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Egg Hair Mask: How to Apply, Benefits, and Side Effects

By Mariela
July 7, 2023
6 minutes

Eggs are a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients. Making them a part of your daily diet can improve your health to a great extent. They are not only good for the health of your body but also for your hair.

So, let’s discuss some egg hair masks and their benefits you can try for healthy hair. We will also discuss the side effects to help you prevent any hair damage while using these masks.

Can I Use an Egg for My Hair?

You must have heard of a lot of different hair masks you can make at home to treat different hair conditions like dandruff, dryness, oily hair, and hair damage. Egg mask is one of all those DIY masks but are you confused about using it?

Well, it is true that you can use an egg mask for your hair. Being a good source of protein, antioxidants, and biotin eggs provide strength to your hair and nourishes them. Rich in Vitamin A, eggs can even help your hair loss which is mainly caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A [1].

Different Egg Hair Masks

Let’s take a look at how you can try the egg in different combinations to make a perfect hair mask.

1. Egg and Curd

Excessive sweating and dandruff in your hair can cause itchiness. To get rid of this, you can try egg and curd masks. Curd contains Vitamin B5 which can help cure infections and treat dandruff.

What to do: whisk an egg and add 3 tablespoons of curd to it. Mix well and apply the mask to your hair.

2. Egg and Olive Oil

Worried about the continuous hair fall? Oleuropein, a compound, has the capability to induce the phase of hair growth [3], anagen, and olive oil contain this compound. So, mixing the egg with olive oil not only strengthens your hair but also minimizes hair fall.

What to do: Take egg whites and mix a small amount of olive oil in them. Apply the mask to your hair.

3. Egg and Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel itself provides a number of benefits for glowing skin and shiny hair. When you mix an egg in the gel, its enzymes can provide protection against infections [3] thus reducing hair damage. Resultantly, you will see an improvement in hair growth and thickness.

What to do: Take an egg and add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel to it. Apply the mask to your hair.

4. Egg Yolk and Lemon

To get rid of excessive oil in your hair, egg yolk along with the lemon is the best combination you can try. Egg yolk can provide your hair with softness, shine, and nourishment.

What to do: Take 2 egg yolks and add 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice to them. Mix them well and apply them to your hair.

How to Apply Egg Hair Mask?

Although there are different recipes for different hair masks, their application is the same.

● Make sure your hair is clean and a little damp

● Make partitions of your hair into smaller sections and apply the mask using a brush or your fingers.

● Cover your hair using a hair bonnet

● Leave your hair like that for almost 15 to 20 minutes and rinse them with water.

● Now you can apply shampoo after removing the mask completely.

In addition to applying hair masks, your brush can play a role in improving your hair’s condition. So, check out Men’s Hairbrushes for every hair type to get the best brush for you.

Benefits of Egg Hair Mask

1. Aids in Repair

For proper growth and repair of your hair, they need zinc[4]. Egg contains zinc so they can fulfill the requirement of your hair to repair well and grow. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids present in eggs can reduce hair fall.

2. Moisturize and Strengthen Hair

Omega-3 fatty acids not only help in reducing hair fall but also moisturize them. In this way, the fatty acid content and protein content of eggs combine and make your hair stronger.

So, you don’t need to go to salons for your hair. Just stay home, try the egg mask, and make your hair stronger

3. Provides Shine

The eggs not only provide strength to your hair but also aid in locking the moisture thus retaining the natural shine of your hair. Egg yolk has a higher content of fat which means even if you apply the egg yolk alone, it will make your hair look prettier and more attractive.

4. Nourishes Hair

Being rich in essential nutrients for your hair like folate, fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, and biotin, eggs can fulfill the nutrition requirement of your hair. As the nutritional requirement of hair is fulfilled, they stay healthy and strong.

5. Minimize Dandruff and Frizziness

Another benefit your hair can get from eggs is the reduction of dandruff and frizziness. They act as sebum-balancing cleansers and moisturize the hair to prevent damage. Thus massaging your hair with eggs can improve blood circulation and dandruff.

Moreover, folic acid is present in eggs which can help you get rid of frizzy hair.

6. Aids Hair Growth

If you are worried about hair growth, eggs can help you with that too. Vitamin E aids the development of your hair, antioxidants improve the oxygen supply to your hair, and proteins boost hair growth.

So, you can get long, healthy, and silky hair with the help of eggs.

After making your hair pretty with the egg masks, you can try out Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger to look more pretty and attractive.

Side Effects of Egg Hair Mask

Egg hair masks can provide a number of benefits to your hair, but their over-usage can have negative effects too.

1. Greasy Hair

Eggs are sticky in nature so when you apply an egg mask to your hair, your hair might get greasy. In addition, the sticky nature has a tendency to accumulate dust particles in your hair. So, if not washed well, your hair is going to feel greasy and dirty all the time.

2. Itchy Scalp

Eggs can cause allergic reactions. When you apply the eggs on your scalp, they can start the reactions and make your scalp itchy. So, instead of applying the mask at once, do a patch test first and if you do not feel any irritation, go with it.

Otherwise, scalp allergies can cause scalp sensitivity, rashes, and scaly skin.

3. Hair Loss

On one hand, eggs can strengthen your hair and improve its growth. But, excessive interaction of vitamin A with the hair can lead to hair loss [5]. As eggs contain vitamin A, if not used in a controlled quantity, you are easily prone to hair loss.

4. Dryness

It is very uncommon, but sometimes eggs can dry your scalp and lead to dandruff. If you apply the mask for a long-time, your hair hardens and even worsens the condition.


Eggs contain vitamin A, E, Biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids, oleuropein, and folic acid that helps strengthen your hair, make them shiny, and reduce hair damage and hair loss as well. So, you can use eggs for your hair in combination with aloe vera, lemon, curd, or even olive oil.

Using them in excess can cause itchiness, hair loss, greasiness, and dryness. So, be careful about usage and enjoy the benefits.


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