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The 12 Best Sun Hats for Women’s Face & Neck Protection

By Mariela
May 27, 2023
6 minutes

Are you looking for a hat to protect your face and neck from sun rays? Well, this article looks at 12 of the best hats with wide brims that are sure to offer much-needed protection. So, let’s dive in to learn more.

1. Women’s Wide Brim hat

First on the list is this papyrus hat. The material protects your face from direct sunlight and also feels comfortable. Thanks to the zipper closure, you can adjust its size to fit the circumference of your head.

And to get that appealing look, you can steam-iron it. The wide brim protects your eyes, ears, and part of your shoulders. The built-in adjustable rope prevents the wind from blowing it away.

Like other premium sun hats, it is made of breathable material, keeping your hair and scalp cool. Not to mention the moisture-wicking sweatband.

2. Lanzom Women Wide Brim

If you are looking for a more stylish sun hat, consider buying this option. Coming in over five colors, you’ll get one that complements your outfit. It is made from natural straw, making it safe and comfortable to wear. Like most straw sun hats, you cannot wash it with a machine. Fortunately, you can wipe off dust and dirt easily.

The floppy brim not only protects your face but also your eyes, neck, and ears. So, if you want to rock a trendy look in summer and maintain healthy skin , be sure to buy this model. You can use it when traveling, on the beach, or any other outdoor activity. And thanks to the adjustable rope, it can fit your head easily.

3. Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Hat

Compared to other hats on the list, this type comes in a rather conventional design. While it does not have a wide floppy brim, it can still protect your neck from UV rays. Made of poly-straw, the hat offers the utmost comfort on a sunny day. The material is breathable and soft, ensuring ample air movement.

With a drawstring closure, you can adjust its size to fit your head’s circumference. The interior is made of cotton lining, which facilitates warmth control. As you’d expect, it is lightweight, washable, and stylish for just about any occasion. If you want to wear a sun hat from a revered company, this might be your perfect fit.

4. Simplicity Sun Hats for Women

If you are looking for a minimalist sun hat, this model from Simplicity makes the cut. Coming in over ten colors, there’ll be an option to complement your outfit. Unlike others on the list, it does not cover your head fully. Rather, it protects your face and neck only from UV rays. The lightweight design adds no bulk to your head.

As you’d expect, the hat is made of high-quality straw, bolstering its durability and longevity. Besides, the material is breathable so your scalp stays cool, thanks to uninterrupted air circulation. The trendy design means you can use it on different occasions such as beach parties. Thanks to the adjustable design, it can fit just about any head size.

5. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Aquacade Swim Visor

This option is made of polyester, which is lightweight and easy to clean. Made of a saltwater and chlorine-resistant material, the hat is ideal for sunbathing on the beach. Thanks to the floppy brim, it protects your face, neck, and eyes from direct sunlight. You’ll also love how it dries quickly. While it does not have an adjustable rope, it comes in a 4-way stretch design.

This means it can fit the circumference of your head. It is also foldable, meaning you can carry it in your bag. Unfortunately, it does not have moisture-wicking properties, so avoid wearing it during physically intensive tasks.

6. Tilley Ltm2 Airflo Wide Brim

If you are looking for a more stylish sun hat, consider buying this model made of 100% recycled nylon. With a wide brim, you can rest assured it will protect your ears, eyes, neck, and face from direct sunlight. Fortunately, you can either hand wash or machine wash it. With a pull-on closure, it can expand to fit your head’s circumference.

There’s an airflow mesh around the crown that ensures ample air circulation. As such, your scalp remains cool while allowing natural sweating. And should you wear it during rainy conditions, you can rest assured it won’t let in water, since the exterior is made of water-resistant material. You can get it in khaki and rockface colors.

7. HUAMULAN Super Wide Brim Sun Hats

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a sun hat with a very wide brim. It is designed to be used in a wide array of activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. With it, your neck, face, ears, and eyes, are protected from direct sunlight. What’s more? It has a breathable mesh around the crown, which ensures normal sweating while keeping the scalp cool.

And since it is made of water-repellent material, you can wear it in rainy conditions. The drawstring closure ensures strong winds do not blow it away. Besides, it allows you to adjust it, fitting the size of your head tightly. You can only handwash this model.

8. 2 Pack Women Ponytail Sun Hat

The snap closure on this hat means it can be worn by just about any person. Like others on the list, you can only handwash it. It is made of soft and lightweight fabric, so you can feel comfortable when wearing it.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and dries quickly. This means it not only protects your face from direct sunlight but also rain. You also get a moisture-wicking sweatband that absorbs excess sweat. Thanks to the breathable mesh, overheating is mitigated. The ponytail hole ensures women with long hair can wear it easily.

9. Women Mesh Sun Hats

Looking for a stylish sun hat for events and parties? Well, why not get this trendy hat? It comes with a colorful interior that is compatible with most occasions. It has a double-layered mesh around the crown, allowing ample air circulation, mitigating overheating and excessive sweating.

As you’d expect, it has a rope along the sweatband, which you can be adjusted to fit the size of your head. You’ll also love the wide brim that protects your face and neck from direct sunlight. The detachable chin cord prevents the hat from being blown away, meaning you can use it while biking, hiking, walking, and camping. And since it is foldable, you can fit it in your suitcase when traveling.

10. Muryobao Women’s Ponytail Sun Hat

This is yet another sun hat with a ponytail hole, compatible with long hair. With a chin cord, you can rest assured wind gusts won’t blow it away. You can adjust the buckle closure to fit your head tightly. With breathable mesh on both sides, you get ample air circulation.

It is made of waterproof and durable material, which is ideal for rainy conditions. Thanks to the wide and foldable brim, you get ample protection from sun rays. You can get it in over ten colors.

11. Leotruny Women Super Wide Brim Sun Hat

If you’ll be spending much of your time in the sun, consider buying this hat since it comes with a very wide brim. Not only does it protect your face and neck but also part of your shoulders. It comes in many color options such as khaki, black, and grey.

Thanks to the hook and loop closure, you can rest assured it will fit your head’s circumference. As you’d expect, it is made of breathable and lightweight material, bolstering its comfort. You should only hand wash it to maintain its shape and elasticity.

12. Women’s Floppy Sun Hat with Wide Brim

Finally, you can get this hat made of paper straw and polyester. It comes in several colors such as black, khaki, and ivory. With a drawstring closure, it automatically adjusts to fit the circumference of your head. The material is lightweight and breathable material, meaning you’ll be comfortable when wearing it.

It also has a wide brim which protects your face, neck, and eyes from direct sunlight. This is a perfect option for a variety of outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.


These are some of the best sun hats for women you can buy today. They are lightweight, waterproof, and made of breathable material. Besides, you can wear them while camping or hiking. So, which sun hat appeals to you? Let us know in the comment section.

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