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Can I Pluck My Pubic Hair? Is Plucking Pubic Hair Dangerous?

June 7, 2023
8 minutes

“Some things or topics are better left undiscussed” Well, maybe but not the pubic hair topic. Let’s face it, everyone at some point in their lives has had to deal with pubic hair, contemplating whether to get rid of it or to leave it.

Well, let’s be clear about this, your private part is not a garden for bush farming …ouch! we’re sorry if that hurt! But the point is even if it were a garden, you would still have to groom it to make it look good. Of course, not for a public display but for your comfort and personal hygiene.

While it is impossible not to grow hair around your public region, except if you are on some sort of protein or puberty blockers, this means you would always be faced with the challenge of how to get rid of your pubic hair.

Perhaps, not many people care to know what happens down there so, when it comes to getting rid of pubic hairs, it’s more of a ‘sitting-on-the-fence case’. Well, that’s about to change as this article is about to give you a new orientation about getting rid of pubic hair.

So, in this article, we give a general overview of why pubic hair should be taken off, and just maybe you’ve been asking questions about how you can pluck your pubic hair, you would get to read about that in this article. Also, this article will provide answers to the question “Is plucking pubic hair dangerous? Later on in this article, we give a list of better hair removal methods you can choose from.

Join in as we coast off!

Keratin is a fibrous protein responsible for the formation of the main component of the hair and some bunch of other things, but we are only going to focus on the hair because it’s the bone of contention here. So, this means that as long as your skin produces keratin, you would always experience hair growth. Since the skin around your pubic region is quite sensitive, it requires that you regularly groom the hair that grows there.

There are several ways to do this, but in this section, we consider a not-so-used method – the plucking method. So, if you plan on plucking your pubic hair, you may want to pay a little more attention here.

Can I pluck my pubic hair?

Plucking the pubic hair requires that you take hold of the hair and quickly remove it from its follicle. To achieve this, it may require that you use a pair of tweezers. For its description, Tweezers are any form of a small metal instrument having a serrated tip, usually held between your thumb and index fingers, and can be used for plucking just anything – in this case, your pubic hair.

Because this method helps to remove hair right from the roots, an advantage is that it helps slow the rate of hair growth. It does a perfect job of keeping hair off for some time so, you do not have to worry about getting off hair anytime soon. Also, you stand no chance of causing harm or injury to your skin if done in the right way.

So, to answer the question, yes, you can pluck your pubic hair. However, it is not the perfect method as it is time-consuming and somewhat painful. Perhaps, if you aren’t sure if the disadvantages of plucking your pubic hair outweigh the advantage, then perhaps it’s time to answer the other question that has got you all pent up. See the next section to know if plucking your pubic hair with tweezers are good for you or if they are outrightly dangerous.

Is plucking pubic hair dangerous?

We could split the answer to this section into two. Reason being that it could be a yes and it could also be a no . However, to a large extent, the answer depends on you as the user.

Let’s address the first, being a Yes.

Plucking pubic hair could be dangerous if you are not using the right technique or doing it the right way. For instance, if you hold the Tweezer wrongly or very carelessly, you could injure yourself in the process. Also, you may want to be certain that you are in a well-lit environment so, you don’t pluck too close to your skin. Advisedly, if you are impatient or in a hurry, plucking may not be suitable for you and you may have to opt for other methods.

On the other hand, plucking pubic hair may be just right for you if you are very meticulous about the process. It requires lots of patience on your side. So, take your time while plucking out.

Albeit, this is not to scare you in any way, but you may want to consider other better alternatives to help groom your pubic hair if you are not comfortable with plucking using a pair of tweezers.

That said, the next section helps uncover other options you may want to consider in place of plucking with tweezers.

Better hair removal methods

1. Laser hair removal

One of the safest means of removing pubic hair is using laser hair removal. Not only is it safe, the process is nearly painless and very comforting on the skin with the only disadvantage being skin pigmentation. An example is the Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset . It has a Sapphire ice-cooling technology that keeps the temperature in check. Also, the thumb-free auto glide mode helps deliver the perfect hair removal experience to you.

