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Brazilian Wax During Pregnancy: Yes or No?

By Viktoria
October 9, 2023
6 minutes
Brazilian Wax During Pregnancy

If you want to get rid of pubic hair, Brazilian waxing is one great method. But, if you are planning on getting a Brazilian wax during your pregnancy, it may not be a simple decision. Since your body is going through a lot of changes throughout the pregnancy, getting a Brazilian wax can be done with caution.

In this article, you will get deep insights into Brazilian wax during pregnancy or whether can you get Brazilian wax while pregnant.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What are the Effects of Pregnancy on the Body?

Pregnancy is one of the stages in a woman’s life that brings a lot of changes to her body like weight gain, breast changes, changes in her cardiovascular and respiratory system, etc. When the body is going through so many changes at once, it’s a little difficult for the lady to get Brazilian wax just like her normal days.

Hormonal Fluctuations and Their Impact on Hair Growth

A lady will also notice so many hormonal fluctuations that will impact how hair grows on her body. For example, the levels of estrogen will increase. With the increased estrogen levels, she will notice that the hair gets thicker. Also, hair shedding will reduce because the hair growth phases will increase.

Increased Sensitivity and Potential Discomfort During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin becomes very sensitive and it can easily get dry and/or break out. That’s why, the pregnant lady might experience a lot of discomfort as even minute touches might make it painful for her.

Furthermore, the pregnancy will also change a female’s breasts. They will become sore during the early stages of pregnancy.

Waxing and Melasma

Melasma is some sort of condition, in which dark and pigmented patches can appear on the face of a pregnant lady. Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone usually cause this condition.

Now that so much goes on with a female body during pregnancy, waxing is sure to become more painful and more discomforting.

Part 2: Is It Safe to Get a Brazilian Wax While Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Get a Brazilian Wax While Pregnant

Concerns and Misconceptions

  1. Many people think that Brazilian waxing can cause infections in the vaginal area, so it’s always better to not get waxed until the baby is born.
  2. Even though Brazilian waxing can be more painful for a pregnant lady than any normal day, the level of sensations still varies. So, whether or not you can handle the pain depends on your personal pain tolerance levels.
  3. Harm to the baby again remains a matter of concern. A lot of people believe that getting Brazilian wax can put stress on the vaginal area, and that will ultimately harm the baby. However some people think that the stress due to Brazilian waxing is short-term, so it won’t harm the baby.

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

Most gynecologists suggest that Brazilian waxing during pregnancy isn’t as dangerous as many people think, and if you can tolerate the pain, you are safe to go with the procedure.

On the other hand, estheticians expect ladies to inform them beforehand if they are pregnant because that will help them make necessary arrangements so that the entire process goes through smoothly.

Factors to Consider for Safe Brazilian Waxing During Pregnancy

  1. You should always go to a reputed salon with a professional staff, who will take care of all the necessary arrangements. Unprofessional staff is more likely to handle your pregnancy lightly, which can give you unwanted results.
  2. If this is the first time you are having a Brazilian waxing during pregnancy, consider getting a patch test to see if you can tolerate the pain levels.
  3. Post-waxing is essential, and it becomes more essential when you are pregnant.

Part 3: Precautions and Essential Tips

Precautions and Essential Tips

Communication With the Esthetician About Pregnancy

When estheticians know that you are pregnant, they will do the procedure more carefully. Your esthetician will also make sure not to do anything that can harm the baby or make your pain worse.

Also, if your esthetician knows that you are pregnant, they might arrange some additional items like a first-aid kit (just in case). If you have any kind of discomfort, you can speak to your esthetician about it to get a solution, if necessary.

Choosing a Reputable and Experienced Esthetician

You can choose a reputable and experienced esthetician to make sure that there’s no negligence during the waxing process. Try checking for online reviews to see who’s the best in your area.

You may want to speak to an esthetician if they have any experience in Brazilian waxing a pregnant lady. That will give you confidence in him/her.

Even though a salon is hygienic, it’s important to check out your esthetician’s personal hygiene choices. Sometimes, estheticians don’t stay as hygienic as their work environment.

Proper Positioning and Support During the Waxing Session

If your belly has grown out, then lying flat will be really challenging. That’s when you will need extra pillows and some other support, as needed. Remember that lying on your back for a long time, especially after your third trimester is very dangerous, so avoid that.

In some cases, the estheticians can ask their pregnant clients to hold the skin taut, so the ladies feel extra comfort. Your esthetician will also guide you on how to hold the skin taut the right way.

Use of Suitable Waxing Products and Techniques for Sensitive Skin

You may ask for hypoallergenic wax, which is designed for super-sensitive skin. Then, never hesitate to ask your esthetician to do a patch test before the bikini wax while pregnant.

You will also need to use post-waxing products, but remember to filter out any products that have harsh chemicals. Replace them with gentle products, so there’s no risk of any discomfort and harm to the baby.

Part 4: Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing During Pregnancy

Alternatives to Brazilian Waxing During Pregnancy

Temporary Hair Removal Methods Suitable for Pregnancy

If Brazilian waxing sounds painful during your pregnancy but you still need to get your hair removed, you can go for alternative methods. Try shaving or using depilatory creams. Also, epilating and threading are also some common techniques that many pregnant females prefer instead of Brazilian waxing.

Trimming or Shaping Instead of Complete Hair Removal

Shaving, again, has a risk of cuts and infections. So, you can try trimming your vaginal hair or shaping them in such a way that they don’t create discomfort. Instead of getting your bikini line hair completely removed, trimming and shaping remains a popular choice.

Postponing Waxing Until After Pregnancy

If Brazilian waxing sounds painful, shaving has a lot of risk, and trimming and shaping isn’t a good idea, then the only choice that remains is to postpone your waxing session. Remember, now that you have planned to postpone waxing, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. Your doctor will give you a safe date when you can get Brazilian waxing done without any worries or risks. The next appointment can be a few weeks after you give birth because your vaginal area still needs some time to recover from such a long stress.


So far you have read the changes that a female body goes through during pregnancy. You also read if it’s safe or not to get Brazilian waxing, safety precautions, and some alternate methods of Brazilian waxing. Remember that no matter what other ladies say, it’s your personal choice based on how much pain you can tolerate.

Even if you cannot tolerate pain, that doesn’t mean you are weak. If postponing is an option for you, consider that, because it’s better to take precautions. A good and informed decision will keep you away from unwanted pain and discomfort.

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