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The 6 Best Ways to Removal Hair on Buttocks at Home

May 12, 2023
7 minutes

While hair around the butt is normal to some males and females, to many people it’s a source of discomfort. If you hate hair on your buttocks, there are different ways to remove hair on your buttocks at home. And whereas some removal hair methods are temporary like shaving and waxing, the best and recommendable methods are the long-lasting options like the IPL (Intensive Pulse Light), and electrolysis.

Shaving has for many years remained the easiest way to remove unwanted hair on private parts while at home. But due to the risks associated with this shaving, alternative ways which are safer and promise long-term solutions have taken precedence.

Here are the best ways to remove hair on the buttocks.

1. Shaving

Shaving is the fastest and easiest used method to get rid of bum hair at home by beginners although it comes with a heavy price in most cases. This method entails the use of a razor to shave the hair around the buttocks.

Since razors can cause skin irritation, it’s recommendable to lather the buttock with a shaving gel or cream. Before starting to shave, wash the cheeks with mild soap and warm water then dry the skin thoroughly to prevent the razor from slipping.

If this is the preferred method, remember ingrowth hair which is common with razor shaving will get the bums on fire as most of the females testified when expressing their butt hair removal experience .

What You’ll Need to Shave Your Butt

  • Mirror
  • Sharp and clean razor
  • Shaving cream or gel

Ensure the room is well-lit and the mirror is strategically placed to give a clear reflection all around the buttocks.

2. IPL Hair Removal

No matter how big or small your butt is IPL is the best way to remove hair on buttocks at home. To get rid of hair around the anus and the cheeks long-lastingly, buy an IPL device that’s designed for home use.

With the right handset IPL device, this method is safe, faster, and has fewer side effects. An IPL device produces intense pulses of light that are transferred into the hair follicles by melanin. The heat destroys the hair follicles and stem cells making them dormant.

Compared to laser hair removal, IPL is more effective and works nearly on all skin colors and hair shades as opposed to the laser. If you use a good device, you’ll have no hair regrowing on the butts after only four weeks.

How to Use IPL Hair Removal Method

Step 1: Get yourself Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

Sapphire Air 3 is an IPL device developed by experts for home hair removal. It works best on sensitive skin like the buttocks. This device is equipped with Sapphire Crystal Technology which provides a cooling effect that prevents the skin from burns and other side effects.

Being globally certified as safe for home use by SGS, RoHS, and CFDA, cleared by FDA, and endorsed by skin care experts and dozens of certified dermatologists , we recommend choosing this device for hair removal on any part of your body.

Why Use Sapphire Air 3 for IPL Hair Removal on Buttocks

Many features make Air 3 from Ulike stand out among many others.

1. Ease of use – Given the location, the sensitivity of the buttocks, and the curves on the buttocks, the Sapphire Air 3 head makes it easy to use on every section of the buttocks.

2. User-friendliness – With the compact design, small size, and placement of the device controls, you’ll find it easy to grab, adjust controls, and glide on the butt.

3. More effective and long-lasting – As opposed to trimming or shaving, with only a few treatments, you’ll have no hair regrowing. IPL hair removal is long-lasting as the cells responsible for hair growth are destroyed.

How to Use IPL Hair Removal on the Buttocks

Step 1: Prepare the skin

To prepare the butt for IPL hair removal, clean the skin to remove creams, lotions, and other particles, and then dry thoroughly. Interference of the pulses of light undermines the effectiveness of any IPL device.

If the hair is long, use the sharp razor that comes with the Sapphire Air 3 to trim the hair.

Step 2: Adjust device settings

Since people have different skin sensitivity, the device above has different power levels to select the right one for your skin. Adjust the energy level, and pulse duration starting with the lowest levels upward. As you treat the hair, adjust the treatment mode.

Step 3: Test and start the hair removal process

For the safety of your skin, it’s advisable to test the Sapphire Air 3 on a small area of the butt. With this device, the experience should be icy pain-free. Due to the contrast between skin color and hair shade, you’ll need to test the device’s effectiveness.

