, teaching, and instilling confidence as a woman of color in you. To dress like Jackie, visit this beauty’s website for casual sly, night out, comfy and chill attires.

Browsing through Jackie’s videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll find the secrets to her glamorous face, hair, and body skin.

7. Mariale Marrero

Instagram _ @mariale -6M Followers

YouTube _ @mariale – 15.1M Subscribers

Mariale Marrero

Mariale is a Venezuelan national with multiple YouTube channels each with millions of followers. Watching her YouTube videos, hilarious, unique, and beauty guru is how you’ll best describe Mariale. To know the cosmetics to use and how to apply them to your face, her Instagram page features plenty of product reviews and tutorials.

Don’t be left out on Mariale’s Facebook page where she shares eyeliner hacks, makeup ideas, beauty tips, and new beauty techniques. Mariale’s love for games has made her create a mobile game (BURRITO BLAST) which can be downloaded on the Apps Store and Google Play.

8. Caroline Hirons

Instagram _ @ carolinehirons 718K Followers

YouTube _ @CarolineHirons01 – 256K Subscribers

Caroline Hirons

Go to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and an online shop ( and you’ll find Caroline beauty products and how to use them. She’s a facialist, an expert in skincare, a writer, and the founder of @beautybacked and @skinrocks . Being an influential beauty blogger, her skincare and facial products are clearly illustrated in her social media platforms and the Caroline Hirons shop.

One of the outstanding traits to persuade you into following Caroline is her expertise in aesthetics. Having worked with hundreds of global skincare and beauty product industries in developing products, it’s worth following her product recommendations.

9. Mari Maria

Instagram _ @marimaria -20.6M Followers

YouTube _ @marimaria -9.98M Subscribers

Mari Maria

Mari carries the trophies of being among the top makeup influencers on TikTok with 22.9M and 513.3M likes and the most popular beauty influencer on Instagram with 20.6M followers.

She’s the founder of an online shop specializing in skincare and beauty products. This Brazilian beautiful beauty artist is among the top richest beauty influencers across social media platforms.

Mari Maria makeup products and tools, video tutorials, interviews, and funny reels on Instagram will not only influence how you use cosmetics, but also the specific beauty products you apply to your skin.

10. Carli Bybel

Instagram _ @carlibel – 4.7M Followers

YouTube _ @CarliBel55 – 6.1M Subscribers

Carli Bybel

Do you want to know how to cut layers of hair at home and the makeup mistakes to avoid? Join the other 15M+ followers on Carli’s social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. She inspires her followers on family issues, beauty, and makeup. To see her nicely arranged closet, visit

Carli an American, New Jersey resident is also a fashion influencer, podcaster, professional makeup artist, and content creator whose theme is “aspire to inspire”.

11. Lilly Singh

Instagram _ @LillySingh – 13M Followers

YouTube _ @LillySingh -14.6 Subscribers

Lilly Singh

Lilly popularly known as Superwoman is a Canadian beauty blogger to follow on YouTube and Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She’s also an actress, content creator, and comedian. Lilly is a real masterpiece in all that she does. Other Instagram pages you’ll find here include @lillyslibrary and @unicornisland.

Besides authoring some of the New York Times bestseller books, Lilly has won other awards like the Teen Choice Awards. Her documented tour dubbed A Trip to Unicorn Island and the release of the movie propelled Lilly to fame.

12. Lisa Eldridge

Instagram _@ lisaeldridgemakeup -1.7M Followers

YouTube _ @LisaEldridge – 2.08M Subscribers

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge’s makeup list includes lips gloss, eyeshadow palettes, and skin shades. Being a popular BBC TV presenter, a beauty blogger, and NY Times Bestselling Author qualifies Lisa as the best beauty blogger and influencer to follow in 2023. Her YouTube makeup tutorials will teach you makeup removal tips, eyebrow philosophies, and everyday makeup tutorials.

Lisa’s great desire for beauty lead her to establish a jewelry business ( which features Velvet Lipstick Charms, The Earrings, The Stackable Rings, and the Special Editions rings.

13. Pat McGrath

Instagram _@ patmcgrathreal -4.9M Followers

YouTube _ @patmcgrath5600 -16.1 Subscribers

Pat McGrath

Pat is among the top beauty bloggers and makeup artists from the United Kingdom to follow as she shares brief and related makeup tutorials and tips on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She’s the founder and CEO of The Vogue Magazines refers to Pat as the most influential make-up artist in the world.

14. Nikita Dragun

Instagram _ @nikita_dragun -8.8M Followers

YouTube _ @NikitaDragun -3.52M Subscribers

Nikita Dragun

For you to follow Dragun, you’ve to visit Dragun Beauty and explore the liquid lipstick, gloss, facial products, and all skin-perfecting tones. She’s a transgender beauty influencer on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a makeup artist and social media influencer, Nikita using the philosophy “LIVE YOUR FANTASY” aims to influence her beauty followers to embrace beauty and transform.

