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Body Lotions: Benefits, Disadvantages, How to Use & FAQs 

By Viktoria
August 19, 2023
8 minutes
Body Lotions Benefits, Disadvantages, How to Use & FAQs 

The face is not only the part of us that needs consistent moisturization and nourishment. Our body also has skin, the largest organ taking the most surface area in the arms and legs. So, it also needs to stay hydrated and healthy. 

Regardless of the season, we need body lotions to keep the skin of our body in good condition. Moving on, we will learn more benefits of body lotions in this article. 

Additionally, let us find out if body lotions can be bad for your skin and what are their possible side effects. Lastly, we will answer the frequently asked questions about body lotions. 

What is a Body Lotion?

What is a Body Lotion?A body lotion is a topical formulation having a thin and runny consistency. It is made of a number of ingredients some of which nourish the skin and the others target specific issues like cellulitis and eczema. It has a higher proportion of water as compared to moisturizing creams. So, it is easier to apply and absorb into the skin. 

Additionally, body oils, moisturizing gels, and milk can be used as a body lotion. 

Main Ingredients in a Body Lotion and Their Effects

You are likely to find most of the ingredients given below in a body lotion. Let us see how these ingredients are helpful for you. 

  • Aqua: Water is the basic ingredient of any moisturizer as nothing hydrates the skin better than water. 
  • Glycerine: Glycerin is the ingredient to help water get into the skin making it as important as aqua. 
  • Emulsifier: An emulsifier binds the water and glycerin together as they are insoluble in each other without it. 
  • Petroleum: Although not present in all moisturizers, petroleum jelly helps in repairing the barrier of the skin. 
  • Brightening agents: Some body lotions contain ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and more to brighten your skin. 
  • Moisturizing agents: Aloe vera, shea butter, avocado oil, and rosemary oil are some of the commonly found nourishing ingredients in a body lotion 
  • Preservatives: Body lotions contain inorganic preservatives like paraben or formaldehyde (the usage of which is decreasing) or organic preservatives like hydroxyacetic acid or benzyl alcohol. 
  • SPF: Some body lotions also offer sun protection due to the addition of zinc oxide and more such ingredients. 
  • Other ingredients: Ceramides, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, fragrance, vitamin E, fruit extracts, and flower extracts are some of the other ingredients infused in a body lotion. 

Types of Body Lotions for Different Skin Types

Types of Body Lotions for Different Skin TypesAlthough every body type needs a lotion, the needs can be different. So, let us which body lotions are suitable for which skin type. 

For Normal Skin

Normal skin is the easiest to take care of. But it needs moisturization as well. So, you can use any type of body lotion for normal skin. 

For Dry Skin

Dry skin becomes flaky and rough without a good body lotion. So, opt for a creamy body lotion for your dry skin and look for the ingredients that maintain the water level in the skin. 

Some of the body lotions you can use for dry skin are given in Best body lotions for dry skin

For Oily Skin

In contrast to what people assume, oily skin should be moisturized regularly to regulate oil production. A lightweight oil-free body lotion in a thin consistency do the job for oily skin. 

For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin gets irritated easily. So, you should buy body lotions with gentle ingredients and a sensitive-skin-friendly formulation. So, here we have the best body lotions for sensitive skin for you. 

The Right Way to Use a Body Lotion

The Right Way to Use a Body LotionWhen you are investing in an expensive product, you would want to get the best out of it, right? So, let us see how you can get the best out of a body lotion. 

After Shower

The best time to apply the body lotion is right after the shower. This is the time when your skin is damp and the dampness can be locked into it with a body lotion. However, if you let it dry completely, your body will be stripped of the moisture and become dry. 

At Night

During the day, we constantly wash our hands and come across pollutants from the environment. So, a body lotion should be a part of your nighttime routine to repair the skin as you sleep. 

Apply a coin-sized amount of lotion on each part of the body and let it be completely absorbed before you head to bed. 

On Hairless Skin

When your body has hair, lotion can get stuck into it and hinder its absorption. So, applying the body lotion on hairless skin wastes no product on the skin. 

Also, if you are tired of different methods of hair removal, try out IPL hair removal with Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset to get rid of unwanted body hair within 3 weeks without any pain. 

Benefits of a Body Lotion

Below are the key benefits of a body lotion. 

1. Hydration of the Skin

Hydration of the SkinThe major thing a body lotion does is hydrate your skin. It maintains the natural moisture of the skin and adds additional hydration by locking in the moisture. Consequently, it treats visibly dry skin, moisturizes normal-looking skin, and helps in the removal of calli and rough spots on the areas with joints like elbows and knees.

2. Keeping the Skin Radiant and Glowing

When a dose of hydration boost is given to the skin, it appears shiny, glowing, and radiant. In addition to the appearance, a body lotion is working on the deeper layers of skin as well to make it healthy inside out. 

