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10 Facts Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal Before You Buy

By Viktoria
October 6, 2023
7 minutes
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Are you tired of the traditional painful and cumbersome hair removal methods that are nothing short of a monthly liability?

Yet you are not very much tempted to laser hair removal either, as it would be heavy on the pocket. Here is a friendly suggestion: invest in an IPL hair removal device. Intense Pulsed Light Technology works on selective photothermolysis by targeting the pigment within hair follicles. This results in the necrosis of hair follicles while sparing the surrounding skin.

Remember that IPL and laser are not interchangeable terms for the same thing. They are different technologies, but both use light to remove unwanted hair. A laser source produces light with a single wavelength and in one direction. However, an IPL device generates a range of wavelengths that act on the target hair.

Here are a few must-know facts to consider before expanding your budget for an oh-so-tempting at-home salon-like hair removal experience:

Table of Contents:

IPL Facts You Should Know Before You Invest in an IPL Hair Removal Device

1. Requires Multiple Sessions for Long-Lasting Results

IPL devices are often wrongly considered magic wands that will leave you with smooth and hairless skin for the rest of your life. Well, IPL hair removal costs you more than just money. It needs patience and perseverance, just like your other life goals.

Hair in its early growth phase is most susceptible to this treatment, as it contains more melanin and is actively receiving blood supply. There is a gap of 6 to 8 days between the two sessions. If you go for a Ulike IPL device, you can use it thrice a week based on your skin.

You’ll achieve around 30% hair reduction right after your first session. So, depending on your hair, you can go for 3 to 8 sessions with gaps. And after a few months, your skin will be hairless lasting for up to 6 months or more.

2. IPL Devices are Made for Different Skin Tones and Hair Color

Skin tones and hair colorsIPL devices work differently for different skin tones. The lighter the skin tone, the lesser the melanin in the surrounding skin, and the better the candidacy profile for IPL hair removal. 

Similarly, dark hair, with more melanin in the hair bulb and shaft, absorbs more light energy. Thick hair is ideal for this procedure as it has a high concentration of pigments. Peach fuzz, vellus hair aptly, shows a poor response to IPL. Specifically, hair less than 30 microns in diameter is not ideal for IPL hair removal. But do not worry as such hair is barely visible on the skin.

Laser hair removal devices make dark skin tones prone to burning. However, with Ulike IPL device, you can achieve results without any side effects.

3. It is a Comparatively Less Painful Method than Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Isn’t this one of the main reasons you opted for an IPL device in the first place? While waxing and threading leave you with teary eyes and twisted lips, IPL hair removal feels like being snapped with a rubber band, a light flick, or a subtle pinch. 

With improved technology, modern IPL devices have increased heat output while managing the burning sensation with cooling systems. Thus, these devices protect your skin from thermal pain and burning.

4. The Best Time for IPL Laser Hair Removal is the Fall/Winter Season

Fall and winter are favorable seasons for IPL hair removal treatment, as candidates tend to wait until they lose their tan. Besides, this prevents sun exposure at least 48 hours after each session. So, due to their shorter days, fall and winter are preferable over summer and spring.

Thirdly, you should avoid any irritants while using an IPL device as it increases the risk of epidermal burning and hyperpigmentation. Sweat, one of the potential irritants, makes the summers not an optimal time for undergoing IPL hair removal.

5. Shaving and Prepping your Skin is Essential Before Each Session

Shaving with Coconut OilYou must prepare your skin about 24 hours before the procedure by shaving the target area with a clean, sharp razor. Shaving improves light penetration within the hair follicle. The longer the hair shaft, the more light energy it absorbs. This energy then spreads to the skin surface and results in skin burns.

You should also not use traditional hair removal methods, like waxing, plucking, or epilators. These methods remove the hair from its follicles. As a result, the IPL device doesn’t have any target area, and you don’t get any results.

6. Sunscreen and Moisturizer is Essential to Protect Your Skin After Each IPL Session

Apply MoisturizerSo, after you have invested your time and money into IPL hair removal, you want to gain the maximum out of it without any harm to your skin. Sunscreen is the holy grail that will enhance the results of IPL sessions while protecting your skin from UV rays.

