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20 Fun Activities for Summer Weekends of 2024

By Mariela
March 18, 2024
6 minutes

Are you looking for ways to enjoy summer weekends? Well, we provide 20 fun activities you can engage in, whether you are an introvert or extrovert. They are simple, cheap, and ideal for all ages. Let’s have a look.

1. Head to the beach

Head to the beach

Well, there’s no better time to hit the beach than summer. The water is cool and the air is warm, creating the much-needed relaxation mood. So, this summer, pack up your gear and head over to the nearest beach with your family and friends. You can engage in surfing, beach volleyball, kayaking, jogging, and of course swimming. All you need is to book a hotel or spend the weekend at a backpacking facility.

2. Take a long family bike ride

Take a long family bike ride

Riding is not only beneficial to your health but also improves family bonds. Besides, days are longer during summer, so you’ll have ample time to sunbathe. Bike riding also provides a much-needed break from technology – smartphones, laptops, and TVs – allowing you to enjoy nature.

You can choose between road or trail biking. Road biking is ideal for avid cyclists. But since this is a family tour, a biking trail is better since such trails are family-friendly. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about car accidents.

3. Volunteer


Volunteering not only allows you to make a difference in your community but also makes you feel good. For example, you try delivering meals to senior citizens or maybe clean up around your neighborhood. While at it, make friends with other volunteers, as you seek other volunteering opportunities. The best part is that volunteering can bolster your CV, making job-seeking easier.

4. Go camping

Go camping

If you want to connect with nature, camping might be ideal for you. And you don’t need to break the bank to have an unforgettable camping experience. With a cheap tent, sleeping bag, accessories, and camping gear, you are good to go. For a beginner, we advise camping at grounds that provide amenities such as toilets, kitchens, and others. For an avid camper, dispersed camping is a perfect choice.

5. Join a meetup group

Join a meetup group

Go out of your comfort zone and meet new people through meetup groups. They are a sure way to meet like-minded individuals. What’s more, they are free to join. For example, you can join a book club, camping club, or biking club. In short, join a group that intrigues you, and don’t forget to have fun while at it.

6. Catch up with an old friend

Catch up with an old friend

Remember that close friend back in your high school days? Why not ring them and plan a catch-up. But first, send them a text, since most people are phone-shy when speaking to old friends (sounds familiar)?

7. Go out and watch people

Go out and watch people

While this might sound counterproductive, it is an ideal way to take a breather from your everyday hectic life. Choose a public park, bring with you a book, and enjoy the world going by. You might bump into an old lost friend or overhear a conversation, chip in, and make new friends.

8. Spend time with your kids

Spend time with your kids

When was the last time you went out with your kids? Well, you can do so this summer. Just indulge in activities they love. If they are into water sports, go out and swim together. Maybe hang out at a local stadium watching football or baseball.

9. Stargazing


Sleeping under the stars will help you appreciate the intrigues of Mother Nature. Make sure to find a spot far from the city lights. If possible, find a camping tent with a clear ceiling. This will protect you from wild animals, bugs, and other elements as you gaze at the stars.

10. Watch an outdoor movie

Watch an outdoor movie

Instead of going to the cinema, why not enjoy your favorite movie under the stars. All you need is a projector, white background, and a movie source and you are good to go. With popcorn, a few friends, and a bonfire, you are sure to spice up the movie experience. Besides, you can head over to your town’s outdoor cinema.

11. Read a book

Read a book

When was the last time you read a 50-page book from cover to cover? Well, summer is the perfect time to find a warm, fun, and easy-to-digest book. And there are plenty of simple but informative books out there. If physical books are not your cup of coffee, get an e-reader such as Amazon Kindle.

12. Grill with your family

Grill with your family

A backyard barbecue is ideal for a laidback summer weekend. Grab a few friends and grill chicken thighs or thin beef cuts. And if you don’t have an outdoor grill, summer is the most appropriate time to invest in one.

13. Go for a road trip

Go for a road trip

Road trips are not only popular among young people but also old ones. All you need is a vehicle ideal for the road you’ll be taking. You can take a trip to a different town, park, or whichever place intrigues you. To spice up the trip, you can carry snacks or pre-made food, and drinks. You can engage in games when taking a health break.

14. Attend a festival

Attend a festival

Festivals are an ideal way to learn something or meet new like-minded people. And there are thousands of summer festivals you can attend. From art and music to tech, there’s something for everyone. While there, ensure to celebrate with the community and promote whatever they may be selling or offering.

15. Learn something new

Learn something new

Learn something new this summer. Join a sewing class, or programming boot camp, or visit the local museum. You can earn skills this summer that can help you in your DIY projects or even make the world a better place. By visiting a museum, art gallery, or similar places, you learn new things about science, history, and other disciplines. This can help your family appreciate nature and other people’s cultures.

16. Spice up your closet

Spice up your closet

If you don’t want to be outdoors, you can find something fun to do in your house. And perhaps spicing up your closet might be an awesome idea. You can mix and match your clothes, add extra storage pockets, and more. The point is to make your closet more appealing and practical.

17. Plant vegetables

Plant vegetables

If you have a backyard, you can plant vegetables such as spinach, onions, and others. Not only will this keep you busy but will also supply you with fresh produce. And if you don’t have a backyard, you can plant veggies such as carrots and kale in small containers.

18. Take photos

Take photos

Love to take random shots? Summer is the best time to take landscape, wildlife, and anything in between photos. From sunsets and sunrises to people going about their day, you’ll have ample ideas to toy with. The best part is that you don’t need an expensive camera. With an average phone camera, you are sure to take quality shots.

19. Go window shopping

Go window shopping

Do you want to stay abreast of advances in household, tech, or any equipment? Well, window shopping is one way to go about it. For one, you can visit online stores and see what’s new. Alternatively, you can visit physical stores and ask questions about products you are interested in.

20. Watch fireworks

Watch fireworks

Finally, you can enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July with your friends. For a more social feel, you can join the many viewing groups that will be around the country.


While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the fun activities for summer weekends. They are engaging, family-friendly, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, how will you be enjoying your summer weekends? Let us know in the comments.

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