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Foreo Bear mini vs NuFACE MINI: Which Facial Device Better?

By Laura
March 1, 2023
8 minutes

Do you know that the size of the global microcurrent face market was projected at 372.9 million US Dollars in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 7.3%? Well, the market’s growth is anticipated to be significantly accelerated by the expanding population of professional aesthetic practitioners, the growing emphasis on anti-aging therapies, and strong social media influence. With more people turning to this solution every day, you begin to wonder if it’s actually safe to use and which brand is a better choice. Indeed Microcurrent therapy’s negative effects have not been extensively studied in clinical trials; however, dermatologists generally deem it harmless and safe to use for everyone (as long as you do not have any contraindications). Owning to the different models on the market, I’ll be highlighting some of the key differences between the Foreo Bear mini and the NuFACE MINI to help you decide which is best for you.

Why should I invest in microcurrent devices?

The use of microcurrent devices in the cosmetic industry is very new but effective. With these devices, your facial muscles are contracted using tiny electric currents to lift and tone your face. At this point, I’d like to point out that some of the modern technologies we boast of nowadays are merely an improvement on some old (traditional) methods. Think of microcurrent devices as the technological advancement of the traditional Chinese Gua Sha instrument . A lot of dermatologists and facialists have employed them in formal settings and they have proven useful and effective. Like other products in the business, these at-home varieties were born out of a desire to achieve professional results without having to inconveniently pay or arrange for frequent spa visits. One of the benefits I enjoy using anti-aging tools is that I can carry them with me anywhere I go to maintain my routines because I travel so frequently. Also, the sit-at-home order that was brought about by the endemic, undoubtedly made this device handier. Having these devices at home was great during the pandemic when most businesses were closed. Similar to an exercise routine, using this face-firming device will give you a workout for your face. Because of this, having a simple, portable, and efficient microcurrent device is essential for achieving a more lifted and defined face. The following are some of the reasons why you should invest in microcurrent devices:

foreo bear mini

  • It increases the healing rate for injured tissue
  • It Boosts facial/neck muscle tone and shape.
  • It temporarily increases local circulation
  • It supports lymphatic drainage
  • It improves product penetration
  • It educates the muscles again
  • It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It aids in skin firming and tightening

Comparison of microcurrent devices (Foreo Bear mini vs NuFACE MINI)

As a lover of this new technological advancement, I bought one of the well-known consumer-grade microcurrent products on the market, the NuFACE MINI , and later on, I bought the FOREO BEAR MINI , another wildly popular model. Both separately and together have passed my tests and I was able to thoroughly contrast their efficiency and usability to decide which one I would rather suggest as better.

Difference in Size between the BEAR mini and NuFACE MINI devices?

The BEAR mini is about 1.57″ x 3.74″ x 5.31″, while the NuFACE MINI is about 2.5″W x 4.2″ L x 1.2″. When comparing these two devices, size is the primary distinction (in fact, it is one of the most noticeable features). The BEAR MINI fits comfortably within my palm, however, the NuFACE takes up nearly 3/4 of my hand. When moving the two along the skin, they both feel quite ergonomic, but the NuFACE has a little bit more surface area for you to grip. In addition to the device’s size, the two spheres at the top are also noticeably different in size.

nuface mini

The larger microcurrent spheres on the NuFACE MINI feel fantastic on the larger cheek area. You feel like you’re covering more ground faster because of how comfortable it dips into the jawline. Yet, getting into the smaller, more delicate areas around the lips and eyes might be challenging as a result. Because it is smaller and more maneuverable, the BEAR mini is ideal for areas where you want to focus on fewer facial muscles and get a little closer during your at-home microcurrent facial.

In the end, these gadgets are both compact, so I wouldn’t say one is significantly more uneasy. The BEAR micro, however, gets my pick because of its small size because I am a light packer. It’s also really cool even though it’s more powerful and smaller.

Portability and Size: Which is Better?

No one wants a liability. Even if your product is beautiful, can it be carried everywhere comfortably? The NuFACE was my introduction to at-home microcurrent devices, and they became the norm for a while. With their larger kinds of microcurrent devices, they offer a variety of attachments, such as eye and mouth ones. However, upon the discovery of the FOREO BEAR MINI, the narrative got a new meaning. The FOREO BEAR MINI microcurrent toning device is undoubtedly the smaller device among the two designed for more specialized treatments rather than a scaled-down replica of the BEAR model. Of course, I love the entire line of electronics produced by the Swedish company. They’re indeed great! The three criteria of being effective, easy to clean, and lasting are pretty much always met. I adore their silicone goods since they seem sturdy and long-lasting and are simple to hold. The FOREO claims that the BEAR MINI is also two times as powerful as the NuFACE MINI.

What is the Difference in Battery Capacity?

One important factor to consider when choosing any gadget is the battery life. Needless to say that the higher the battery capacity, the longer time you have to use your device. A single lithium polymer battery powering the BEAR MINI may be charged in 1.5 hours and provides 90 minutes of operation. A USB charger is used to recharge it. The NuFACE device, on the other hand, contains a single lithium-ion battery that lasts for 280 minutes on a 12-hour charge. A special cable is used to charge the gadget.

