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Ulike Air 10 vs. Air 3 IPL Device: Which Should You Buy?

April 8, 2024
6 minutes
Ulike Air 10

With the splendid success of Ulike Air+ and Ulike Air 3, Ulike became one of the top IPL-manufacturing companies in the world in 2022. Then it introduced another revolutionary yet unmatched device in April 2024. 

From updating the design to adding more features in Ulike Air 10, it has grabbed a lot of attention. However, Ulike Air 10 is not as affordable as Ulike Air 3 making people wonder which of both is worth buying. 

So, are you also confused about which of the two top devices in the world you should invest in? If yes, let us compare both devices from different aspects and choose the best one for you.

Ulike Air 10 vs. Ulike Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Device 

Let us compare the Ulike Air 10 vs. Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal device here. 

1. Design and Aesthetic Appeal: Winner – Ulike Air 10

Ulike Air 10While both Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal device and Ulike Air 10 are built with high-quality material featuring an ergonomic design and a minimalist display on the front, Ulike Air 10 is more user-friendly. 

It is because Ulike Air 10 has curved sides that make it easy to hold in contrast to the straight sides of Ulike Air 3. Furthermore, the ventilation area of Ulike Air 10 is larger as compared to Ulike Air 3. 

This ventilation area is located on the back of Ulike Air 10 instead of its lower end. It also offers more cooling without interfering with the grip. Therefore, when it comes to the design, Ulike Air 10 is the winner while the aesthetics of both are to die for. 

2. Intensity Levels and Comfort Modes: Winner – Ulike Air 10  

Ulike Air 3 comes with only 3 intensity levels including a soft mode which treats sensitive areas like the face gently; body mode which works great for arms, legs, and abdomen; and power mode for coarse hair on areas like the chest and underarms. 

These intensity levels are designed according to the hair strength and skin tolerance of different areas of the body.

In addition to these 3 modes of Ulike Air 3, Ulike Air 10 also features a 4th intensity level named “Super Hair Removal”. This mode treats the most stubborn hair on the body. 

Also, the modes of Ulike Air 10 are named as Fast Mode, Normal Mode, High Mode, and SHR Mode. Thus, Ulike Air 10 is a better choice for people with thick, dark, coarse, and stubborn hair. 

3. Skin Tone and Hair Color Compatibility: Winner – A Tie

Skin Tone and Hair Color CompatibilityWe suggest you give How Does IPL Hair Removal Work? | Dr. Davin Lim read to know why IPL works great for some skin tones and hair colors and does not for others.

Therefore, both Ulike Air 10 and Air 3 are compatible with the first 4 Friedrick skin tones including porcelain, fair, light brown, and medium brown. Similarly, it targets hair colored black, brown, light brown, and light blonde. 

However, you cannot expect it to work on colored hair including red, gray, and white. Also, it is unsafe for darker skin tones including dark brown and black. Thus, it is a tie between Ulike Air 10 and Air 3 when it comes to compatibility. 

4. Treatment Time: Winner – Ulike Air 10

There is a minor difference between the treatment time of Ulike Air 3 and Ulike Air 10. Ulike Air 3 works at the rate of a single flash every 0.7 seconds with a full body treatment time of 12 minutes. 

On the other hand, the dual light window that covers greater surface area and 40% faster speed of Ulike Air 10 allows you to complete your full body treatment in less than 10 minutes. So, if you want faster treatments, Ulike Air 10 is the one.

5. Timeline of the Result: Winner –  A Tie

Timeline of the ResultThe timeline of the results of Ulike Air 3 and Ulike Air 10 are alike. In both cases, it is amazing that you can experience hairlessness in less than 2 weeks with complete hairlessness within 12 weeks. 

However, Ulike Air 10 works a bit faster for thicker and coarse hair as compared to Ulike Air 3.

6. Exclusive Technology to Reduce Pain: Winner – Ulike Air 10

Ulike Air IPL hair removal devices are known for their exclusive ice-cooling technology that reduces the temperature of the heated radiations of an IPL device to make it more skin-friendly.

