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Dermaplaning Regret: Causes, Real Life Stories, and Ways to Avoid it

By Mariela
April 10, 2024
7 minutes
Dermaplaning Regret

Dermaplaning, AKA, shaving the face has proved to be the best solution for unwanted facial hair for some women while others have regretted it instantly. 

All women agree that dermaplaning efficiently removes the vellus hair from the face and makes skin smooth enough for a flawless makeup application. But what about the breakout and thick hair regrowth that dermaplaning causes?

Are you also confused about trying dermaplaning like many of your fellows? If yes, we can help you today. Let us explore real-life dermaplaning stories, some reasons why dermaplaning can become a regret and ways to deal with the side effects of dermaplaning in this article. 

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: Stories of Dermaplaning Regret
  • Part 2: Potential Causes of Dermaplaning Gone Wrong
  • Part 3: Dealing with Dermaplaning Regret

    Part1: Stories of Dermaplaning Regret

    Let us talk about the 3 real-life stories of dermaplaning regrets. Also read: Shaving My Face Ruined My Life: Real Stories to Learn

    Story No. 1: Imaginary Meet 3183

    DermaplaningA user on Reddit with the ID name Imaginary Meet 3183 shares how dermaplaning made her facial hair removal routine a regret. Let us talk in detail about her situation.

    She says that she had her dermaplaning by an expert. Note that it was not DIY shaving at home but a professional treatment that removes dead skin cells along with unwanted hair. 

    At first, she loved the results of dermaplaning as it made her skin so smooth. But gradually her skin started getting bad as she developed acne, bumps, and whiteheads. Her smooth bright complexion worsened and she had to get treatments for it for more than 3 months. Even after 3 months, it is not the same as the original. 

    Additionally, the dermaplaning experts removed the hair close to her hairline and she is virtually bald in that area. Therefore, from side effects to the skin to the hairline, she regrets every part of dermaplaning. 

    Story No. 2: Bombastic Blonde 

    sensitive skinOur second story is also from a Reddit user named Bombastic Blonde. A noticeable thing in her story is that she has sensitive skin and has breakouts quite often. 

    This woman was convinced that dermaplaning would help her in getting rid of the acne and unwanted hair as well. She tried it but nature had other plans. Instead of relieving her breakouts, dermaplaning triggers acne and bumps on her face. 

    Additionally, these bumps are not from her breakouts. Rather, she feels like she developed a lot of ingrown hairs because of dermaplaning. She shared a picture of her skin as well.

    Story No. 3: Jacqueline Kilitika

    hyperpigmentationJacqueline Kilitika talks about how she shaved her face to get smooth skin and ended up with one of the worst regrets in her beauty and skincare regimen. 

    She saved her face by following all the precautionary measures like using a clean razor and applying light pressure. However, the results were horrifying for her as her skin became swollen and red after dermaplaning.

    Additionally, she developed bumps caused by ingrown hair and the hair grew back to be thicker and blunt. Thus, her facial hair looked more coarse, there was a stubble shadow in the shaved areas, and there were also areas of hyperpigmentation.

    Common Issues and Regrets Relation to Dermaplaning  Gone Wrong 

    Considering the stories we mentioned above and tens of other stories of women with dermaplaning regret, here are the common issues and regrets women have because of dermaplaning.

    • Breaking Out: Although one of the benefits of dermaplaning is acne-free skin, dermaplaning has caused breakouts in many women. These breakouts result because of the removal of the superficial layer of the skin and the appearance of the acne underneath on the surface. 
    • Skin Sensitivity: Dermaplaning is not made for people with sensitive skin or closed comedones. Shaving the face can make the skin inflamed, irritated, and red. 
    • Bumps and Ingrown Hair: Dermaplaning cuts the hair strands instead of pulling them out from the roots. These hair strands twist inside the skin’s surface, giving rise to ingrown hair. Additionally, it can cause bumps.
    • Blunt Hair Regrowth: As the hair grows from the root, its end is tapered and looks thin. However, dermaplaning makes the ends of the hair blunt. When these hair ends grow, they appear thick and coarse. 
    • Fast Hair Regrowth Rate: Dermaplaning increases hair regrowth rate in women having hormonal imbalances. 
    • Hyperpigmentation: Another side effect of dermaplaning is hyperpigmentation in people with darker skin tones. 

    Part 2: Potential Causes of Dermaplaning Gone Wrong

    Potential Causes of Dermaplaning Gone Wrong“You must be wondering why some women get amazing skin after dermaplaning while others regret their decision, right? This also makes women think “Is dermaplaning safe”. Well, it is if you can avoid the potential causes of dermaplaning gone wrong. 

    Do Not Shave Your Face Without Using an Oil or Lubricating Agent

    Dermaplaning should never be done on drying skin. Furthermore, you should cleanse your skin well before dermaplaning but water does not provide enough lubrication for the razor blade to move smoothly on the skin.

