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The 9 Best Smart Home Gym Equipment of 2023

By Laura
June 21, 2023
7 minutes

As part of the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people now choose to exercise at home or privately than using a public facility. In 2023, in particular, Smart Home Gyms have become a common thing, with technology making them more accessible to a broader audience. But whatever gains technology has brought into the gym ecosystem, it can only be the beginning, as more are still to come.

Home gym equipment is in categories, and for each category, there are different manufacturers. If you have the means, the best thing would be to purchase the best equipment for each category. But where that is impossible, you can get a few of these ten leading gadgets to populate your gym home space. Alternatively, go for the overall best smart home equipment if you can only buy one item from the list.

But before I reveal what my list looks like, it’s important to consider what smart home gym equipment is, its benefits, and essential things to consider before purchasing one.

What is Smart Home Gym Equipment?

Smart home gym equipments are exercise or fitness gadgets that are technologically engineered to give their users a real-life or studio experience when they use them. These gadgets employ sophisticated technologies like adaptive resistance, Motion Sensor Capture, Artificial Intelligence, Bluetooth, and, of course, Wi-Fi or a cellular internet source to connect users to reality and virtual tutors, regardless of such people’s location. Many machines usually have form guidance, strength assessments, touchscreen displays, cable weights, and other device-specific features.

Benefits of Smart Home Gym Equipment

The cheapest smart home gym gadget will still cost hundreds of dollars. Of course, you probably know this already. Exercise and fitness machines are not cheap, but when compared with the benefits they give , you can reach out to them regardless. Smart gym devices are particularly beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Convenience. Since they are in your house, you can follow your schedule and exercise when most convenient.

  • It saves money in the long run. Yes, when you put all the monthly gym subscriptions together and calculate what they amount to in a few years, purchasing them now saves you a lot of money.

  • Smart home gym equipment uses modern technology that makes getting fit and exercising easy. The technology tracks your history, assesses your progress, and connects you to exclusive classes and instructors.

  • Motivation. You can readily overcome the doldrums associated with traditional gyms with smart devices. Their closeness, exclusive classes, and interactive offers can help you exercise more regularly than stepping out for the same.

With these advantages, let’s check out some of the leading equipment you can get in 2023. As I mentioned earlier, it will be in categories, and I will pick out the best for each of them.

Best Smart Home Gym Equipment for You

  1. Best Workout Mirror – Tonal

Price: $3,995 excluding subscription fee

Not everyone has big apartments with ample space to accommodate big workout machines. For some, the issue is not about space; they just do not want anything to disrupt their interior decor. If you are an exercise or fitness enthusiast in any of these two situations, a workout mirror is what you need. As you can infer from the name, exercise mirrors are large-screened devices that allow you to stream live sessions of fitness classes when you connect them to the internet and subscribe.

Several brands produce exercise mirrors, but the best, based on features and customer ratings, goes to Tonal. You can hand it on the wall or assemble it on your gym floor. The Mirror is a close competitor of this wall-mounted gadget, but you can read about their differences here . Tonal gives at least 1,000 live classes at a monthly subscription fee of $59.95. This subscription also offers access to unlimited accounts for friends and family. Tonal’s digital weight systems endear it to many bodybuilders’ hearts.

  1. Best All-in-One – Tempo Studio

Price: $1,695

Another way to maximize your home space for exercise is to purchase an all-in-one machine. Besides saving space, you also save money. However, since it’s an all-in-one machine, it requires ample space for setup and your workout. The device is suited for exercisers who desire various workout sessions and would probably want to opt out of an existing membership plan.

Some of the fitness classes possible with Tempo Studio include Yoga, weight lifting, Bootcamp, prenatal exercises, boxing, and high-intensity training, among several others. Its basic package contains weight plates (5 sets), weight collars, and two dumbbells. The studio has accurate fittings for all its equipment, ensuring that your workout space is tidy. A membership fee of $39 applies per month, and up to six members of your family or friends can set up their profiles on it.

  1. Best Smart Rower: Hydrow

Price: $2,495

Bring the river experience right home with this smart Hydrow Rowing beast. Its 22 inches rotating screen and front-facing speakers give you an immersive experience that feels like you are rowing inside a large water body. You can choose between its two great options based on your rowing needs and budget. There are other great rowers from brands like Peloton, but they aren’t as perfect as this.

  1. Best Smart Bike: NordicTrack S22i

Price: $1,999

NordicTrack S22i and Peloton are the leading smart bikes people often struggle to choose from. But looking at the build, extensive customer feedback, and price, the NordicTrack S22i still edges out Peloton slightly. Besides its sizeable smart screen of 22 inches, this bike has an incline and decline of 20% to -10%, which gives you a real-life feeling as you work out with it. The tutors are also of the elite rank to guide and motivate you as you ride through the world. As with most other smart home gym machines, the S22i is also subscription-based, and you cannot access all the live classes without first paying this fee.

  1. Best Smart Treadmill – ProForm 9000

Price: $2,299

Treadmills are almost impossible to miss in any gym. As such, it is as abundant as exercise gadget manufacturers. But based on independent reviews and features, ProForm leads while others follow. The additional Vue 800 fitness mirror included in its package makes it a worthwhile purchase. If bought separately, the fitness mirror costs $800.

The studio classes on this treadmill are countless, and its iFit instructors also provide outdoor workouts and live classes. A monthly subscription fee of $39 is, however, required for the optimum function of this treadmill. The first 30 days are free, but you need your credit card information.

  1. Best Smart Elliptical – NordicTrack 14.9

Price: $1,799

Experience walking and running on this unique elliptical by NordicTrack. It’s one way to quickly achieve your workout goal by mimicking hiking, walking, and running. It earned its place on this list because of its super-clear 14 inches HD touchscreen, 20% incline, trainer-led iFit sessions, and auto-adjusting features. The machine also collects and keeps all your workout records for further suggestions of the best exercise to help you reach your goal. Delivery within the United States is free, and the iFit training also comes with a 30-day free trial before you start paying monthly.

  1. Best Smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 8

Price: $449

How did a wristwatch make it to this list? Of course, there is more to fitness and health than lifting weights or performing any aerobic exercise. You need to monitor your heartbeat for any irregularity, and sometimes when you would have forgotten your fitness routine, something has to remind you to get back on track. These and many more are the functions of this smartwatch. It hardly has any close competitors because of the excellent features and designs it showcases. You, however, need an iPhone 8 or later to unlock this watch fully.

  1. Best Smart Bike – Carol Bike

Price: $2,595

Not everyone likes the NordicTrack S22i or Peloton, but Carol has stepped in to make it possible for many to have a smart bike in their home gyms. From its 100 days money-back guarantee to its $15 per month subscription, this bike takes the financial burdens of the expensive options off the neck of any budget-constrained fitness enthusiast. Its 18 science-backed workouts will get you to your fitness goal quicker than others, and you can purchase any of its accessories for an additional exhilarating experience.

  1. Best Virtual Training App – Future App

Price: $199/month

Home gyms need personal virtual trainers to put participants through and monitor their progress. You can have all the machines or gadgets, but without this vital addition, it may not make much difference to your workout goals. Of all training apps, Future stands tall and different. It connects you to world-class coaches and trainers for a reasonable fee. Whatever your interests are, you are sure to find a coach on the Future app.


Home smart gym equipment is not cheap, but their end goals sure justifies their prices. If you have a room filled with all these devices, you are on your way to opening an exercise center. However, most people only have one or two of these things, and their choices are usually based on their fitness goals.

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