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20 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Women (2023)

By Laura
September 30, 2023
7 minutes

Another spooky Halloween is at the door, and this time, it’s about to get darker and more mysterious. Say goodbye to boringly spooky costumes because this year’s Halloween will not be anything close to boring. We have just the best costume ideas to make your appearance cream ‘spooky and sexy’ as you walk down the spooky aisle of the Halloween season.

Gone are the days of looking all demure just because you are trying to fit into the season. You can look all chic and terrifying with the right costume and have all jaws dropping at the sight of your ‘something alluring and evil’ costume.

Whether you like to dress up in your favorite Disney princess costume or the evil witch of all time costume, we have covered you with our robust list of the best look ideas for every woman to try out this Halloween. This list promises to help you mark a long-lasting territory for yourself in people’s minds and keep all eyes gazing at the “amazingly evil” you.

So, if you want to win that Halloween costume contest this year, keep reading because we are not settling for anything less for you this season.

1. Dream Girl and Little Red Riding Hood Combo Costume

Who says that you cannot be a sexy dream girl and an innocent little Red Riding Hood at the same time? Dress yourself in this Halloween costume and go into the street on Halloween to visit your grandma with a beautiful little basket-like handbag. But look out for the big bad wolf!

2. Mortician Addams Costume 

Make the Halloween night darker with this all-black Mortician Addam’s dress. To create the perfect dark queen aura, use black lipstick and a long and straight black wig. Thankfully, the dress is made with a stretchy fabric to hug your body and showcase your beautiful curves. Walk majestically slow like Mortician and Storm at the party when all are present to stare. 

3. Huntress Dress

What’s a better way to look like an ancient badass girl than in this huntress dress made with hides? It may not look so sophisticated but never underestimate the beauty in simplicity. Spread the mysterious air of an Indian-American huntress from two centuries back. It’s perfect for you if you’ve got a tall imposing look with a touch of confidence.

4. Maleficent Costume

Did I hear someone say evil? Yes, look all dark and evil in a Maleficent dress this Halloween. Don’t forget to add the black staff that doubles as a wand because it’s about to get magical. A little bit of facial hair makes it perfect for the evil scene you plan to create

5. Top Gun Flight Dress

Keep it short and sexy with this top gun flight dress. You will look like a total military chic as you walk into any Halloween party. For maximum effect, get your friends to dress like you and storm Halloween parties together. 

6. Megan Doll Costume

What better way can you celebrate the Halloween season than to look all ‘innocent but evil’ with the Megan dress? Since the Megan movie hit the cinema recently, be sure to expect lots of Megan costumes at this year’s Halloween parties. Give a final touch to your look with a Megan grey wig and a Megan facial expression that says, “I’m only doing the evil I was programmed to do.”

7. Medusa Costume

People will definitely look like stones as they stare at you, mouth opened and motionless, when you storm a Halloween party with your Medusa look. The costume is all spooky with Medusa’s snaky head gear but softened with a sexy touch from the alluring dress. Trust me, you are going to nail it with this costume. Get a clean leg shave before the day to crown it with a sexy look.

8. Cruella Costume

Cruel and loving every bit of it! With the no-nonsense aura of the cruel Cruella, no one will dare to mess with you this Halloween. The white and black Cruella wig will send a message ahead to everyone to beware of an approaching cruel fashion queen. 

This costume is easy to make, and you can spray half part of your hair with white paint to create the Cruella look. On the other hand, you can just order the costume online. 

9. Cleopatra Costume

Remind everyone to hail the great queen of Egypt with this costume as you storm any Halloween gathering wearing it. Reviewers of this costume said that it will not just make you feel all-powerful and alluring like the great Queen Cleopatra, but it is also comfortable to wear. The headgear is also included in the purchase if you want to order it. Otherwise, you can DIY your way around this costume with appropriate materials. 

10. Ursula’s Octopus Dress

Powers of the Ocean and every Halloween party will surely be yours with this costume because you are bound to win every costume contest. With the spectacular tentacles, this costume is the real definition of an evil mermaid queen’s dress. Rock the Ursula costume this Halloween, and no Ariel will be able to stop you from winning the trident for best dressed. 

11. Jessica Rabbit Costume

Get all bloody red in a sexy Jessica Rabbit costume this Halloween. With everything you are wearing, from your wig down to your red shoes, complete the look with purple gloves. Thankfully, the outfit comes with purple gloves. Get a red wig, or dye your hair red and curl it. 

12. Tinkerbell Costume

This shimmering, short green dress comes with a pair of transparent wings to make you look like a real fairy. You will win the heart of everyone who loves sassiness with a touch of innocence. To crown it all, you will get a matching green ribbon to pack your hair in Tink’s style. Step out in this costume, and who knows? The real Tinkerbell may decide to reward you with pixie dust for your effort. 

13. Poison Ivy Costume

Turn all eyes on yourself as you paint everywhere green with your green allure in this green costume. The Poison Ivy costume will make people remember you and look forward to replicating your look in the next Halloween season. While luring everyone with your green allure, don’t forget to watch out for Batman. 

14. Princess Jasmine Costume

Get all sweet in Princess Jasmine from the Aladdin dress. With the aura of a princess, walk down the Halloween street and have every guy posing as Aladdin and asking you for a ride on the magic carpet. 

15. Elsa’s Costume

You don’t have to wait for a dinner party to rock this piece. Step out this Halloween in all shiny Elsa’s blue dress with the flowy cape and watch yourself freeze people’s eyes on yourself. Even without you singing ‘Let It Go,’ people will let go of whatever they are doing to stare at the queen of Arendelle. 

16. Wednesday Addams’ Costume

Black is about to get darker with this Wednesday Addams’ costume. You will look as mysterious as your favorite eerie character, Wednesday. Sweetly, this set of costumes comes with Wednesday’s wig to complete the look. Don’t forget to wear a black lipstick. 

17. Ariel’s Costume

From under the sea to every part of the dry land, people will turn red with admiration for you this Halloween. This costume has a fabric version of Ariel’s sea-shell bra. It’s meant to flaunt your beauty as a woman and present you as a charming mermaid princess. For maximum effect on people, wear a red curly wig and stay away from Ursula’s path because I know she will be storming the party, too.

18. Catwoman Costume

Dare to look all dark and formidable as you search for Batman this Halloween in Catwoman costume. The costume also has a touch of rugged chic style that showcases your feminine curves. With this mask and the long black whip that screams ‘no nonsense,’ no one could deny your presence at any Halloween party. 

19. Ms Frizzle Costume

One of the reasons why I love this costume is its simplicity, which makes it perfect for every workday. So, when you shop for this Halloween costume, you also shop for everyday work clothes. You just have to drop the school bus handbag, and you will transform from Magic School Bus Ms. Frizzle to a modern working-class lady. The dress is also comfortable to wear.

20. Mary Poppins Costume

This is the perfect costume for you if you are going to walk around with kids this Halloween. Be their magical nanny in this Mary Poppins finely tailored jacket and skirt. Magically, this set of costumes contains a red cravat and a hat to make everyone think twice before approaching the children in your company. 


With Halloween around the corner, you do not have to wait till the eve before you get your costume ready. Take advantage of our robust list of the 20 best Halloween costume ideas for women in 2023. Go over the details in every costume’s picture to ensure that you select the best one for your body shape.

Also, check your budget. If there is a costume that you love so much, but its price seems a bit above your budget, then maybe you should consider making it at home. Remember, Halloween is meant to be fun, and if you are not comfortable in your costume, it will affect the level of fun you will have.

Therefore, choose a costume that will be friendly to your pocket and make you comfortable as you slay it hot this Halloween.

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