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Can the IPL Device be Used for Whole-Body Hair Removal?

May 20, 2024
5 minutes
Can IPL Device be Used for Whole-Body Hair Removal

Of course, IPL devices can be used as a Whole-Body hair removal method. The principle behind its operation will get rid of unwanted hair whether it’s on the head, face, neck, or bikini area.

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That said, it’s critical to note that the success of IPL as a full-body hair removal tool or technique depends on two factors. These include:

1. Your Expected Outcome

Your Expected OutcomeA successful IPL hair removal will leave your body bare. That is, you won’t see any hair shaft on that body area for as long as you continue to use the device.

Now, think about a situation where you only want to reduce hair length and not remove everything; IPL will not be suitable in such a scenario. An example is when you want to shave your beard or hair; if you use IPL, it will remove everything and not get you the styling you want.

As such, whether you can remove objectionable hair from any part of your body with this light-based technology depends – to some extent – on what you want.

2. Your IPL Choice

Your IPL ChoiceAlthough all IPLs function on the same general principle, efficiency is not the same across devices. You can think about it using cars. A Lexus 2003 Jeep and its 2023 variant both in optimum condition may be able to convey its passengers from one city to the other. However, the utility and efficiency that those in the latest model will enjoy will be different from the other. The time to reach each a certain destination with both car models may also vary.

If you check any major online store today for IPL, you will find dozens of options. From those from established brands to those with little or no name in the industry, the options are abundant. If we are to view all of them based on their selling price, some will qualify as low budget IPLs, while others will pass for middle or high budgets. 

Low-budget IPLs are often unsafe for head-to-toe treatment because they don’t usually have the feature that can smartly adjust the energy output to match your skin and hair tones. If you know anything about how IPL works, you will understand that different hair textures and tones require different energy intensity, not just for effectiveness but also for the safety of users.

What this means is that if you’re planning to settle for IPL as your full-body hair removal technology, you need to search for a device that offers you the latest features. Do you need a recommendation of such? Continue reading to find out the IPL device that rules the world at this time.

Ulike Air 10: The Right IPL for Head-to-Toe Treatment

Ulike Air 10: The Right IPL for Head-to-Toe TreatmentCall it a pacesetter and you won’t be wrong. Ulike Air 10 has pushed the limits of IPL with its industry-leading features that rank next to none. It’s a one tool for all purpose device that came into being through years of rigorous scientific research. Ulike Air 10 has four modes, which are carefully designed to take care of the different parts of the body.

The Fast Mode is essentially for small touches and maintenance purposes. It’s best for those who have been using the device for weeks or months and would love to their results stable. If the hair you want to remove is fine or just normal, the Normal Mode does the job well. However, if you are dealing with thick hair – like those on the head or groin – you would need the High Mode. The last mode, which sets Ulike Air 10 apart from others, is the SHR Mode. It’s the ideal mode for those spiky, stubborn hairs that will normally defy other modes.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.

The fascinating thing about this Ulike Air 10 is that it comes with a smart skin sensor that quickly selects the right mode and intensity for the body part you’re treating. As such, there is no need fear that you are probably using a wrong mode. It eliminates guess work, thereby doubly guaranteeing your safety.

For sensitive skin hair removal, there’s a lot of protection for them while using this tool. Its super-cool Sapphire ice-cooling technology gives a nearly painless result. Users hardly feel significant discomfort, even with sensitive skin. The head has dual lights that ensure that you can get a full-body treatment in about 10 minutes.

Precautions When Using IPL as A Full-Body Hair Removal Means

As with all methods, using IPL demands observance of certain rules to avoid doing it wrongly. For instance, it’s inappropriate to use IPL on some body parts. And if you’re going to be safe with your beauty regimen, there are things you must also follow.

IPL Safety for Upper Body Part

IPL Safety for Upper Body PartThe lights that IPL devices emit are not safe for your eyes. As such, when treating your face, it is essential to wear goggles. With this on, you can avoid irritating your cornea or eliciting an allergic response. Thankfully, Ulike Air 10 comes with a protective goggle, ensuring that you don’t have to spend extra money purchasing one.

Since the body’s upper body parts are largely sensitive, you should avoid repeating the flashing process more than the recommended time. Also, if you have hairs in your nostril, please note that you cannot use IPL to remove them. It’s been found out that this technology is unsafe for places with mucous membrane. Besides, because of the nose’s morphology, you can’t be sure the lights will get to where you’re sending them.

IPL Safety for Lower Body Parts

IPL Safety for Upper Body PartWhile the Ulike Air 10 IPL device can be used on the bikinis, men cannot use it on their scrotums and penises. Women, too, cannot use the device beyong their vulvas, and must guide against using it in body parts with mucous. Using an IPL tool on the butt crack is generally safe, but you must ensure that you don’t get tempted to use it on your anus.

As with the upper body areas, don’t use this tool more than the recommended frequency. Doing so may prove dangerous for your skin.


The coming of IPL into the hair removal space is undoubtedly a great relief. The risks are minimal, and if you choose premium ones like the Ulike Air 10, you even reduce the risks further. Meaningful results start surfacing as early as a week or two, anb the end of a few weeks you’ve reached your goal.

You can surely use IPL device anywhere on your body except on mucous membranes, which hardly grow hairs anyway. Have you tried using any IPL on your hair, particularly on the head before? If you have, let’s know what your experience was like in the comment section below.

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