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The 12 Best Popular Hairstyles for Men in style for 2023

By Jason
March 17, 2023
7 minutes

According to an anonymous writer, “a great men’s hairstyle is the key to feeling fresh, confident, and ready to take on the world, ” and that’s not a lie! You need a perfect hairstyle to look stunning and handsome.

Considering that fashion is cyclical, the trends in men’s hairstyles change rapidly. Modern haircuts for men are becoming so many that they tend towards infinity. However, haircuts can instantly and easily change your appearance; therefore, you must select the right hair and style.

Also, they come in different shapes, lengths, and styles, and regardless of whether you have thin, thick, curly, or long hair, you’ll always find a suitable hairstyle that matches your taste and hair type.

However, you may be confused as to which to choose. But don’t worry, here’s a list of the best popular hairstyles for men in style for 2023 to make it simpler and easier for you:

In no particular order, we’ll begin.

1. Skin Fade/ Bald Fade

Along with being trendy, the skin fade cut is exceptionally versatile, meaning you can make it with any type of hair; thin, thick, long, or curly. Now, let’s have a closer look at some available options to choose from.

Low Bald Fade

You don’t need to sacrifice much of your hair length to feature this haircut. Once the hair’s lower part has been whizzed off, the rest will only receive gradual cutting from up to down. Of course, you can experiment with the length of your hair on the top, so determine which low fade works best for you.

Mid Bald Fade

Mid fade will suit you if you don’t wish to go too short or too long with your hair. However, while the main fun sits at the top, your hair only starts fading from the middle. Moreover, the boldest of you can ask for a bald taper fade; such a cut will look sassy and classy on almost anyone.

High Bald Fade

High bald fade will fit you if you have curly hair and buzz off all the bottom parts. You only have to request for your hair’s length to be longer. Also, you can kill the whole thing by wearing a well-trimmed beard with it.

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2. The Quiff

The quiff is almost identical to a pompadour. In fact, both cuts are essentially the same. Only the styling separates them because you will have first to brush a quiff forward and then into a wave hairstyle. The quiff is similarly for helping to conceal alopecia or hair loss around the crown of the head.

The quiff is one of the most long-playing men’s hairstyles. It has undergone a lot of changes to adjust to the modern day. Its versatility allows everyone, from babies to adults, to sport this haircut successfully. Not only is it appropriate for different age brackets but also for various occasions.

What Is A Quiff Hairstyle?

The quiff hairstyle is created with short sides and long top hair. Usually, the quiff is styled voluminous and a little messy. You can brush it back or comb over to one side. Being side by side with the most popular men’s medium hairstyles like disconnected undercut and pompadour, the quiff brands into your mind with their striking contrast. However, its messy and curved look sets the quiff apart from other cuts.

Choose Your Quiff Correctly

As the quiff has many variations, choosing the style that will be becoming to you is crucial. The most critical consideration is the shape of your face. The high hairstyle will make your face oblong and sharp if your face is extremely thin. The quiff is also not the best choice if you have more prominent ears because it’ll make them stick out even more. And lastly, if you have curly or fine hair, this hairdo won’t probably work for you too.

3. Side part

A side-part haircut is one of the few things that don’t lose popularity with time. No wonder stylish men from the previous century loved to appear in public with this simple yet precise cut. It is unbelievably versatile. And it’s pretty clear why the cut is chosen by modern gentlemen of the 21st century: simplicity and versatility never die.

Whatever hair type and length you have, whether thick or thin, curly or straight, or long or short. You can always do a side part.

What Is The Side Part Cut?

Even though the definition of the side part hair idea may seem obvious from its name, there’s something less straightforward. To achieve the look of the classic side part, the sides of the haircut should be a bit shorter than the top, and the length of the graduation should be even and unnoticeable. It usually requires thick hair, but gents with other hair types can enjoy it.

4. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is straightforward to style and even easier to manage. In addition, a buzz cut is a perfect option if you have thin hair. Because you have short hair and visible skin, if you have thin patches up there, it won’t be as apparent as it would be for someone with longer hair.

If your hairline is receding, you can rock a buzz cut to shift the focus of it. The style reduces the contrast between your forehead and your hair. Boost a buzz cut by pairing it with a line-up. Accentuate strong features and experiment with angles and lines on the hairline, parting, or temples. The line-up is one of the best haircuts for men with ego and can easily elevate any fresh buzz.

5. Clean Shave

A clean, shaved head can make a man appear more masculine and confident regarding men’s hairstyles. It’s among the people’s best hairstyles for men with thin hair, balding men, and the brave and the bold alike.

It may be zero maintenance, but there are ways to elevate its appearance with facial strands or beard styles.

6. Crew cut/ivy league cut

A crew cut, also known as an Ivy League haircut style, is a retro yet modern look for guys. Unlike a buzz cut that is super short everywhere, a crew cut has an additional length in the front, often styled to create a cool vibe. (think of James Dean.) This super men’s cut works on various hair types and textures(thin, thick, curly, long, and short) and is ideal if you want to keep your hair short but crave a little assortment.

7. Side-swept Curly hair

If you are looking for hair that makes you appear effortlessly cool and laid-back, then side-swept curly hair is your option. The charm of brushing your hair to the side is that it makes a big statement; your curls are the front centers of your appearance. This is a great way to draw attention to your face and is about volume. However, it requires some maintenance, and you may have to readjust your locks several times a day to avoid them falling into your eyes.

8. Dreadlocks

Are you interested in a men’s haircut that will be with us for the next century? Check out dreadlocks. It is a popular style for men and women and is a favorite style nowadays. With its complexity and uniqueness, rocking your men’s dreadlocks is the perfect way to express yourself.

That aside, all hair types can rock dreadlocks. So whether you have thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, or long hair, you’ll find a dreadlock that matches your style.

9. Bro flow

This style is perfect for a thick hair type. A bro flow will show off your thick hair in all its glory. This style can vary depending on your preference but is typically long enough to tuck behind your ears. Ask your stylist for a few soft, long layers when receiving the cut. Doing so will slightly thin the appearance of your hair and make it fall more naturally.

10. Box fade

A box fade is ideal for you with dense curls and can create an impressive retro appearance.

A sharp, horizontal line defines the top of this cut, while the sides feature a 90-degree angle and fade into the skin. The back flows along the contours of your head, adding a certain softness to the look.

11. Surfer style

A surfer style is a no-brainer if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with curly hair. This low-maintenance long hairstyle for men is effortlessly cool. Let your tresses fall below shoulder length and texturize with sea salt spray or matte pomade for that messy, just-off-the-beach vibe. The idea that hair should look “purposefully messy” might seem strange, but a surfer’s hair is pretty easy to style. Just ensure you have some solid wave spray and hair wax on hand.

Switching things up occasionally is excellent, even if you prefer a more refined haircut. Look at celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, and Chris Hemsworth. Each has been spotted donning surfer hair at different times in their career.

12. Pompadour

A pompadour similar to the quiff is an on-trend hairstyle that will add height to your crown and timeless sophistication to your style. The modern pompadour has many variations and is adaptable to various settings, styles, tones, and hair types. Considering all these conditions, choose the most appropriate pompadour haircut for yourself.

To create the style, blow-dry your hair before using your fingers to spread pomade close to your roots. Then, use a comb and more pomade to slick your hair up and back. Finally, consider adding a taper or fade to your cut for a sleek look if you have thick hair.


As you go through these ten men’s hairstyles, you would have realized one thing: What is suitable for one person’s head shape, hair thickness, and personality may not be appropriate for another. Therefore, what is necessary before choosing a style is to know where you belong in all these. While a professional barbing center can help you decide on the most suitable style, the final decision (as always) rests with you. We wish you the best as you rock your new fabulous and trendy hairstyle in 2023.

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