Incorporate a physical or chemical sunscreen with SPF 30 or above into your routine six weeks before and six weeks after the completion of treatment. You should reapply it every two hours throughout the day to attain the maximum benefits.

Remember, whether it is a cloudy day or you are inside the house, ultraviolet radiation is still there in the environment and you need sunscreen.

After an IPL session, the targeted area might feel itchy and dry. Calm it down with a thick lotion instead of impulsive scratching. Avoid moisturizers with perfume and active agents, as they could irritate the already sensitized skin.

7. IPL Laser Treatments can Also Prevent Strawberry Legs and Ingrown Hair

Not just for cosmetic elegance, this technology has molded treatment strategies for various skin conditions like strawberry legs and other vascular and pigmented lesions. Strawberry legs, or Keratosis Pilaris, are characterized by follicular papules containing keratinous plugs and twisted hairs.

The IPL device emits a defined range of wavelengths that target the chromophobes, reducing hair bulge and follicular papilla.

IPL devices, with large window sizes and high skin coverage rates, are suitable for treating large areas with multiple clinical concerns, as seen in keratosis pilaris. IPL also targets the ingrown hair that years of shaving have left you with.

8. IPL is a Cost-Effective DIY Alternative to Professional Laser Hair Removal

ulike ipl hair removalIPL devices are a one-time investment as they come with thousands of flashes that last for a long time. In contrast, you do not only pay for the session in Laser hair removal but also for professional checkups. 

An IPL device like Ulike costs around $250 to $350, whereas a single session of Laser hair removal for the lower face and chin costs $250 per session. Laser session charges also depend on your hair type and growth. IPL devices cost you only once, no matter where and how much you use them. 

Apart from cost effectiveness, IPL devices also save you from the trouble of extra precautionary measures that you must take with laser hair removal. You just need a moisturizer and sunscreen as an aftercare. 

9. Following the Recommended Number of Sessions Will Result In Long-Lasting Hair Removal

Before opting for the IPL hair removal service, you must acknowledge the fine line between long-lasting hair removal and a lifelong hair-free body. Depending on your device’s features and skin and hair condition, results may last between 6 months to a year. You need to have another session after that period.

The IPL hair removal results vary based on hormonal factors, growth intensity, and hair texture. Therefore, the number of sessions needed for your desired results is also variable. In general, 8 to 12 sessions can be sufficient. 

10. Renowned IPL Devices are Safe to Use and FDA-cleared

You have seen terms like FDA-cleared or FDA-cleared while purchasing health care and cosmetic products. You might wonder if it is that important or just another marketing strategy. Well, it is more than just a marketing strategy.

The Food and Drug Administration organization ensures the safety of products before they reach the market. It gives the consumer a certain level of reassurance that the device will not harm or injure the user. 

In doing so, the authority looks into the technical aspects of the device, and after strict scrutiny, it approves the device for the market. The Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL device is also FDA-cleared, so it is safe to use.

How to Properly Use IPL Hair Removal Method at Home?

If you have decided to use an IPL hair removal device, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid any other hair removal method. You should shave one day before the procedure. 
  • Stop using all topical vitamin A derivatives, retinol, tretinoins, and retinol-esters two days before IPL hair removal. You should not use deodorants, cosmetics, bleaching agents, or creams to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Thoroughly clean the area and cover it with a thin layer of cold transparent gel, which makes the IPL device slide smoother. You can also mark the target area with a fine-point washable white pen.
  • To establish the safety profile, do a patch test with your IPL device on a small, hidden area of the body. If well tolerated, proceed with the procedure on the desired part.
  • Apply a light and scent-free moisturizer after using the IPL device as per guidance. Sunscreen is mandatory before, during, and after the IPL treatment.
  • You might face mild redness and swelling. Don’t worry! You can treat them with ice packs. However, consult the physician in case of excessive and persistent inflammation.


IPL hair removal is becoming the new norm because of its convenience and effectiveness. It eliminates a lot of drawbacks of traditional hair removal methods. However, you must check your hair profile and use a quality device like Ulike. We suggest you take the quiz to see if IPL is for you (Mostly, it works for everyone).

If you want long-lasting and almost long-lasting results at home, you should use the IPL hair removal method. But we also recommend you first learn about this method and care to make informed decisions. Furthermore, we have addressed the commonest 10 myths about IPL hair removal in this article.

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