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20 Funny Christmas Gifts for Family/Friends/Adults (2023)

By Viktoria
November 27, 2023
8 minutes
Funny Christmas Gifts for Family

Another Jingle Bell season is here again, an excellent time to unwind with friends and family. It’s a season where everyone exchanges and expects gifts. This year, you can do something different to help everyone soar on the wings of the cheerful Christmas spirit. Wrap your folks up in a blanket of laughter as they unwrap their gifts and make the season merrier for them.

You are probably used to receiving smiles, hugs, wowing, and warm gratitude from your family and friends after giving them their Christmas gifts. But have you ever given someone a gift that cracked them up for the longest time?

This year’s Christmas doesn’t have to be as usual. It’s time to jilt the routine and surprise family members with something so funny that they never thought you were capable of. Sweetly, you do not have to break your safe to do this; we have compiled a list of humorous and sometimes provocative gifts for your adult family and friends. So, keep scrolling to pick the ones that will set this year apart for your loved ones.

Table of Contents:

Funny Christmas Gifts For Your Family

1. Merry Fucking Christmas Candle

1.Merry Fucking Christmas CandleIf you have been giving candles to your family and friends, you might have been going for the ones with nice write-ups. Surprise them with a candle with provocative words such as the F word. Who said that you can’t wrap up a lovely Christmas smell and flame in a funny and provocative word?

Your nagging lovelies would never see it coming.

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2. Santa’s Pant Cap

Santa’s Pant CapThis will make the perfect gift for your dad, who likes to play Santa with his grandchildren. This gift will not only make him laugh, but it will also bring a dose of laughter to the children as they merry. The recipient does not need to dress up as a Santa to bring out the humor in this cap.

3. Underpants for him

3.Underpants for himAre you considering a private joke for you and your husband/boyfriend? Here is the gift to make you two giggle in your private quarters. No one has to know what you got him (not even the kids) or why you two can’t stop laughing at some jokes you make with eye contact.

You can use different pictures of yourself to make him more than 1 of these provocatively funny pieces. If you must get this for your uncle, brother, or son, try using a picture of something they like and a less provocative caption.

4. Oven Mitt

4.Oven Mitt Have you thought of the perfect gift for your mother, sister, aunt, or friend who loves to cook? If they love to spend time in the kitchen, then this is the perfect gift that will resonate with their passion. Even amid the humor, you are telling them that you have been attentive.

Regardless of the feminine picture, you can give this to any member of your family who has a love for cooking. The funky expression and the caption on the oven mitt are all you need to crack them up.

5. Christmas Tree Ornaments

5.Christmas Tree Ornaments Christmas trees are not complete without their decorations. So, Christmas tree ornaments come in handy in all homes, especially homes with kids. Surprise them with specially customized Jesus ornaments for the kids to have fun hanging on the Christmas tree.

It’s also a funny way of telling the kids that Jesus is closely watching them even when they are up to mischief. You can get as many as you can, as the Christmas tree may have more than enough space for them to hang on. Imagine one of your adult relatives seeing the ornaments just when they are up to mischief or after mischief. That’s the whole idea of this ornament.

6. Animal Paw Socks

Animal Paw Socks Goodbye to the era of boring socks as you embrace the funny part of wearing socks. Make your loved ones wear socks that are designed to make their legs look like those of an animal. The kids will laugh hard to see their dad or granddad wearing this funny piece.

These socks come in the shape of the legs of different animals to enable you to get your loved ones the socks in the form of their favorite animals’ legs.

Funny Christmas Gifts for Friends

7. Door Mat

Door MatDo you have a funky friend or family who loves to joke around most times? Get them a doormat that says it all about their choice of words and expression. They will laugh at the joke and also share the joke with all their guests and let them know the kind of funny person inside before they enter. This doormat can never go wrong as the funny word is spelled for only visitors that catch drifts very fast to understand.

8. Apron

8.Apron Does he love to cook? Make him laugh as he unwraps his gift only to find a funny-looking potbellied apron. You can even tell him that you got him an apron to make him expect one of those boring and regular aprons while unwrapping the gift.

Before wrapping this gift, put it inside a Fairly large box to make it look like something huge and significant. Then, take a seat and watch him as he eagerly unwraps the gift.

9. Christmas Hoodie

9.Christmas Hoodie They probably don’t know how snowflakes are made, so you need to get them this snow-white hoodie that will educate them on the origin of snowflakes and make them respect snowmen. It’s not just funny; it’s also perfect for the cold days ahead in this Christmas season.

The street-chic style of the hoodie makes it very suitable for young adults in your life. They can rock it to classes or any place of their choice, even after the Christmas season.

10. Mug 

Mug Christmas is an excellent time to share love with people around us and let them know that we love them. What better way to show love to your best friend than to give them this mug wrapped up in sarcasm? Your best friend would probably laugh and tell you to expect something more mean from them.

