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10 Easy and Natural Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal

By Mariela
August 3, 2023
7 minutes

Unwanted facial hair erupting on your upper lips, chin, and sideburns is the biggest enemy of your looking flawless. Also, peach fuzz over the cheeks and forehead hinders a smooth application of makeup, right?

So, it makes you head to the salon to have a professional remove such objectionable hair for you. However, bi-weekly salon visits can be heavy on the pocket, and hair erupting out of the skin in between your hair removal sessions can be frustrating.

Do you want to try some home remedies for facial hair removal made with all-natural ingredients in addition to the ones that use tools as explained in ways to remove facial hair at home ?

Not only these recipes can help you remove undesired hair anytime, but they also nourish the skin and make it smooth. Therefore, we want to present to you the top 15 tried and tested natural facial hair remedies here. So, let us see what we have in store for facial hair removal.

Causes of Facial Hair

Before jumping into the removal of facial hair, let us first know why some women have excess facial hair while the facial hair on others is barely visible. These causes are explained in a medical article by the mayo clinic .


The most common cause of hirsutism is PCOS. It accounts for 85% of the causes of excess facial hair growth in women. The imbalance of hormones involved in secondary sexual characters produced by cysts in ovaries is the cause behind PCOS and thus facial hair.

2. Hormonal Disorders

Other than PCOS, excess production of cortisol by overstimulation of the adrenal gland can interfere with the production of androgen. Consequently, there is increased growth of unwanted facial hair.

The condition causing hormonal disorders include adrenal hyperplasia, adrenal tumors, and crushing disorder.

3. Drugs

Several drugs can be the culprit behind hirsutism without you knowing. The first one is minoxidil. It is prescribed to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. However, it can also increase facial hair. Other medications include danazol, topical androgens, and anabolic steroids.

4. Genetics and Ethnicity

Genetics and ethnicity are important factors determining how much hair will grow on your face. A positive family history of hormonal disorders makes one prone to hirsutism.

Also, people in the middle east and South Asia have more body hair as compared to other ethnicities.

5. Obesity

With obesity comes excess fats. These fats lead to the formation of steroid hormones including androgens. Then these androgens stimulate unwanted hair growth on the face and body.

6. Idiopathic

Lastly, facial hair is normal. Some women have fine peach fuzz while others have thick and coarse facial hair without no obvious or diagnosed cause.

10 Easy and Natural Home Remedies For Facial Hair Removal

Below are the top 15 easy and natural home remedies for facial hair removal.

1. Sugaring

Sugaring is one of the traditional methods of facial hair removal that started in Ancient Egypt. It is heating sugar, lemon, and honey on a mild flame to form a thick paste. Then this paste is applied with the help of fingers on wanted facial hair and is pulled off to remove the hair.

Other Skin Benefits

Sugaring also exfoliates the skin while removing dead skin cells and oil and impurities buildup.

2. Gelatin and Milk

Gelatin and milk form a peel-off mask. Unflavoured gelatin, milk, and a few drops of essential oils form a uniform paste on heating. It dries off within 15 minutes of its application on the skin and removes the hair from the roots as it is peeled off from the skin.

Other Skin Benefits

In addition to unwanted hair, it helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads from the skin giving it a beautiful and flawless glow.

Moreover, you can get the benefits of using raw milk as explained in Benefits of Raw Milk on the Face.

3. Papaya and Aloe Vera or Turmeric

Papaya can be mixed with almost any ingredient that works for hair removal. The best way is to mix papaya, aloe vera, gram flour, and essential oils to make a mask that is rubbed off on drying to remove the facial hair with friction effects.

Another home remedy for facial hair removal with papaya is mixing papaya and turmeric. It helps in removing hair more easily as compared to the other one because both of these ingredients are known to loosen the hair in the roots.

Other Skin Benefits

Papaya contains enzymes that reduce hair growth in the long term. Turmeric moisturizes the skin and adds a healthy glow. Furthermore, check the benefits of papaya seeds in papaya seeds, benefits, and uses.

4. Lentils and Potato

Lentils and potatoes can also serve as a beneficial remedy to remove facial hair as lentils can pull the hair from roots. Moreover, you can add lemon and honey to this paste. Apply the paste evenly on the skin and let it dry. Then rub it off your skin by moving your fingers gently in circular motions.

Other Skin Benefits

Lentils help in shrinking the pores and restricting the growth of unwanted hair while potatoes are good for skin whitening.

