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10 Best Shaving Creams for Private Areas 2023 (Women & Men)

By Mariela
August 29, 2023
8 minutes

Lubrication is an essential part of shaving, especially when the body parts involved are sensitive. Besides helping to achieve a very close shave, it prevents potential shaving hazards like nicks, stubbles, redness, and ingrown hair. Private areas are not even a place to gamble with for whatever reason. They enclose essential organs for excretion and reproduction and, as such, have some sacredness associated with them.

If you check online for shaving creams, you cannot be in want of options. In fact, there are several hundreds of them produced in different countries and by different brands.  However, besides the issue of effectiveness, not all shaving creams are safe for delicate skin, like those of private areas. Also, among safe creams for the private room, some are preferable for males, while others are better used by females.

Save yourself the stress of combing stores and online marketplaces for the best shaving cream; you have everything you need here. I will share the best shaving creams for males and females in this article. But before then, it would be great to know how I arrived at each of these choices, wouldn’t it?

Table of Contents:

Criteria for Selecting the Best Shaving Creams for Private Parts

  • Ingredients

For a cream to make this list, it has to be hydrating and soothing. That means its ingredients must contain any of these three things: aloe vera, oatmeal, or glycerine. Without them, it cannot be appropriate for a sensitive area like the private part.

Other critical ingredients that must be present for a shaving cream to make this list include vitamins E (to combat inflammation) and C (antioxidants to fight free radicals). The creams that are also on this list are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

  • Brand

It takes time, consistency, and extensive marketing to build a global reputation. For most notable brands, they do not want to let anything tarnish their name. That is why, in selecting the best shaving creams for private parts, I considered those from well-known, reputable, and trusted brands. The chances of choosing wrongly reduce with them.

  • Feedback from Actual Users

Only those who have bought and used a product can authoritatively comment about its effectiveness. And the more people affirm the efficacy of a particular cream, the more it is likely to be in reality. Therefore, I considered shaving creams with high ratings and positive feedback on safety and effectiveness.

  • Safety

For a cream to make this list, it has to pass safety measures. That means it contains no harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin or cause inflammation. In most cases, fragrances are culpable for the side effects produced by body creams and lotions. You can be sure these aren’t part of the options we recommend.

Having listed the criteria used in selection, it’s time to unveil the list. You can use the table below for a quick survey of it and important details.

S/N Product Name Best For  Price Star Rating  Amazon Reviewers
1. EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream for Women Women $4.97 ($0.71/Fl OZ.) 4.6 42,463
2. Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS Women $13.85 ($1.63/ Fl OZ.) 4.5 15,491
3. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel Women $4.23 4.7 22,396
4. Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Women & men $9.70 ($1.51/Fl Oz.) 4.3 3,600
5. Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream Women $15.94 (($1.33/FL oz.) 4.7 6,832
6. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shave Cream Men $33.02 (5 ounces) 4.8 6,075
7. Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter Men $11.43 ($0.98/ounce) 4.7 1,386
8. Van Der Hagen Shave Butter Men $15.58 price for 3 units ($0.86 FL/oz.) 4.6 6,800
9. C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream for Men Men $1.91/FL oz. 4.7 5,851
10. Luxury Shaving Cream for Men Men $9.87($1.86/ FL oz.) 4.5 4,135

Best Shaving Creams for Private Parts

1. EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream for Women

Pros Cons
Suitable for all skin types – sensitive and nonsensitive
24-hour skin hydration
Usable in both wet and dry conditions. You can leave it on your skin as a cream or shave and rinse it off under the shower.

For 24-hour moisturization and hitch-free shaving, this paraben and phthalates-free EOS shaving cream is trusted by thousands of women globally always to come through. It is non-foamy, shea butter-made, and clinically proven not to contain any irritant to your most delicate body parts.

The colloidal oatmeal component of this cream makes it a perfect soothing lotion for your down-below, and you only need a light or small portion to cover a large area. This product receives an average sale of six thousand units monthly on Amazon, making it one of the best sellers in its category.

2. Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS

Pros cons
Patented moisturizing formula takes shaving to another convenience level The price is comparatively higher than others.
Organic ingredients formulated explicitly for intimate areas  

It’s bye-bye to ingrown hair, razor bumps, redness, bumps, and burns in your bikini lines and pubic area with this moisturizing cream accompanying your shaving. The moisturizing formula is unique, and that’s why IntiMD patented it so it can continue to enjoy its exclusivity. While being paraben-free, this cream has the scent of aloe vera and avocado.

The other vital ingredients that make it the best cream for women’s most private parts are shea butter (for collagen production & moisturization), Maca Roots (aphrodisiac with menstrual benefits), and Jojoba oil (for vitamin E and other beneficial minerals). Beyond its shading role while shaving, this cream also possesses sensual benefits.

3. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Pros Cons
No fragrance or irritant in the formulation
Therapeutic for dry skin

For over 70 years, Aveeno has been at the frontline of manufacturing excellent cosmetic products; this shaving cream is one of its latest innovations. Dermatologists approve it, and it contains no fragrance or skin irritation component.

Its soothing and hydrating components are oatmeal and vitamin E, and it’s the perfect shaving cream for dry skinners. The formula rejuvenates dry skin, moisturizes it, and prevents razor burns and cuts during shaving.

4. Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming

Pros Cons
It cleanses the skin in addition to its shaving benefits Many reports that it doesn’t give a close shave at once.
No fragrance, paraben, silicone, or dye in its ingredients

Made specifically for the pubic area, this cream stands out for its double functionality. In addition to providing a smooth gliding layer for your razor, it also functions as a cleanser to remove dirt and clogs from your skin.

Upon application, you can easily wash it off with water and receive clean skin in return. The pH is balanced for pubic skin, and many dermatologists and gynecologists approve of it as an excellent shaving cream for bikini lines, pubic areas, and underarms.

5. Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream

Pros Cons
The product is primarily produced from organic materials, with little or no side effects The price is a bit higher than others in its category
Thanks to its texture, it effectively combats nicks, cuts, and burns.

If you’ve been fighting razor nicks, burns, and cuts unsuccessfully, it’s time to try Cremo Coconut Mango cream. Unlike most other shaving creams that are very light and water-filled, this formulation is condensed and doesn’t give room for any of the shaving-related issues mentioned earlier.

You can use this cream with any razor to achieve an incredibly close shave without experiencing burns, bumps, or ingrown hair.

6. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shave Cream

Pros Cons
A small quantity can cover a large area The lather evaporates rather quickly
It is suitable for all skin types

Whether your skin is normal, dry, or sensitive, this men’s shave cream comes in handy and appropriate. Produced from natural ingredients sourced from the Australian desert, you can be free from stubbles, cuts, and nicks on your face, neck, underarms, and other private parts with this cream. Some of its critical ingredients include glycerine (for softening the skin), coconut acid (for healthy skin), sodium chloride, and others.

The brand came on center stage in 1999, but it has made a name for itself like those around for decades. Thousands of users rate it highly, particularly its close shave, masculine aroma, and smooth razor-gliding properties. It’s best used after a shower to produce excellent results.

7. Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter

Pros Cons
It drastically reduces the occurrence of ingrown hair in sensitive and nonsensitive skin Some people complain of irritation when using this cream
Offers maximum glide to almost all razors

For all the sensitive private parts of men, this cream provides a shield from stubbles, cuts, abrasions, and nicks during shaving. A single purchase usually contains two units, and you can even save more by purchasing one with four units.

The cream is translucent, easy to apply, and readily washed off with water. Before using it on your pubic area, you should test it with a small quantity to be sure you’re compatible with it.

8. Van Der Hagen Shave Butter

Pros Cons
Formulated specially for acne-prone skin None
Suitable for all skin and hair types

If you are prone to having acne, you need a shaving cream that can help you combat this tendency. Usually, without an aid, razor movement, especially on sensitive body parts like your face or pubic area, can result in breakouts.

However, the Macadamia oil extract, cocoa butter, mango, and shea butter included in the ingredients give it a luxurious feel and take care of all acne-related issues that may arise from razor movement. The product performs dual functions, acting as a shaving gel and a post-shave moisturizer.

9. C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream for Men

Pros Cons
It’s easy to apply, whether with the hand or a brush None
The cream is concentrated, and you only need a small portion to cover large areas.

C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream

This Italy-made shaving cream is suitable for all skin types, and it contains many ingredients that ensure a smooth and hitch-free shave of all private parts.

Among these ingredients are eucalyptus oil (for skin cleansing), menthol (for soothing and cooling), coconut oil (for hydration), and camphor (for softness and prevention of irritation)

10. Luxury Shaving Cream for Men

Last on this shaving cream list is this sandalwood-scented formula that offers a luxury shaving experience for men. Because of its high concentration, you only need a little quantity at a time, and it’ll form a rich lather.

There are no irritating or harsh chemicals in its makeup that can affect your delicate pubic or private body parts. Good enough, if you feel this shaving cream does not meet your needs, the producing brand – Viking Revolution – promises to look into it for a possible refund.


Men and women sure have different shaving needs. As such, their shaving creams cannot be the same. For women, the bikini lines, pubic area, and underarms are foremost among the private areas they constantly battle with unwanted hair. Men, on their part, struggle with facial, chest, and pubic hair removal.

Therefore, the first five options on this list cater to women’s needs, while the last five are for men. All shaving creams suggested are top-notch with no irritants, but you can double-check by applying them on a small body area before going all out.

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