3. Epilating

Epilating has been used for ages using an epilator device. Epilators are electrical devices with rotating tweezers that pluck out the hair from the root.

To remove hair using an epilator, slide it on your buttocks in slow motion to ensure nearly all the hair is pulled out. This method is a bit painful. To minimize the pain, choose the wet epilation method as it makes the hair easy to pluck out.

How to Use Epilation to Remove Hair on Buttocks at Home

To minimize pain and make hair removal effective, follow these steps.

Step 1: Clean, and shave the buttocks

To trim the buttock hair for epilation, use the epilator trimmer head or a trimmer and trim the hair slightly above the skin to give edges for the epilator tweezers to grab. Then, clean the bums with warm water and dry them.

Step 2: Exfoliate the buttocks

Exfoliation loosens the hair follicles thus reducing the pain during the epilation process and it also makes it faster to remove all the hair. To exfoliate, you’ll need a gel, cream, or essential oil. Exfoliating with a scrubber would be the best option to minimize the chances of ingrown hair.

Step 3: Adjust the Epilator, then epilate

Most epilating devices have two or three settings. Adjust the settings while testing on your skin till you achieve the least painful and effective setting.

Read more about epilation.

4. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams work well in removing the hair on the buttocks. They remove the hair by breaking the protein bonds making the hair thus making it break down. Owing to the sensitivity of the area around the anus, choose a cream designed for sensitive skin to avoid irritation.

Before using the cream, patch test it on another body part like the bikini area.

Some of the adverse effects you may experience after using hair removal cream on the buttocks are burns, skin peeling, rashes, and blisters. It’s therefore advisable to immediately stop using hair removal creams if you experience any of these adverse effects.

5. Waxing

Waxing is a good way to get rid of the hair on your buttocks in the comfort of your home; but only when you intend to use it once. Just like epilation, this technique plucks the hair from the roots. It takes some time for the hair to regrow and also costs less compared to laser hair removal.

Given the softness and fragile nature of the buttock skin, continued use of waxing can lead to microtears. Again, since is plucked out from the roots, the chances of ingrown hair and acne on the buttock are high.

Before waxing your buttocks at home

6. Laser Hair Removal

Forget the big laser hair removal machines at salons and dermatologists’ clinics and grab yourself a handheld laser hair removal device for home use. A laser hair removal device produces intense light that destroys the hair follicles which retards hair regrowth.

To achieve better results, you’ll have to undertake sessions. This method is a little painful and requires you to shave before starting the laser process.

Read more about laser hair removal at home.

Tips to Choose the Best Way to Remove Bum Hair at Home

If you chose epilating method to yank the hair out of your bum, you’ll most likely suffer irritation and inflammation. Trimming is safer, but it’s tedious as you’ll always need to trim after a couple of days. What factors should you consider when selecting a removal hair method for your buttocks?

1. Ease of Use

Given the location of the buttock, and the ability to view the hair between the cheeks, you should select a method that’s easy to use. The buttock has a large surface area, so using hair removal methods like laser will take a longer time to tackle every hair strand. The chance to remove even 75% of the hair is too minimal.

2. Possibility to Cause Side Effects

Buttock’s skin sensitivity requires extra precaution when removing hair around the bums. The best way should be gentle to the skin, not cause skin irritation, and shouldn’t cause inflammation. Again, avoid methods that are likely to cause nicks and cuts.

3. Temporary versus Long-lasting

Butt hair doesn’t grow as fast as the hair on other body parts. And so, you need to determine whether you need a method that let the hair regrow after two weeks or, after three to four months. The majority of the cheap and fast methods will require consistent hair removal, while the long-lasting ones will take you months before the next hair removal session.

4. Effectiveness

The last thing you’d expect is to use a method that will get rid of a fraction of the hair between the buttocks. If you select an easy-to-use method that’s effective and long-lasting, you’ll have the best experience.


There is an array of different options you can use to remove unwanted hair from your butt. Whether you choose waxing, depilatory creams, laser, or epilation, you’ll get rid of the hair on your buttocks. How safe and effective the method is should influence the choice you make.

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