15. Danielle Marcan

Instagram _ @daniellemarcan 1.7m Followers

TikTok _ @ daniellemarcan -3.4M Followers

Danielle Marcan

Danielle is a beauty blogger on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. As a makeup artist who’s proud of painting her face, she has garnered 5 million followers collectively. There’s plenty to learn from her social media accounts; how to do simple graphic eyeliner, and back-to-school everyday makeup.

16. Manny Gutierrez

Instagram _ @mannymua733 -4.1M Followers

YouTube _ @MannyMua733 – 4.86M Subscribers

Manny Gutierrez

Manny is a beauty blogger, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and YouTuber from San Diego. He owns the cosmetics brand -Lunar Beauty, which is marketed on his Lunarbeauty Instagram page. If Manny is not twitting to his 1.4M followers on Instagram, you’ll find him reviewing beauty products on YouTube or, playing football for his team.

Manny doesn’t only review his cosmetics products. Follow him on YouTube and get to know many other cosmetic alternatives.

17. Sandra Cires Art

Instagram _ @sandraciresart -3.4M Followers

YouTube _ @SandraCiresArt – 16.3M Subscribers

Sandra Cires Art

Open every online platform then search “Sandra Cires Art” and you’ll find Sandra’s comic videos, funny photos, makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, and opening boxes related to the beauty world. Sandra is YouTube beauty Vlogger, and influencer from Miami, USA.

18. Rachel Levin

Instagram _ @rclbeauty101 -4.2M Followers

YouTube _ @rclbeauty101 -14.4M Subscribers

Rachel Levin

There’s little you can learn related to beauty from her YouTube channels or the main Instagram page other than to admire her beauty. Dare visit her at @rclocosmetics and you’ll get inspired to become a beauty blogger or influencer. As a beauty guru, Rachel shares DIY tips on beauty topics, life hacks, and fashion trends on her website blog page.

19. Lustrelux 2

Instagram _ @lustrelux -2.2M Followers

YouTube _ @katy -1.91 Subscribers

Lustrelux 2

If you’re searching for a beauty influencer blogger for makeup tutorials and new cosmetic trends, Katy’s YouTube channel is the right option. She also makes up to be a fashion star, and you’ll also find the current fashion trends on her social media accounts.

20. Vanessa Gyimah

Instagram _ @ vanessa_gyimah -470K Followers

TikTok _ @vanessa_gyimah 274.2K Followers

YouTube _ @VanessaGyimah -60.5K Subscribers

Vanessa Gyimah

Vanessa is a born pro makeup artist dedicated to sharing her top secrets to everyday glam and in-depth eyebrow tutorials on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Her Picuki ‘s profile page has 14 million monthly visitors proving Vanessa to be among the most influential bloggers to follow this year.

She has previously been featured in the Essence and Buzzfeed magazines.

21. Tati Westbrook

Instagram _ @glamlifeguru -2.3M Followers

YouTube _ @Tati 8.4M Subscribers

Tati Westbrook

The views on Tati’s videos on YouTube show the engagement rate she has over her followers. If you’re starting a beauty blog, a beauty social media platform, or looking for makeup products to buy, follow Tati’s YouTube channel for recommendations and advice.

Tati Westbrook is a YouTube star, makeup artist, and social media beauty influencer originally from Seattle, Washington. She also owns Halo Beauty; hair, nail, and skin booster supplements.

22. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Instagram _ @zoesugg -9.3M Followers

YouTube _ @ZoeSugg -4.94M Subscribers

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Zoe Elizabeth commonly known as Zoella is a makeup and beauty influencer, entrepreneur, author, and media personality who enjoys the gifts of 15+ million followers to share videos with. She’s the founder and CEO of Filmmapp a video editing app and Templateapp.

Most of her YouTube videos are centered on family and social life. As a jack of all trends, Zoe has authored books like The Girl Online and Cordially Invited and has appeared on UK advertorial billboards and prime-time TV adverts for over 5 years.

23. James Charles

Instagram _ @jamescharles -22M Followers

YouTube _ @JamesCharles – 23.8M Subscribers

James Charles

James Charles is a YouTuber, beauty influencer on Instagram, and makeup artist from America. Follow him on YouTube for entertainment, makeup tutorials, cosmetic product recommendations, and fun music. His YouTube channel dubbed “Instant Influencer and Makeup Challenge” suits you most if you admire being a beauty influencer or makeup artist.

The Instagram reels on his profile have more makeup videos to help you enhance your beauty.

24. Bretman Rock

Instagram _ @bretmanrock -18.5M Followers

YouTube _ -@BretmanRock

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