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Hair Removal Methods Used for Teenage Boys and Girls: Which is Best?

By Mariela
August 27, 2023
9 minutes

The new generation, especially teenagers, is more concerned about beauty standards and grooming, and we know beauty standards have no measure; they are different according to each person and area, to which he belongs. The beauty definition can’t be complete without a hair-free face and body. Teenage girls are more eager to have a hair-free, smooth, lovely face and body. Lots of methods are available in the market, making it difficult to select suitable ones. No worry; after going through this article, you’ll find some main and effective methods used for hair removal, and they are equally beneficial for teenage girls and boys. 


Shaving is one of the easiest and cheapest hair removal methods, and both teenage boys and girls can do it at home. They just need a good quality razor and a light shaving gel or cream, but sometimes, the hair-removing process can be performed without gel or shaving cream. But as girls’ skin is more sensitive than boys, they can use a light gel to keep their skin smoother and soft. To make you safe from cuts, shave with a light hand, and don’t use power to clean or rub the skin. Shave must be performed in the hair growth direction.

The duration of hair growth after shaving is 2-3 days, and girls may need it after 4-5 days as their hair growth rate is slower than boys. 


  • It is fast and cheap.
  • Don’t need any professional training to do it.
  • Best for beginners and teenagers


  • Hairs come out fast as razors don’t remove the hair from the roots.
  • Cuts and skin bumps may occur if used carelessly.
  • The skin may become too dry. 

2-Plucking/ Tweezing

Plucking is also used for removing hair in teenagers, but it is a painful method, so teenagers, girls, and boys apply it less. Plucking or tweezing is carried out using a pair of tweezers, and hairs are pulled out from the roots. The result of tweezing lasts longer as we pull hair from the roots so they come out after many days.  However, due to the painful process, teenagers mostly opt for other nearly painless methods like shaving, depilatory creams, and IPL hair removal. 


  • Lasting result
  • Best for small skin areas such as eyebrows and upper lips


  • Painful method 
  • Not applied for full-body


Threading is also one of the hair removal methods used to pull out hair, but this method has yet to be proven effective for deep body areas. Teenagers, boys, and girls can’t remove their hair from the underarm bikini line area, so look for other methods to clean the body’s private parts. In threading, we can remove a straight line of hair in one step, while in tweezing; we pull out hairs one by one. 


  • No equipment and tools are required
  • Easy to perform at home


  • Not used for deep body parts
  • Painful methods & minor cuts can appear on the skin

4-Depilatory Creams & Powders

Besides methods mentioned earlier, many other methods are also utilized for hair removal, such as depilatory creams and powders. These methods are also easy to apply but have some drawbacks. Teenagers, girls, and boys’ skin is sensitive as they have never used hair removal creams and powders before. Their skin is not prone to creams and powders. Therefore, teenagers may get skin irritation and allergies due to chemicals used in the depilatory creams and powders. 


  • It’s a fast and easy method.
  • The result is long-lasting.
  • Slow hair growth as compared to shaving


  • It may darken the skin.
  • Irritation and skin allergies may happen due to chemicals used in creams.
  • Smell can be unbearable and unpleasant.

5-Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal method is one of the most utilized in the United States and other countries. But it is expensive and every person can’t afford it. A concentrated beam of light is used in this process, and it targets the hair follicle pigment and destroys the hair.  Laser hair removal is safe for teenagers, girls, and boys, and they can opt for it to get smooth and hairless skin. 

However, this method may not be effective for dark skin and hair texture and may cause PIH. It is effective for white, grey, blond, and red. The expert dermatologist can only perform laser hair removal for dark skin. 


  • It is a precise and fast method.
  • Long-lastingly destroys hair after 3-4 laser treatments or sessions
  • Causes no cuts, burn, or skin damage


  • Costly as compared to other methods
  • Requires some sessions for long-lasting result

6-Electric Razor

SweetLF Electric Razor for Men

Electric razors are also utilized for removing hair, and it is trendy due to their fast speed and time-saving features. It is suitable for teenagers, girls, and boys as it is safe and easy to use and there are fewer chances of cuts while using it. They don’t need any shaving cream, brush, or gel while using it like a simple razor. Teenagers can utilize an electric razor for their grooming purposes, and it is super-fast to use all over the body.


  • The use of an electric razor is fast and less risky.
  • It doesn’t need shaving gel or cream.
  • They’re versatile and available in different shapes and designs.


  • Needs proper charging before use
  • It is more expensive than shaving razor
  • Needs maintenance and care

IPL Hair Removal 

IPL hair removal is the latest method used for teenagers and all age groups. It is easily used at home, while laser hair removal needs an expert dermatologist to perform the task. IPL technology is available in more compact sizes and is easy to carry everywhere. IPL laser gives good results, and after three treatments, hair growth is reduced by more than 92%. The hair that grows after IPL hair removal is more soft and delicate, so they easily remove.


