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3 Side Effects of Hair Removal Cream on Private Parts

By Mariela
June 2, 2023
7 minutes
Side Effects of Hair Removal Cream on Private Parts

Does it itch or tingle? Do you experience any burning sensation down there? Then stick around as we get into details.

As with other parts of our bodies, there is the presence of hair in the pubic region. Moreover, it is one of those characteristic features that surfaced as we hit the pubertal stage. Albeit, there are two categories of pubic hair based on individual and genetic factors. For some, the hair in this region grows rapidly while for others it grows at a snail’s pace. Whichever categories you may fall into, there is one factor common to both categories – getting rid of the hair.

In doing this, many have sought different options available. From shaving sticks to hair removal creams, they serve the purpose of clearing the hair in private parts.

A quick review of some lessons from high school biology classes helps us understand that the private part consists of the breast, penis, vagina, and buttocks. However, in this case, we refer to the hairs in the armpit, private areas, and around the bikini lines as the pubic hairs.

While some are comfortable with using shaving blades, others who have phobias for blade cuts opt for the hair removal cream option. But, one question that you may want to ask is how safe the hair removal creams are, especially for ingrown hair in the private parts. This and many other questions would be answered as you read further.

So, in this article, we explain what hair removal creams are and what they are used for, the points to note when considering using a hair removal cream for your pubic region, the types of hair removal options available, and then we focus majorly on the 3 side effects of hair removal creams on private parts.

It promises to be an exciting read so, follow closely as we embark on this journey.

What are hair removal creams?

veet cream Hair removal creams also known as depilatory creams are thick condiments creams that are spread across a hairy surface to remove the hair in the area it is applied onto.

What are they used for?

As you could guess from its name, the hair removal creams are used to get rid of hair in the most seamless and nearly painless way. This works by weakening the hair strands in the areas it is applied.

How are they used?

To use the hair removal creams, apply a moderate amount to the area you wish to get rid of hair, then spread it across the surface. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth. This leaves your skin clean, hairless, and smooth.

Are hair removal creams safe?

To an extent, hair removal creams are considered safe and in fact safer than shaving razors however, we would say that this is dependent on your means of application and how well you use them. With hair removal creams you do not have to worry about razor cuts but then, if wrongly used, there may be well over hundreds of things to worry about.

Although hair removal creams are nearly painless, However, they could subtly wreak more damage to your skin than you could envisage. So, if you need more clarification on these creams, opt for other safer options from the ones listed below. Remember, you are better safe than sorry.

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Points to note when considering using a hair removal cream for your pubic region

  • Type of hair removal cream

Due to the sensitivity of the pubic area, you need to be conscious of the type of hair removal creams to apply to your skin. You may want to ask and ascertain your skin type to know if your choice of hair removal cream would suit your skin.

  • Take a patch test

patch test It is always advisable to first take a patch test before trying any cream on your skin. The reason is that not all creams are suitable for every skin type, so after knowing your skin type, the next best thing to do is to take the patch test.

A patch test is a test taken to know if your skin is allergic to any substances used in the cream. You can do this by taking a small amount of the hair removal cream and applying it to a less conspicuous area of your skin or under plaster. Then, note how the application of the cream makes you feel in that area. Do you feel tingles or does it burns? Or do you feel normal, afterward? The way you feel would serve as a determinant of whether to proceed with using the product or to forgo and move on with another product entirely.

  • Know your skin allergies and triggers

Often, some hair removal products contain active ingredients such as artificial preservatives and fragrances that may be harmful to the skin. So, knowing the ingredients used in making these creams is advisable. Make research about these ingredients and read about their side effects. This would help you spot those ingredients that may trigger your allergies. You would be doing yourself a lot of good by doing this and your skin will surely thank you for doing so.

  • Consult a trained personnel

Dermatologists are trained in the areas to give you tips and recommendations on the products that are suitable for your skin type. So, it would be beneficial to speak with a dermatologist before purchasing any hair removal cream.

Having mentioned these precautionary tips to note before applying hair to your private part, let’s examine the side effects of hair removal cream on private parts

3 Side effects of hair removal cream on private parts

What happens when you use the wrong hair removal cream in your private area? Or when you are allergic to a particular ingredient used in the formulation of your hair removal cream? I bet you are curious to know more about this. Stay with us as we get right into it in this section.

#1 Chemical burn

We could almost read your thoughts on this. Perhaps you muttered to yourself, I guessed right, oh yeah! You did and we are proud of you for doing so.

Chemical burn is the most common sensation you feel in your private region when your body reacts to the hair removal cream used. It gets super hot and then you feel like your skin is burning on the inside. Well, this is just an indication that you are experiencing one of the side effects of the hair removal cream you use. These burns may be a result of leaving the hair removal cream on your skin over a stipulated time required. As such it may result in a first, second, or third-degree burn depending on how long the cream stayed on your skin.

Usually, hair removal cream should not exceed a maximum of 10 minutes on the skin before wiping it off. Anything beyond this could result in a chemical burn.

#2 Skin irritation

Thioglycolic acid is a major ingredient in the formulation of hair removal creams. Moreover, many hair removal creams contain calcium and potassium hydroxide as active ingredients. However, a combination of these chemicals when used on the skin may irritate the skin and darken the area over time. Hence, it is important that you understand your skin types and know the ingredients that may cause these irritations so, you can steer clear of them.

#3 Skin damage

This is perhaps the worst kind of side effect anyone could have. This may happen when the acidic chemicals in the hair removal creams react with your skin and change the pH level thus causing damage to the skin.

Should these side effects stop you from removing the hair in your private parts? Of course not! There are several alternatives you could use to achieve the same purpose that hair removal creams serve.

Better hair removal methods

  1. Laser hair removal device

The laser hair removal device is one of the safest means of getting rid of hair in your private parts. The technique involves using an intense pulsed light (IPL) channeled at the root of your hair follicle to remove the hair. The process is nearly painless and soothing to give your skin that smooth and clean look. If you are yet to try it out, you can try using the Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal handset . This device uses a patent ice-cooling sapphire technology and the thumb-free auto glide mode works perfectly to deliver your desired result in just 3 weeks. Although the laser hair removal device is safe, it is not without its side effects too. So, it’s best to stick with the right product.

  1. Waxing

waxing Waxing is another alternative to hair removal creams. This leaves your skin hairless and smooth. However, one negative effect of waxing may be redness, which can easily be treated by applying ice to the area. Albeit, if you are still feeling uneasy about using the waxing strip, you could opt for other hair removal options.

  1. Tweezing

tweezing Tweezing could be one of the most accurate means of removing hair around your private areas. This is done by isolating the hair you wish to get rid of and then plucking them out. First, you have to dampen the area you want to clean with lukewarm water to soften it. Then, use your tweezer to pluck out the hairs there. Once done, apply an anti-inflammatory cream to reduce redness or soreness.

Tweezers are great for removing small amounts of hair, especially in the eyebrow area, however, you can still use them for your private parts. The only downside to this method is that it is time gulping and could be painful. However, if you are patient and careful enough, it could yield your desired result.

  1. Shaving

shaving This is the most traditional means of removing hair. There are many off-the-shelf shaving blades that would do a good job in getting off the hair in your public region. However, using a shaving stick or blade could come with some uneasiness such as small accidental cuts, or even itchiness. So, to curb this, get a clean razor and a gel alongside. Also, you should take note and be sure to indulge in an after-shave treatment.

Final note

A lot has been said about the side effects of hair removal creams. While some effects may be short-lived, others could have a long-term effect leaving your skin at the mercy of skin treatment and therapies. So, it’s best t know what hair removal method works for you and stick with it.

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