Frankly speaking, I appreciate how long both gadgets can keep a charge. In addition to being one less item to worry about, I can charge it up and bring it with me without the cable when traveling, say, for a week-long trip. I must confess that in this aspect, the BEAR MINI is my favorite device and the reason is simple; Being able to use the same cord across your devices anywhere you go is an absolute space saver. Also, it is a major convenience to be able to connect it to a USB port rather than fiddle with international adapters when traveling to foreign countries.

NuFACE MINI & BEAR Mini, which is more Pocket-friendly?

foreo bear pocket-friendly Everyone wants a less expensive gadget that will do just fine for the job. If your gadget is overly expensive people might not flock to it. However, for these two gadgets, the USD cost is almost the same. The NuFACE MINI sells for $200, while the BEAR Mini sells for $217. However, the NuFACE MINI offers a possible 20% discount when you purchase. Depending on whether you were hoping to have the decision made for you based on your budget, you can view this as a positive thing. Apart from the Black Friday bargains and the twice-yearly Sephora specials, bundles and promos that include additional serums and add-ons to go with your device are some of the thighs you can enjoy and observe increasingly frequently.

Foreo Serum vs. NuFACE Primer

To conduct the current without electrocuting you, any microcurrent gadget should be utilized with conductive gel. That is absolutely necessary. The NuFACE primer is an affordable cooling gel that is simple to get from Sephora. I loved that it didn’t have a strong aroma and that it didn’t cause my skin to break out. After drying, it did feel a little tacky, but you just have to wash it off and you’ll be fine.

On the other hand, when using their Serum facial cream, FOREO suggests pairing their gadget. The formulation has other skin-booster properties in addition to being helpful for microcurrents, including hyaluronic acid and squalane. It costs $59 at retail, which is comparable to other top-shelf serums. The primary distinction is that this is a real skincare item as opposed to just a gel. Many blogs advise using aloe vera gel with your microcurrent device and then using your preferred serum as a follow-up if you want to save money. There is no decider here. It all has to do with you and your instinct/choice. If you can get the BEAR mini with a free Foreo serum, I recommend taking advantage of it!

Simplicity: the BEAR mini or the NuFACE MINI?

When I first got my gadget, the NuFACE MINI was simpler to set up and use in the beginning. You turn on the device, select one of three settings, and begin gliding after the initial 16-hour starter charge they advise. You go to the following phase as soon as the gadget beeps. There’s nothing so special about the main movements and locations. The rest is basically just a matter of repeating these actions every day.

nuface mini

However, setting up the BEAR MINI device required an app. It features an on/off switch, and three levels, and may be used with or without the app. And I must add that I had no problem with how simple it was to install the app, which also unlocked additional settings. What I enjoy about the app is that it can walk you through a guided treatment while your gadget does the job and you simply watch the video. It also lets you know how much battery life is left in your device.

The BEAR MINI strikes me as being a smarter device, which is the first noticeable difference I saw when using the two gadgets. Before you gently press it on your face, it doesn’t start sending microcurrents. The app feature also makes it simple to stick to a regimen so that you don’t feel like you’re doing your facial at random. The BEAR mini’s T-Sonic pulsations were the second significant difference. I would frequently experience the little shocks of the NuFACE gadget when I didn’t apply enough gel. The entire routine was extremely soothing and completely shock-free thanks to the T-Sonic pulsations. According to FOREO, these are pulsations that penetrate deeply into the pores to improve circulation, remove toxins, and reduce facial stress.

Overall Better Outcome?

To test which device was more effective, I snapped some pictures of before and after sessions at different times of utilizing microcurrent devices. The BEAR Mini and the NuFACE MINI did excellently well. Although I believe the outcomes on both sides are very identical, I would say I preferred using the NuFACE.

Why I Like the NuFACE MINI

● I find that the larger grip and spheres fit my hand very comfortably.

● The simplicity with which it was set up and used is awesome. I basically just needed to switch it on and start using it.

● It features an extended battery charge

Why I Like the BEAR mini

● Its durability is top-notch. It seems really strong and unbreakable thanks to the silicone.

● Its portability is good! Travel-friendly small size and incredible T-Sonic pulsations

● Easy-to-get USB charging cord


In the end, I feel that I am much more drawn to the FOREO BEAR MINI microcurrent toning gadget, and I intend to take it on my next trip. With the T-Sonic and microcurrent pulsations, it is small, simple to clean, and feels rather potent.

Once people start advancing in their 30s, they move on to fighting wrinkles and signs of aging instead of just preventing acne, pimples, blemishes, and breakouts. In the process, many would expand their collection of cosmetic supplies and anti-aging tools. Yet, this isn’t always convenient for travel. Because of this, I recommend that you try one of the at-home microcurrent facials and you’ll see the wonder.

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