  • Nearly painless device
  • Safe and lighter device
  • Can be used for lifetime


  • Need some treatments for long-lasting results
  • Costly as compared to other devices


Comparison of Different Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal method  Painful/nearly painless Easy to use/difficult Cost-Effective Suitable for all body parts Containing no chemical Result
Shaving nearly painless It is easy to use for both teenagers girls and boys It has less price Suitable for all body  No chemical ingredient Do not last longer you need to shave after 2-3 days
Plucking/tweezing Painful  Easy to use No costly tools are required Not suitable for all body especially for deep parts we can’t use tweezers for hair removing No chemical  The result is much longer than shaving and you need to pluck hair after 5-6 days
Threading painful Easy but need a little practice to do it It is super cheap, don’t need anything except a thread Not suitable for full body as it take much time and can’t be performed on deep parts No chemical is involved in the threading process Its result is also much longer than shaving and last 5-6 day
Depilatory creams/ powder Nearly painless process Easy to apply  It depends on you, cheap and costly both are available in the market Not suitable for all body arts, especially for face it may not be suitable Chemical is used in depilatory creams and powder Result is not much longer as it just remove hair from the upper skin
Laser hair removal Pain Free process Easy to use Expensive as compared to other hair removal methods Suitable for all body parts, we can use it for all body parts No chemical is involved in this process Result last longer but you need some session to get longer and long-lasting result
waxing Painful method A little bit complicated , you may need some ingredients for this process It is a cheap process used for removing hair. Suitable for all body parts Chemical is present in the waxing and may create irritation after use Results are good as it removes hair from the root and needs next waxing after 5-6 days
IPL Nearly painless method Easy to apply and compact size It is costly as compared to other methods. Suitable for all people and used for all body parts No chemical is involved in its manufacturing Results are long-lasting and become long-lasting after some sessions


How Can Teenagers Choose the Way According to Their Hair Growth Rate and Requirements?

Lots of wax creams, powders, shavers, laser treatments, and IPL are available in the market for hirsutism,  but it is challenging to apply all these on all body parts. But there is no way to choose the best method for teenagers that suits them. We know that skin texture and color vary from person to person, and in different areas, people have different skin colors and textures, so they need methods according to their skin type.

All hair removal methods can be categorized into four ways: cutting, extracting, destroying, and dissolving the hair. We’re giving some basic information on how teenagers can choose hair removal methods according to the texture that suits them.

1-Methods used for armpits and if you’re planning to remove hair from large body parts

Shaving is considered best for armpits and other body parts such as legs and arms as it is fast and easily can be used without using specific tools and ingredients. It suits all skin types and textures, so teenagers can use this method without fearing damage. It doesn’t remove the hair from the deep root and cut from the surface, so you must shave after one or two days. But it depends on your hair growth rate and how much unwanted hair you have.

Hair-removing methods for eyebrows, upper lips, and small body areas

Tweezing/plucking and threading ways are best for the eyebrows, upper lips, and for those body parts that require maintenance and care. These methods are cheap, easy to use, and have no cost at all, but teenagers may find it challenging to perform these methods due to their painful process. In tweezing, we pull out hair one by one and remove them from the roots. Tweezing and threading can’t be recommended for large body areas as it requires lots of time to remove all body hair from the skin.

2-For legs, bikini area, thighs, and hips

Depilatory creams and powder are suitable to apply on legs, thighs, chin, and hips to remove hair, as it is good to use for large body areas and perform their function quickly. As teenagers’ skin is more sensitive and not yet habitual to use these products, make sure to try a skin test before using depilatory creams and powders. Some cheap creams and powders may contain harmful chemicals that can make your skin too rough and irritating. Therefore, teenagers, girls, and boys must purchase a product from a verified buyer or brand.

3-The best way for bikini-line, face, and legs

Laser hair removal and IPL are the best methods for the face, bikini line, and legs. These methods are safe for teenagers and don’t create any skin problems. However, some factors and considerations should be considered before choosing laser hair removal and IPL technology. Always used by a professional and skilled person; otherwise, an unskilled person can damage your skin badly. An unprofessional person can create skin pigmentation and burns. These methods are considered long-lasting methods for hair removal. But you need to attend some sessions for this purpose.

4-For the upper lips, eyebrows

Waxing and sugaring methods are applied for mostly hair removal from the face, upper lips area, and legs. Sugaring is an ancient method and doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients in it. So it is safe for teenagers’ skin, and they can adopt this moisture, the sugaring method is gaining popularity due to its natural and simple ingredients and easy application. Waxing is also suitable for removing upper lips: and teenagers can use it. Some waxing mixtures may contain chemicals to make them more effective, but these harmful ingredients can cause skin allergies and infections in teenage boys’ and girls’ skin. 

Can boys and girls use any medicine to reduce hair growth? Will these medicines be safe for them?

Some medicines are found in the market to reduce hair growth or hirsutism. Eflornithine is mainly used to cure this health issue as its use blocks the natural substance that is necessary for hair growth. So, by blocking this substance, hair growth is reduced. This medicine is in cream form, and you can apply this cream on the hair at least twice daily.   Although the use of medication can decrease unwanted hair growth, teenagers must consult a dermatologist or a skincare specialist if they want a hair-free face and body. Most doctors and dermatologists suggest androgen medicines to decrease hair growth. It is suggested to start a hair removal treatment after puberty.  The reasons are due to doctors’ recommendations and keeping teenagers safe from any side effects of medicines. 

Is there any hair removal method that is safe for teenage girls and boys? 

Yes, there is one method that is safe for teenagers for hair removal.  Teenagers, girls, and boys can use this method without any hesitation for full-body hair removal. The latest technology of IPL hair removal targets the leading cause of hair growth, melanin. The result of using IPL technology is more long-lasting and effective than other hair removal procedures. After some sessions performed by skilled dermatologists, you can get long-lasting hair removal. It also saves lots of time as don’t need to go to any saloon or dermatologist and can use IPL at home without any assistance.

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