    So, use a balm, thick facial oil, or aloe vera gel to moisturize and lubricate your face before dermaplaning. Also, ensure that your facial oil or balm is not comedogenic. 

    Do Not Press the Blade into the Skin

    Putting an increased amount of pressure while dermaplaning won’t give you better results. Rather it will irritate and damage your skin barrier. So, always hold and move the blade lightly on your skin in the direction of hair growth. Also, hold your skin tight meanwhile. 

    Do Not Use an Old Blade 

    You should use a fresh and sharp blade to remove the hair. A dull blade requires more force to shave the face and it also leads to ingrown hair, bumps, and acne.

    Do Not Touch Your Face With Unwashed Hands 

    The top layer of the skin is removed by dermaplaning and the inner layer comes on the top. This new layer is prone to be infected by touching the face too often with unclean hands.

    Do Not Use Comedogenic Products 

    You should moisturize your face with a lightweight and gentle moisturizer after you are done shaving it. Using a thick, heavy, or comedogenic moisturizer will cause breakouts by clogging the pores.

    Do Not Shave on Unhealthy Skin 

    Dermaplaning is not recommended on skin with compromised skin barrier and conditions like active acne, shaving cuts, sunburns, and skin cancer. It can worsen the skin barrier requiring many months to heal completely. 

    Do not do Dermaplaning in Retinoid Treated Skin 

    Stop using products with tretinoin, retinoids, AHA, BHA, and other active ingredients about a week before dermaplaning. Additionally, if you have been taking tretinoin or accutane orally in the last 6 months, you should not try derma planning. 

    Do Not Use Heavy Makeup After Dermaplaning

    Just like using a thick moisturizer that clogs the pores and causes acne, wearing heavy makeup has similar effects. So, use natural and lightweight makeup products for a day or 2 after shaving your face.

    Try DIY Dermaplaning with Precautions 

    With the availability of countless shaving razors in the market, women are trying dermaplaning at home. However, it requires skills and precautions making the general population incapable of performing it at home at times.

    Therefore, it is better to either learn dermaplaning or take professional sessions. Additionally, know more about Dermaplaning at Home: Your Complete Guide here.

    Part 3: Dealing with Dermaplaning Regret

    If you regret trying dermaplaning and want to get your normal and beautiful skin back, here is what you should do.

    Avoid the Cause

    ulikeDetermine which of the factors that we discussed earlier could be the culprit behind your dermaplaning regret and stop doing that to deal with your dermaplaning regret. 

    Additionally, if you cannot find a single factor and have been doing dermaplaning correctly, simply stop shaving your face and shift to another method of facial hair removal like IPL. You can find the Best Facial Hair Removal Method For Sensitive Skin, Without Irritating Skin here. 

    Seek Professional Help

    Seek Professional HelpDermaplaning can lead to skin redness, irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair. While you can treat these side effects at home, sometimes they are too severe to be treated with home remedies. 

    In that case, do not hesitate to ask for a professional’s help and get your skin treated by a dermatologist. Also, contact a doctor immediately if you experience any swelling, bleeding, or infection.

    Talk to Your Dermaplaning Expert 

    If you are getting your dermaplaning sessions at a certified salon and breaking out afterward, talk to your skincare specialist so that he/she can determine and thus avoid the cause.

    Furthermore, talk about the details related to your skin condition and its reactivity so that the dermaplaning specialist can treat your skin in a better way.

    Try Home Remedies and Over the Counter Treatments 

    If your dermaplaning has already gone wrong and you do not know what to do about it, here are some home remedies and other solutions for you,

    • Moisturize the Skin: Apply a lightweight yet hydrating moisturizer to your skin 
    • Use Ice: Wash your face with cool water and use ice to calm the skin irritation 
    • Use Anti-Inflammatory Products: Use witch hazel, aloe vera oil, and tea tree oil as these anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients can reduce the bumps after dermaplaning 
    • Use an Over-the-Counter Steroid Cream: Use a hydrocortisone cream if your skin condition is severe 
    • Use Sunscreen: Protecting your skin from the UV rays by using sunscreen and summer hats is important to stop the condition from worsening 
    • Avoid Harsh Products: Do not use harsh products like chemical peels, hot water, or abrasive cleansers after dermaplaning 


    Dermaplaning can become a nightmare for you if you are not well aware of the causes, effects, compatibility, and precautions of dermaplaning. For example, a woman with sensitive skin had her acne provoked by dermaplaning, a woman with PCOS faced coarse hair regrowth by dermaplaning, and a woman with normal skin had her skin texture and complexion destroyed. 

    Therefore, you might want to avoid dermaplaning in the first place. However, you can shave your face without damaging the skin if you follow the tips we mentioned earlier in this article. Furthermore, proper pre and post-care is essential to deal with dermaplaning regret.

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