In the case of Air 3, it lowers the temperature to about 20 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Ulike Air 10’s goal has a temperature of about 16 degree Celsius. Furthermore, it has skin tone sensors and automatic power adjustment technology that helps its users customize the treatment for different areas of the skin effortlessly.

Therefore, Ulike Air 10 is the way to go if you have extra sensitive skin.

7. Safety Approval: Winner – A Tie 

Safety ApprovalRegarding safety, Ulike is the company you do not need to worry about. It launches its devices after extensive experiments and global safety approval. Both Ulike Air 3 and Air 10 are cleared by FDA and are clinically backed. 

8. Energy Output: Winner – Ulike Air 10

When Ulike Air 3 came with a power output of 21 J, it was the highest in the market and remained the IPL device with the most energetic energy flashes for two years until the release of Ulike Air 10.

The energy output of Ulike Air 10 is 26 J/cm2. Thus, this in-office laser-inspired IPL device is reaching the power output of official laser devices making it strong enough to treat every type of unwanted hair at home.

However, do not worry about the risks that come with a high energy output as Ulike Air 10 comes with safety mechanisms ensuring that your skin won’t be damaged throughout the process. 

9. Inside the Box: Winner – A Tie

Inside the BoxAs Ulike provides the complete hair removal kit with all of its IPL devices, you can expect that you will love the package of Ulike Air 3 and Air 10. The package of Ulike Air 3 comes with an Air 3 IPL device in 3 colors, UV protective glasses, safety goggles, a mini hair removal razor, a power cord, an adaptor, and a storage case.

Similarly, Ulike Air 10 comes with an IPL device, adaptor, power cord, safety goggles, razor, and a draw-string bag for storage. So, both devices stand neck to neck when you unbox the package. 

10. Customer Experience: Winner – Ulike Air 10

If you or any of your friends have ever used the Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal device, you must already be aware of its premium experience. And if you have not used it, let us help you imagine. 

Ulike Air 3 glides on the skin smoothly with its auto-flash mode that flashes the light constantly on the skin ensuring that no area of the skin is missed. Its ice-cooling technology reduces the discomfort to almost none and its lightweight does not exhaust the hands.

Ulike Air 10 also offers a premium experience. However, the hair removal experience with Ulike 10 is enhanced because of its automatic power output selecting feature and reduced temperature. Not to mention, its ventilators that prevent the device from heating up and its dual lights that fasten the treatment. 

So, you are likely to enjoy hair removal more with the Ulike Air 10 IPL hair removal device.

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11. Comparison Table 

Let us compare Ulike Air 3 and Ulike Air 10 IPL hair removal devices with the help of this table.  

Parameter  Ulike Air 3 Ulike Air 10 Winner 
Price  $329 $399 Air 3
Design Straight and slim device  A slim device with curved sides Air 10
Comfort Levels 3 4 Air 10
Number of Flashes 300,000 300,000 A Tie
Compatible for Full body and face Full body and face A Tie
Work on Light skin and dark hair  Light skin and dark hair A Tie
Treatment Time  12 minutes  10 minutes  Air 10
Results Within 2 weeks 1-2 weeks Air 10
Energy Level 21 J 26 J Air 10
Inside the Box
  • IPL device
  • Adaptor and power cord
  • Glasses
  • Razor
  • Storage box 
  • IPL device
  • Adaptor and power cord
  • Glasses
  • Razor
  • A drawstring pouch 
A Tie
Warranty  2 years 2 years A Tie
Guarantee  3 months 3 months  A Tie 

The Final Verdict: Ultimate Winner – Ulike Air 10 

Ulike Air 10 IPL hair removal is a wise decision for women who are tired of the pain, cuts, and chemical burns of other hair removal methods. And Ulike brings the best IPL devices for women with a variety of requirements. 

Therefore, if you want an affordable device that does the job perfectly, Ulike Air 3 is enough for you. However, if you prefer a superior experience of hair removal, we suggest you invest in Ulike Air 10.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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