3. Nourishing the Skin

The presence of ingredients like butter and oils helps in nourishing the skin as they are full of vitamins the body needs. Moreover, they help the body fight against the external factors that impose danger to the well-being of the skin. And they also keep the natural flora of the skin healthy giving you a longlasting well-nourished skin. 

4. Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging01Some body lotions contain anti-oxidants and others have an SPF factor. Both such ingredients keep the destructive free radicals in check and also protect against UV rays. Furthermore, ingredients like hyaluronic acid make the skin plump and vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen. The result, an ageless youthful skin. 

5. Healing the Skin

Skin will good hydration and nourishment will be healed faster than dehydrated skin craving for the nutrients it needs. So, body lotions make a layer over the breached surface and give it the time to heal naturally while blocking the bacteria, environmental pollutants, and other harmful factors from gaining entry to the wound site. 

6. Improving Skin Texture

Body lotions nourish the skin cells and increase the cellular turnover rate. So, new and healthy cells are produced while rejuvenating the skin. Consequently, skin becomes soft and appears smooth. 

7. Strengthening the Skin Barrier

Body lotions are the best products to restore a compromised skin barrier and strengthen it. Thus, they stimulate the natural defense of the skin and protect it against damage. 

8. Offers Long Lasting Scent

Offers Long Lasting ScentPerfumes and body sprays last only for a few hours. But if you are using a scented body lotion regularly, it will give you a long-lasting fresh fragrance. Also, it is great for people who do not like the heavy fragrance of perfumes. Plus, you can choose the lotion with your favorite ingredients to help your skin. So, here are some suggestions for the best-smelling body lotions for you. 

9. Can be Used for Massaging 

Although body oils are used for massaging the skin, an enriched body lotion can also be used as a base for massaging the skin. It helps in improving blood circulation through the skin and gives you a relaxing experience after a long day. 

10. Deal with the After-Effects of Hair Removal

All methods of hair removal are associated with some side effects including redness, pain, swelling, bumps, and cuts. A body lotion can help you soothe irritated skin immediately after your hair removal session. We have the best lotions to soothe the skin after hair removal here. 

Disadvantages of a Body Lotion

Although great for the skin, body lotions can cause some side effects rarely. These side effects are given below. 

1. Can Cause Allergies

Can Cause AllergiesWhile body lotion can be used to soothe allergies, it can irritate the skin as well. It happens if you are allergic to a particular ingredient of the body lotion or using a body lotion with some active ingredients on a damaged skin barrier. 

2. Can Feel Sticky on the Skin

Some creamy body lotions can take quite a while to be fully absorbed into the skin. Also, some body lotions do not absorb completely. So, they can feel greasy and sticky on the skin. 

3. Can Clog Pores

A body lotion may contain some comedogenic ingredients or it may have a thick consistency that clogs the pore. So, it can results in body acne as well. 

4. Can be Heavy on Pocket

Can be Heavy on PocketBody lotions can be heavy on the pocket because a large amount of such moisturizers is required to be used all over the body. The greater the amount, the sooner it will finish, the more body lotions you will have to buy, and ultimately it will be expensive. 

However, you should not give up on body lotions and opt for an economical one that fulfills the basic needs of your skin. 

5. Over-Dependence of the Body Lotion

A moderate amount of body lotion regulates the production of oil in the body. However, if you are using an excess quantity of the lotion and not letting your skin produce natural oils, it will lose the ability to hydrate itself from within making you dependent on body lotions for moisturization. 

6. Time Consuming 

Time Consuming Applying a lotion on the face might take a minute or two. But applying it all over your body and massaging it to make it absorbed can be time-taking because the full body has a large surface area. 


1. Can a Body Lotion be Used on the Face?

Yes, body lotion can be used on the face once in a while. However, using body lotion as a face moisturizer can cause acne, allergy, and skin irritation because body lotions are thicker and creamier and have more chemicals compared to face lotion. 

2. Is SPF Body Lotion Good for Skin?

Yes, a body lotion with SPF is great for the skin as well as your budget. It serves two purposes in one and eliminates the need to use two products on the skin. Also, remember to buy a body lotion with SPF30 or above if you want to use it as a body sunscreen as well. 

3. What are the Compatible and Incompatible Areas with Body Lotion?

What are the Compatible and Incompatible Areas with Body LotionBody lotion can be conveniently used on the arms, legs, hands, feet, back, and abdomen. However, you have to avoid using it on areas with a mucosal surface that comes in contact with the skin like in the genital region. Furthermore, you can consult your doctor about the uses of the body lotion. 

4. How Often Should You Use a Body Lotion?

A body lotion should be applied once a day. You can opt to use it early in the morning for a smooth skin day ahead. But it works best when it is applied on damp skin. So, applying it at night after the shower can prove to be more fruitful. 


Body lotions are a must-have product to protect the skin, nourish it, make it look younger, add to the softness of the body, help in healing scars, brighten the skin, and more. However, you have to buy a suitable body lotion to avoid greasiness and allergies. 

Furthermore, it is better to keep the body lotion away from the face as the skin in both regions has different needs. 

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