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10 Best Weight Loss Exercises for Females at Home 2023

By Viktoria
March 21, 2023
6 minutes

Are you constantly concerned about your increasing weight? Is not fitting in your old jeans, fat belly, and chubby cheeks making you lose confidence? Moreover, you are well aware of the diseases related to obesity like hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

So, do you want to control and lose weight? A combined balanced diet and workout strategy can help you reach your target weight. But as a busy woman, you cannot take time out of your packed schedule to hit the gym. No worries! Because you can do some simple and highly effective exercises in the comfort of your own home without having to travel every day.

Additionally, you do not need hours for these workouts as a couple of minutes of these exercises can be more effective than spending hours in the gym for losing weight.

But what exactly are these exercises? The best weight loss exercises for women at home include aerobic exercises, planks, pull-ups, push-ups, cycling, burpees, HIIT, yoga, and more. So, let us walk you through the details of what are these exercises and how they work for excessive fat loss.

Best Weight Loss Exercises for Females at Home

Consistency is the most important factor when you are trying to lose stubborn fat and get in shape. Following easy-to-follow exercises can help you stay consistent and become lean along with gaining physical strength and toned muscles.

Let us see how.

1. Walking, Jogging, or Running

jogging Want to lose weight without doing much effort? Walk, walk, and walk at a fast pace. Stop taking rides to that corner departmental store or the bakery on the next street. Walking fast for 1 hour can help you lose about 250 calories. But if you want more than that, jog and run. Jogging reduces 600 calories per hour and walking burns 750 calories an hour.

But you want to lose weight, not your life. So, the best way is to start walking for 15 mins, gradually turning that walk into jogging for the next 15 minutes, then running as fast as you can for another 15 minutes, and ending your exercise by walking slowly. Also, you can adjust the duration according to your stamina and slowly raise it as you gain more strength.

2. Yoga

yoga Although yoga is considered more of a relaxing exercise, it burns calories as well. Thirty minutes of yoga burns about 150 calories. One of the ancient weight loss regimens includes exercise, relaxation, breathing, meditation, and a proper diet.

Yoga is the one solution to the first 4 steps in that therapy. Combine it with a balanced high-protein diet, and you are going to be fit both mentally and physically. The most effective yoga poses for weight loss are the triangle pose, plank pose, bridge pose, bow pose, and shoulder pose.

Moreover, you need no live sessions for learning yoga as youtube is full of simple and easy tutorials. Yoga also improves muscle tone, breathing rate, heart health, and flexibility in addition to burning excessive fats and calming your mind.

3. Jumping Rope

jumping rope your childhood favorite game is one of the best fat-burning exercises that involve the entire body. It engages the muscles of your legs and arms along with strengthening the core.

Moreover, your heart and lungs work at their maximum capacity making these organs healthy and strong. So, your overall body health improves as well. About 30 minutes of skipping burns 300+ calories. All you need is a rope and a few rounds of jumping ropes to get those extra fats off your body.

However, it is not one time game. So, you have to stay focused to get the desired results. Additionally, you can combine jumping ropes with planks or mountain climbers. This fun exercise can be done in a small space without you having to buy any equipment or go out.

4. Planks

Planks are a basic but not-so-easy exercise for losing fat as it tests your patience. 60 seconds of plank feel like an eternity but it has benefits totally worth that effort. 1 minute plank can help you lose 3-5 calories. So, you need at least 3-5 sets of planks at one time to see results with as many as sets possible in a day.

It is a full-body workout that accelerates the shedding of body weight while toning your core leg, and arm muscles, enhancing muscle strength, improving posture, and giving your belly a tightened appearance. Also, make sure that your pose is correct by observing yourself in a mirror.

5. Pilates


If you are not that overweight but you want to get rid of those stubborn abdominal fats, try pilates. Pilates is a low-impact yet effective workout technique to focus on your lower body including the abdomen, hips, and back. Each 1-hour set of pilates help in burning 200 calories at the start while it can burn up to 300 calories as you get hang of it.

So, pilates is best when you do not want to lose much weight and maintain a healthy BMI. However, pilates also works well for women who wish to shed some more calories while strengthening their core. For this purpose, a combination of pilates and cardio exercise can do the job.

6. Pull-Ups and Push-Ups

Push-ups and pull-ups are good options for women who do not even want to get out of their rooms for workouts. Because push-ups need absolutely no equipment and you can hang a pull-up bar anywhere in the room. About 7 calories are burnt with 1 minute of push-ups and pull-ups can help you burn 10 calories in a minute.

A push-up is a plank in movement so it has additional benefits as well like toning your core and chest muscles, boosting bone health, supporting the heart, and preventing lower back pain. In the case of pull-ups, it strengthens the upper body muscles including arms, shoulders, back, and chest, improves grip, helps in weight training, and uplifts your mood.

8. Cycling

If you do not enjoy running or jogging, cycling is for you. It is a type of aerobic exercise where you pedal fast. You can either use a stationary cycle at home or simply replace your travel vehicle with a cycle if you commute for short distances. Cycling can burn 200-300 calories in 30 minutes.

Moreover, it is a great option for women with weak joints as it puts no pressure on vulnerable parts of the body. Cycling also improves blood circulation in the body, enhances coordination among the muscles of your limbs, strengthens them, and increases metabolic rate.

9. Climbing the Stairs

Climbing the Stairs Another simple exercise with little effort that you can do in your daily life is climbing the stairs. Climbing stairs can consume more calories than you assume. So, stop taking the lift to your apartment or office, just get on the stairs and lose weight. Just like with other exercises, start with a 5-7 minute set of climbing up then slowly increase this duration.

One flight of stairs can burn 12 calories and about 30 minutes of continuous stair climbing can help you lose up to 300 calories. But make sure to be careful on stairs and prevent injuries.

This exercise focuses on the glutes, calves, and thigh muscles, enhances the tolerance level of the heart and lungs, and lastly increases the mass of your bones.

10. High Interval Training

If you do not have 30-60mins every day for exercise or if you want quick results, HIIT got for you. It is the perfect way to shed a large number of calories in a short time and get in shape. HIIT burns about 250-600 calories within 30 minutes.

It involves a 30-60 second intense workout alternating with a few minutes of rest.

You can start with cycling or running and then try other types of high-interval training exercises like lunge jumps, jumping jacks, or push-ups as you develop tolerance. HIIT increases metabolism, builds muscle, improves physical strength, and sheds unnecessary fats.


Maintaining a healthy weight is important because other than disfiguring the body, excessive weight or an increase in BMI can lead you to lifestyle or chronic diseases. So, if you have made up your mind to get in shape, lose excessive fats, and achieve normal weight without joining any classes or gym, we are here for you.

In this article, we talked about easy and simple exercises that can help in weight loss for women at home. Some of these exercises are just stuff with do every day like walking or jogging but these are done with more intensity if you want to shed some extra calories.

Some others are fun activities like cycling and jumping ropes that will make you remember childhood while losing adult fats. Then, we have the exercise that requires effort and determination like planks, HIIT, push-ups, etc. But these are also the most effective ones.

Lastly, let us not forget yoga that strengthens both our body and mind while burning calories.

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