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Laser Hair Removal Face Men: Benefits, Cost, Recommendations, and More

August 29, 2023
9 minutes
Laser Hair Removal Face Men

Hair growth on the facial area of men is generally more owing to their hormones and secondary sexual characters. However, they cannot just let those hair grow unchecked and look unkempt. So, men also groom their facial hair while suffering from razor cuts, pain, redness, and skin irritation.

Men are considered to have a high pain tolerance. But it does not mean you have to remove unwanted facial hair and groom your beard going through the pain, right? Thus, laser hair removal provides a relatively nearly painless, and non-repetitive method of hair removal that lasts for years.

Let us see how men can benefit from laser treatment for men’s faces.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Does Laser Hair Removal Work for Male Face?

Here are the basics that men need to know about laser hair removal.

How it Works

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work for Male Face?

Laser hair removal male face works just like it works for a female face. Professional laser devices emit a concise and coherent beam of light that gets into the hair follicles after going through the hair strands. Then it burns the follicle and prevents it from generating new hair.

Types of Lasers and Their Benefits

Currently, several types of laser hair removal machines are available. There is a briefing of the common lasers below:

      • IPL hair removal machines: It is an at-home laser machine that uses a broad-spectrum wave of light at a low intensity to treat unwanted hair safely at home at an affordable price while maintaining privacy. However, its results do not last as long as that of professional lasers.
      • Nd: Yag laser hair removal: Nd: YAG laser uses a customizable light wavelength for precise hair removal according to your skin. It works well for dark skin tones. However, the hair removal experience can be uncomfortable. 
      • Diode laser hair removal: The 810nm wavelength of diode lasers makes it perfect to treat coarse hair easily and it is comfortable as well. However, only a few clinics use it.
      • Alexandrite laser hair removal: Ideal for fair men, Alexandrite laser is the most used type of laser, and its results last for a longer time. However, it takes more sessions to show results.

Customization of Laser Hair Removal


Facial hair color, density, texture, and skin tone differ from one man to another. Similarly, their requirements are not the same based on the area to be treated, the expected experience, and the budget.

With so many options of lasers available, you have the choice to customize laser hair removal for your face that suits you the best.

Part 2: Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Below are some reasons why a man should go for facial laser hair removal.

Nearly painless Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is comfortable when the right type of laser is used. So, it prevents you from having to think twice about grooming the unwanted hair because of the pain and irritation it causes. 

No Bumps, Razor Cuts, or Ingrown Hair

ingrown hair

Shaving is the most common method of hair removal among men and it is also the most notorious method to be associated with bumps, cuts, ingrown hair, and irritated skin. The laser enables you to get rid of all these side effects once and for all.

Long-lasting and Precise Results

Shaving has to be repeated every other day and it can be frustrating if you have a busy routine. So, laser offers long-lasting precise results where you just need to get sessions once a month.

Time and Effort Saving

Time and Effort

Having to buy a shaving kit, recharging electric razors, and concentrating on grooming the beard symmetrically takes time and effort. In contrast, you do not have to do much in laser hair removal.

Customization of the Results

Whether you want a full beard, a French beard, or a clean shave, you have the option to customize it with a laser. However, you must carefully decide because there is no going back or changing style for a year or more.

Part 3: Laser Hair Removal Men’s Face Cost

Laser hair removal can be expensive even if it involves a single area. So, let us see how much you need to get it.

Factors Determining the Cost

Laser hair removal on the chin

Laser hair removal at all places does not cost the same. There are several factors that determine how much it is going to cost you. So, below are the factors given:

      • Area to be treated
      • The thickness and density of hair
      • Hair color and skin tone
      • Type of laser used
      • Location of the clinic
      • The popularity of the clinic
      • The expertise of the clinician
      • Discounts and offers
      • Number of sessions taken

Average Cost of Facial Hair Removal in Men: An estimation of costs based on all the factors mentioned above shows that each session of facial hair removal costs $125 to $250 for men. It includes cheek hair, customized beard hair, chin hair, and neck hair removal. 

Also, as you have to get 6 to 10 sessions for the wanted results, it will cost around $1250 to $2500 in total.

Part 4: Laser Hair Removal Men’s Face Before and After

Laser Hair Removal Men’s Face Before and Afte

Do you want to see how your face will look before and after laser hair removal on the face? Let us see some examples. In the first one, the man has had his neck and chin hair groomed while in the second one, he had all hair from the beard removed.

Laser hair removal on the chin

Laser hair removal on the face and beard

Moreover, you need to know that your experience is going to be different from others. You can have flexible expectations based on what you see in reviews and on the internet. But hair patterns and growth differ among people, and so does hair removal with laser.

Part 5: Key Facts a Man Needs to Know Before Having Laser Hair Removal

Below are some factors you must consider before going for laser hair removal.

Find a Reputable Clinic and an Expert Laser Hair Removal Surgeon

Key Facts

You cannot trust any random clinic with your face, right? So, the key is to look for reputable clinics in the area around you. You can also find a clinic situated at some distance that offers the best results you have heard of.

The expertise of the laser hair removal surgeon is important so that he is honest with you, treats your facial hair the way you want, tries his best to guide you well, and prevents potential side effects of laser.

Estimate Your Budget

Estimate Your Budget

You cannot just jump into any treatment unprepared. So, you have to note how much your facial hair removal is going to cost, how much money to have, and how you are going to pay for it.

Keep in Mind the Potential Side Effects of Laser and Take Measures to Reduce Them

Laser hair removal is not completely harmless. So, below are some of its side effects and ways to reduce them.