The second mug has a froggy design in Christmas colors. It will be a hilarious way of wishing your grandmother a merry Christmas. It is also a way of reminding her of when she thought that kissing a frog could give her a prince charming.

11. Funny Motivator

Funny MotivatorChristmas is also a good time to motivate your loved ones with a gift wrapped up in humor. They may only see the funny part of your gift at first and laugh, but with time, they will discover that you did not only mean to make them laugh, but you also wanted to encourage them.

So, go on and encourage someone with a poo-like motivator. Let them know that you are rooting for them to succeed as they go about doing their sh*t.

12. Stress-Relief Activity Book

Stress-Relief Activity Book How grumpy can they get? Let them know you support their grumpiness by gifting them this book by Randy Ranterson. It contains lots of stress-relief activities to help the person feel good while relieving stress.

The activities inside the book are pretty simple and fun to do, too. So, it will help them to lose some of their grumpiness and quickly absorb some spirit of Christmas. I can’t wait for you to see the face of your grumpy loved one when you gift them this book. Get ready to have good laughter.

13. Pickle Toy

Pickle ToyThe spooky pickle toy is not just for kids. Make one of your grown-up friends laugh by getting them this pickle toy for Christmas. At first, they might laugh at how funny the gift looks, but soon, they will realize that the real fun comes when it starts mimicking them.

It will make your friends laugh, especially when they see children reacting to their toy choice.

Funny Christmas Gifts for Adults

14. Belly Bag

Belly BagAt first glance, you might think that this belly bag is the actual belly of the person, and that is where the fun is. The bag is handy for workers who need little waist bags for holding little tools. So, if you have any worker in your life, here is an opportunity to make the person’s work more manageable in a hilarious way.

15. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper This next gift looks very cheap, but make no mistake, it’s a gift that every adult will find very useful. You can even get it and hang it in your guests’ toilet to gift every Christmas guest that uses your toilet at least a chuckle. It will make a good gift for your friend who lives alone, as the toilet paper will start a conversation with them in the toilet.

16. Pet Butler

Pet ButlerDo your loved ones who live alone with their pet dogs know that they can turn their dogs into their butlers? I guess that they don’t have an idea. Get them, Pet Butler this Christmas and help them to turn their furry companion into their butler in a hilarious way.

You will find many similar pet wears, like the one above, in the market, and you can also DIY your way to one for your loved one’s pet.

17. Face Sticker

17.Face Sticker This gift will be cherished by whoever you are giving it to because it’s a personalized gift. Get a picture of them showing off their funny faces and turn the faces into stickers. To make it very funny, ensure you capture all their funky expressions, especially the ones they only make when no one is watching.

You can also consider customizing the sticker with the faces of their pets or favorite superstars.

18. Customized Blanket

18.Customized Blanket Depending on what the person finds funny, you can customize this blanket to make them laugh. It could be customized with the face of their favorite comedian or comic character. You can even customize it with the faces of your loved ones showing different expressions, just as with the stickers.

It’s another Christmas gift you can make all about Christmas or customize it in a way that will be right for all seasons. Customizing it with a photo of their favorite cartoon character in green and red will make it suitable for use during and after Christmas.

19. Fish Flip-Flop

19.Fish Flip-Flop If you are thinking of getting them footwear, it’s time to spice up your choice of gift for them. Leave them gapping as they unwrap their gifts and find a funny fish staring back at them in the form of a flip-flop. You can get the fish in their favorite color or the one that looks like their favorite fish in the aquarium.

It will be a gift that your loved one will not forget in a hurry. It may also make people around them laugh at how funny the flip-flop is. Just ensure the right size for the person to avoid giving them a flip-flop that they cannot rock because it’s too small or big.

20. Fart Extinguisher

Fart Extinguisher They need air fresheners for their cars, homes, and offices. But who said it has to be the regular air freshener they are used to? Make the air freshener you will gift them this Christmas stand out from all they have ever received by getting them the one with humor.

Moreover, air fresheners are meant to extinguish bad smells and farts. Let your gift spell out the humor for them as they unwrap it. As a bonus, it smells very lovely.


The best Christmas gifts that you can give to your loved ones are not the most expensive or handy ones. Sometimes, giving them good laughter with a white elephant gift that will lift their spirit and make the season merrier for them is all they need, which is why our extensive list of the 20 funny Christmas gifts for your friends and family contains spirit-lifting gifts that make Christmas merrier for people.

Pick the ones that are friendly to your pocket, and remember, the gifts here are meant for adults in your life, not kids. Furthermore, in your sincere attempt to give them good laughter, ensure that you do not go too bizarre on them. Have a merry Christmas as you spread laughter among your family and friends in the spirit of Christmas.

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