5. Egg, Corn Starch, and Sugar

The proteins in an egg and the stickiness of sugar and cornstarch can be used to make a peel-off mask that removes unwanted hair at home. Take 1 egg white and mix an equal quantity of sugar and starch into it to make a mask. Apply a thin layer of this mask on your face, let it dry, and peel it off in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

Other Skin Benefits

This mask removes dead skin cells and excess oils from the skin. It also helps in tightening the tissues of the skin and makes it firm and youthful.

6. Rose Water and Gram Flour

Gram flour and rose water face pack is one of the oldest home remedies used for facial hair removal. All you need to do is make take gram flour and add rose water to it with continuous stirring until a uniform paste is formed. Then apply it on your face and wait till it dries off.

Other Skin Benefits

Gram flour has skin-exfoliating properties. It also helps in fading acne marks and blemishes. Additionally, rose water hydrated the skin.

7. Oatmeal and Banana

Granulated oatmeal and fully ripened bananas can be used to make a natural facial hair removal mask that is gentle on the skin. Take 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and mix it into 1 mashed banana. Once the paste is made, apply it to your face and massage it in circular motions for a few minutes. Then leave it as it is for 10 minutes, massage it again, and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Other Skin Benefit

Oatmeal nourishes the skin, helps it retain moisture, and gives it a smooth texture. In addition, banana helps to prevent skin irritation, redness, and itching.

8. Alum and Rose Water

Alum is a natural astringent stone that also has hair-inhibiting properties. To use alum as a home remedy for facial hair removal, add alum powder and rose water in 1:2. Also, mix a few drops of any essential oil into it. Dab this mixture into the section with unwanted hair and wait till it dries. Then repeat the procedure 3 to 5 times. When your skin is fully covered with alum, rinse your face.

Other Skin Benefits

Alum prevents acne by stopping bacterial growth on the skin, shrinking open pores, tightening the skin, and delaying unwanted hair growth.

9. Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

This mask is more focused on long-term hair removal rather than being one of those remedies for facial hair removal that works instantly. It is simple as well. 1 teaspoon of lavender oil and mix with 6 to 8 drops of tea tree oil. Then dab it on your face with cotton and rinse your skin after 20 to 30 minutes. Using this mask regularly for 3 months will reduce unwanted hair regrowth significantly.

Other Skin Benefits

Both of these essential oils have skin-calming, acne-preventing, and pore-cleansing properties. Moreover, they can be used to massage the face and tone facial muscles.

10. Apricot and Honey

Apricot and honey are different than natural facial hair removal methods that use a granular ingredient to remove hair with friction. Instead adding apricot paste or apricot powder with honey in ratio 2:1 makes a sticky paste. This paste when completely dried sticks to the facial hair just like wax and removes them from the roots.

Other Skin Benefits

Honey moisturizes the skin naturally and kills bacteria while apricot gives the skin a glowy and healthy complexion.

4 Methods to Control Excess Facial Hair Growth at Home

While home remedies for facial hair removal work, they seldom reduce facial hair. So, the following measures can be taken to control and reduce hirsutism.

1. Dieter Restrictions

Restriction of refined snacks, trans oils, alcohol, and smoking along with moderate intake of water, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and healthy oils can help in balancing androgen while keeping excess facial hair growth in check.

2. Weight Loss

Obesity can be a major cause of hirsutism as evaluated in clinical trial research . So, the trick here is to reduce your weight by dieting and exercising. Staying in good physical shape improves the texture of the skin along with reducing the growth of unwanted facial hair.

3. Seeds and Herbs

Supermint tea reduces the formation of testosterone in the body. Additionally, seeds including sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds; beans including mung beans and lentils; and oats increase the production of estrogen in the body as explained in a study .

The level of women’s hormones is increased in both causes while reducing facial hair which is the secondary sex character of men.

4. IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal is the only method to get rid of unwanted facial hair once and for all without having to wait for a long time while depending on natural facial hair removal remedies.

At-home laser hair removal IPL devices like Ulike Air3 prove to be beneficial for hirsutism as it removes 90% of unwanted hair within a month. The treatment is also quick, nearly painless, and super feasible to be done anywhere at any time. Moreover, it is also the most economical home remedy for facial hair removal with its unlimited flashes.


Using homemade DIY face masks can be used to get rid of unwanted facial hair naturally at home. This formulation includes ingredients that can stick to the hair and peel them off, remove them by friction on the surface, or reduce their regrowth by balancing hormones. We explained each mask in detail earlier.

However, these are not the long-lasting solution to excess facial hair caused by several reasons and these home remedies for facial hair removal also take a few weeks to months to show results. So, if you want to get rid of facial hair long-lastingly at home, check out ways to remove facial hair long-lasting at home.

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