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7 Best Men’s Private Part Hair Removal Methods

By Jason
March 27, 2023
7 minutes

The last place to get things wrong on one’s skin is the pubic area. For men, the groin area is like the heart that must be protected with all alertness. While a bit of pain may not be out of place elsewhere on the body, it’s a NO-NO for the part that houses the reproductory and excretory organ.

While many hair removal methods exist, not everyone suits the pubic area. Besides the possibility of pain, cuts, or ingrown hairs, some methods may not work because of skin tones, while others portend some adverse effects.

If you want an idea of the best hair removal methods for men’s private parts, reading this article to the end would be best. In no particular order, here are the best methods for this purpose.

Trimming with Scissors

A pair of scissors can reduce the bush down there, but it cannot give a clean shave. Nevertheless, it is one of the private part hair removal methods with the least risk. It also can be 100% nearly painless if used appropriately.

An advantage of this approach is its affordability. A small pair of scissors costs less than $30, about the lowest amount you can spend on hair removal anywhere.

To get the best results from this method, ensure the pair of scissors you want to use is clean and relatively new. That way, you can trim the hairs neatly without pulling the strands. Please, note that trimmed hairs can be back with full force in about two weeks.

Shaving with an Electric Shaver

Another nearly painless hair removal method suitable for the pubic area is shaving. It involves cutting hair very close to the skin surface, so much so that you can hardly see any strand with a cursory look. For most men, shaving is the most preferred method for some reasons.

First, it can be nearly painless and fast if done correctly and with the best tool. You can cover the entire area everywhere in less than minutes, looking smooth. Shaving also doesn’t have direSecond; it is cheap, just like using scissors to trim hair. Third, shaving is also faster in getting rid of hair than most other methods that often take days, if not weeks.

There are electric and manual shavers for shaving, but the most common for the pubic area are the manual ones. They are often small, easy to handle, and easily navigate the site’s contours.

Besides the short regrowth time compared to other methods, using razors to clear the “bush” down there comes with risks of cutting the sensitive skin there, or experiencing irritation, leading to ingrown hairs.

You can, however, mitigate these risks by using new razors each time and being careful when shaving. Also, ensure you shave toward hair growth to avoid pulling the strands instead of cutting them.

Using Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are paste-like substances you rub on your skin to dislodge your hair strands from the root. Safe to say that these creams are chemical-based, and they penetrate your skin to cause weaknesses in the strands, after which the hairs fall off.

Yes, depilatory creams are safe for your body’s hallowed court. However, it would help to start small and watch if there are any adverse reactions before applying them to the whole area. That’s because different skin types react to these chemicals differently.

One advantage of this method is that it takes longer for hair to regrow than if you were to use scissors or a razor. Also, depilatory creams are not painful unless your skin is incompatible with them, so it is one of the pain-free removal methods you can try out for your private parts.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

You can tag it as our time’s reigning hair removal method, and you won’t be wrong. IPL has taken the lead in achieving hairlessness that lasts for months, if not long-lastingly. The technology involves sending broad-spectrum lights of different wavelengths into your skin, from where they react with the melanin to produce a heating effect that sets your hair roots into a resting phase.

Simply put, this technology disrupts the hair growth cycle and can lead to long-lasting hair loss in areas where they’re used. Without technological intervention, it can produce discomfort or a burning sensation that may not go well with many. But thanks to innovations, many brands that make IPL hair removal devices now incorporate high-tech cooling to neutralize pain and discomfort.

One such reputable brand is Ulike. It’s Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal Handset is ergonomic, FDA-cleared, and nearly painless, giving you several months of smooth skin feel if used as instructed. Generally, IPL hair removal treatment requires first shaving and exfoliating before flashing the light. Without these pre-treatment processes, you might not achieve your goal quickly.

With the Ulike IPL handset, you get the benefit of Sapphire ice-cooling technology that keeps your skin temperature at 68°F while you patiently flash its light to those areas. Please note that no IPL device gives an immediate result; it often takes weeks before you start noticing a significant decline in hair growth, which may be this approach’s principal downside.

That said, hairlessness through IPL is usually long-lasting, and it is generally sparse in cases where regrowth occurs. Not all skin tones and types respond to IPL, so makers include a chart to guide users on the compatible ones. Some brands have in-built sensors to match the right skin tone smartly, while some don’t. Ulike provides a chart instead of the sensor.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser and IPL are almost the same except for the nature of the light used. Whereas IPL uses broad-spectrum, polychromatic lights, IPL uses a single-spectrum monochromatic light. Consequently, the range of laser devices is narrower than IPL. But this limited range makes the laser more precise and effective than most IPL.

You can check Amazon, eBay, and other popular online marketplaces for excellent laser handsets that work for private parts. Like IPL, lasers also take weeks to produce the desired results. However, the advantage of this approach is that you can do it at home without a ‘professional’ invasion of your privacy at a salon. Its effects are also long-lasting, like the IPL.


Did I hear you say you have a high threshold for pain? If so, you will benefit from waxing. Save for the sharp tingling feeling, waxing doesn’t cause severe skin effects. Using a wax strip, you will be plucking individual hair strands from their roots. Good enough, you can wax at home by yourself, especially when dealing with an area of your skin that is supposed to be private.

A successful waxing endeavor can last up to four weeks before hairs begin to grow back. It’s recommended that you space waxing of pubic areas to guide against overstimulation, which can be adverse for sensitive skin.


If you are considering total and long-lasting pubic hair removal, electrolysis is one of the best and safest methods. The process relies on radio waves to destroy hair follicles so that it doesn’t regrow again. It’s the only FDA-cleared approach to getting rid of unwanted hair long-lastingly.

Another benefit of electrolysis is that it works for almost all skin types. Unlike IPL, which is selective, you can be sure electrolysis won’t turn your skin down. The major con is that the process must occur outside your home; you can’t do it yourself.

So, how comfortable are you presenting your private area to an electrologist for the process? It may not be a big deal if the electrologist is your spouse or parent. Please, note that the approach also causes a slightly discomforting tingling sensation, although you can request a topical anesthetic to help you cope.


While also efficient, epilation can be painful. It uses a device to uproot hair strands from their roots, thereby mechanically giving you a long window before another regrowth.

Many epilators have tweezer-like heads responsible for their function, which can be battery or electrically-operated. And while there are wet and dry epilators, the dry ones are usually the better.

General Safety Precautions When Removing Pubic Hair

If you choose to shave or trim, ensure that your tools (razors, scissors) are sterilized and sharp. Infections through unsterilized means are not uncommon, and dull razors can cause more harm than good.

If you doubt any cream or chemical, use a tiny part first and watch it for 24 hours before going all out. The groin is the wrongest place to experience discomfort of any kind.

Follow instructions on how to use IPL devices to the letter. If possible, don’t use any IPL device that is not FDA-cleared and without superb ice-cooling technology on your private part.

It helps to moisturize your private part after shaving, trimming, or expiration to soothe any itchy or discomfort after treatment.


As with the face, genital skins are sensitive. You cannot handle them like other body parts because of their significant role in life.

If you check carefully, you will notice that the methods described fit into two broad categories: painful and nearly painless. The painful ones produce more prolonged effects and are generally less expensive to purchase and maintain than the nearly painless ones. Good luck to you as you make your choice.

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