The Ulike Sapphire Air 3 operates by focusing the IPL pulse light only on hair follicles to remove hair effectively and nearly painlessly while avoiding heat damage. Its manufacturers consider all types of skin so you do not have to worry about skin peels if you have sensitive skin. Also, you get to enjoy a smooth and itch-free hair removal experience using this device so, you have nothing to fret about.

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2. Hair removal cream


Also known as depilatories, the hair removal cream does a clean work of taking off the hair in your pubic area. Usually, these creams contain chemicals that weaken and eventually break down the structural component of the hair it is being applied to.

So, to use, apply to the area you want to remove hair from, spread over the surface and then leave for about 3 to 10 minutes before wiping off with soap and water.

The process is absolutely easy and nearly painless but doesn’t do justice to keeping hair off for a long while. So, this means you would constantly have to keep your hair removal cream close for frequent use. Another downside is that it may cause chemical burns or skin irritation or other allergic reactions. So, be sure to take a patch test before using one. Want to read more about the side effects of hair removal cream? we wrote exclusively about it in a previous post, do well to check it here .

3. Shaving

shaving This is an easy and nearly painless way of removing pubic hair. However, it is only a temporary solution as the razor cuts only the surface of the skin without getting to the roots, this means your hair would begin to grow back in no time (say, about 10 days). Shaving could also lead to cuts and skin infections if the blade is not well sterilized.

Moreover, you risk getting skin irritations such as shaving bumps as a result of razor burns or ingrown hairs. To prevent this, be sure to use a shaving cream or gel and cut in the direction in which your hair grows. Lastly, you should endeavor to replace blunt blades as often as you can.

4. Trimming

trimming Trimming is one of the quickest and simplest means of alternatives to choose from.

Although it won’t help remove all the hairs, however, you wouldn’t be getting any irritations or skin infections as in the other methods. To do this, you can use scissors to trim off excess hair. While doing this, be sure the scissors are held far from your genitalia skin so, you do not end up scissoring yourself.

5. Waxing

waxing If you want a temporary removal of your pubic hair, then the waxing method is the right choice for you as they pull the hair directly from its root and would help keep off hair for about 21 to 42 days. Despite being effective, there are several downsides to using this method.

A major disadvantage to waxing is that it is a very painful procedure and can cause skin irritation. Because these are very sticky, they adhere tightly to your skin such that when you attempt to pull it off, it takes off the hair completely right from its root. In turn, you may experience redness around the waxed area, which would usually go away after applying a cold compress to ease it off.

Also, there is the issue of knowing the state of the wax stick used – is it clean or unhygienic? Is it a new one or has it been used before? The truth is, it is quite difficult to know how hygienic the wax sticks used, that is why we advise that you engage professional spa or salon personnel and not just a random person to wax for you.

And if you are doing this for yourself, be sure to keep the wax in a hygienic environment and do not overheat it so, you don’t burn or contaminate yourself. Waxing could also cause ingrown hair giving rise to inflamed bumps caused by folliculitis (inflammation of the follicles).

6. Electrolysis

Electrolysis If you are seeking a long-lasting solution for removing your pubic hair, then the electrolysis option is for you. The process involves damaging the hair follicle by injecting an electric current into each hair follicle to stop hair growth. The process may be time-consuming as every follicle has to be injected. A downside is that the procedure is quite stinging and painful and you may experience skin redness afterwards but disappears shortly.

However, due to the sensitivity of this procedure, we advise that you engage trained personnel with sterilized equipment to carry out this procedure to avoid blood or skin infection.


On the whole, it is not enough to tell you about the advantages and the disadvantages of a particular method. How would you know the method that is best for you if you don’t try others? That’s why we’ve written this article to help inform your decision. Please note that we do not have the final say over your choice, we can only help you towards making one.

However, the ultimate decision is up to you to decide if you are going to stick with plucking your pubic hair with a pair of tweezers or if you are just going to explore other alternatives provided in the list above. Besides, every option comes with its pros and cons and so, you should do your due diligence before settling for any hair removal option.

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