      • Skin redness and irritation: This can be easily treated with cold water and facial moisturizing creams.
      • Pain: You have to get topical lidocaine gel applied before the treatment to make the skin numb. Additionally, you can take ibuprofen or any nsaid to reduce the pain.
      • Sunburns: Preventing sun exposure is the best measure for preventing sunburn after laser hair removal. So, wear a UV protective hat and apply sunscreen.
      • Blisters and scarring: Choosing the right laser for your skin and customizing the treatment for yourself is the best measure to prevent serious side effects like these.

Do Pre and Post Treatment Care for the Best Results

It is essential to prepare yourself well before and after laser treatment for men’s faces to get optimal results. 

So, here are some measures you need to take before the treatment.

      • Keep your face clean and pure of any stuck-up dirt, oil, and dead skin cells by exfoliation
      • Shave the area to be treated just before hair removal
      • Protect your skin from the sun
      • Also, discuss the doctor’s topical anesthesia according to your pain tolerance
      • Do not take a shower or wash your hair immediately before the treatment

Below are the measures you need to take after treatment.

      • Sun protection is a must because laser makes skin photosensitive
      • Apply ice and moisturize the skin well
      • Do not use hot water on the face for 2 days
      • Do not swim in chlorinated swimming pools for 2 days

Part 6: Best Laser Hair Removal Devices for Men’s Faces

The best devices for at-home laser hair removal for men’s faces are given below. 

1. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

The top in this list is the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset. This device got its name here because of the amazing features it offers at an economical price. Additionally, its sleek design and a kit with a complete set to remove your hair at home is also remarkable. 


The major features of Ulike AIR3 are given below:

      • Sapphire ice-cooling dynamic built-in technology
      • 3 energy modes/ intensity levels
      • 2 treatment modes
      • 0.7 flashes per second flash speed
      • FA-cleared and dermatologist recommendation
      • Unlimited flashed 


The above-mentioned features enable Ulike to impart the following benefits to your skin:

      • Nearly painless hair removal on the face
      • Treatment customization option for the thick, dark, and coarse facial hair in men 
      • Precise facial hair removal that lasts for 6 months 

2. JOVS Venus Pro II IPL Hair Removal Device

JOVS Venus Pro II IPL Hair Removal Device

JOVS Venus Pro II is an efficient facial hair removal at-home laser device for men’s faces because of the advanced IPL technology that forms the basis of this device. It uses micro-frequency plus technology that prevents the interaction of light with skin and OPT technology with a narrow spectrum of light making it more targeted to the hair. 


The features of the JOVS laser hair removal device are given below. 

      • Ultra-thin sapphire ice-cooling system 
      • 6 energy levels
      • 1 flash per 0.7 seconds of flash speed
      • A 330° rotatable head
      • SR mode for skincare
      • Auto-flash treatment mode 
      • Unlimited flashes 


The benefits of JOVS are given below. 

      • Effort usage with effective results 
      • Nearly painless hair removal
      • An energy mode available for each part of the body and face

3.  SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Device

SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Device

SmoothSkin Pure Fit laser hair removal device is a handheld wand-shaped corded device that ensures that the device never flashes on incompatible skin tone and hair color. 


The characteristic features of SmoothSkin Pure Fit laser hair removal for male face is given below. 

      • 10 intensity levels ranging from 3 to 6 J/cm2 in power output 
      • Skin tone read-out sensor 
      • 4-point skin contact sensors
      • 3 comfort Modes for Treatment 
      • UV filters 
      • Unlimited flashes


Although not entirely nearly painless, SmoothSkin laser hair removal provides the following benefits. 

      • Automatic selection of the accurate intensity level for your skin
      • Protection of eyes and skin from any harmful rays
      • A comfortable and quick treatment 
      • An extra precision head particularly for facial hair

4. NEW Silk·Expert Pro 5 IPL Device

NEW Silk·Expert Pro 5 IPL Device

Silk Expert Pro 5 is a safe, effective, and fast curved wand-shaped laser hair removal device for men that has been an important part of the laser hair removal industry for several years. This basic manually operated laser hair removal device has all you need for seamless hair removal. 


The features of the new Silk Expert 5 Pro are given as:

      • Skin Pro 2.0 technology
      • 10 intensity levels
      • 3 comfort modes
      • 3 attachment heads
      • 125 flashes in a minute
      • 400,00 flashes 


The benefits of Silk-expert Pro 5 are given below:

      • Hair removal results within a month
      • Automatic adaption of intensity level to the skin tone
      • Complete hair removal kit
      • Multiple heads add to the customization of the treatment
      • A clinically proven device from a reliable brand

5. Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Device

Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Device

In contrast to the other at-home laser devices, the Philips Lumea has a gun-shaped handset. Its box also includes an electric razor to meet the facial hair grooming needs of men and 4 heads to work on different areas of the body in addition to the face. 


Its features are given here:

      • Smart skin sensel technology 
      • 5 intensity levels
      • 4 attachment heads
      • 450,000 flashes 
      • UV-filters 
      • Results within 12 treatment


Philips Lumea 9000 is for men looking for the following benefits.

      • Dual skin protection with senselQ and UV-filter technology
      • Curved design that moves easily on the facial and body contours
      • A practical thumb button for continuous flashes
      • Cordless option available

Which one to Choose?

Although all devices represented here have great features and clinically proven results with customization options available, you should choose a device based on its pain level, your budget, and your grooming needs.


The frequency of laser hair removal for men’s faces is becoming comparable to that of women because of the well-groomed beard, smooth facial skin, and long-lasting results laser offers. 

So, this article explains all you should be aware of if you are someone wanting to get at-salon laser hair removal. Moreover, you can consider some at-home laser hair removal for men’s face devices. Lastly, do not forget to consult with a professional before trying any treatment.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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