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Happy Galentine’s Day: Be single, not solo

February 2, 2023
5 minutes

“Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Thanks to Amy Poehler who come up with the idea of Galentine’s day on her show Parks and Recreation. She gave the perfect occasion to celebrate female friendship bonding. On one side, Valentine’s day gives people a chance to celebrate love with their partner. But Galentine’s day gives an opportunity to celebrate friendship and shower your true friends with the things they love. So, this article is going to be all about Galentine’s day. If you don’t have any idea about the day then this walk-through is definitely going to help you to know about it. Let’s first start with the question of what is Galentine’s day.

What is Galentine’s day?

Galentine’s day is a day for women who want to thank their female friends by celebrating it a day before valentine’s (13 th Feb). It’s not like Valentine’s day where couples plan a romantic dinner or a movie night (romantic one). Here, you can arrange anything to make your bestie (and other female friends) happy. Yes, this day is all about the girly bond (to make it stronger). Although, Galentine’s day is for all women but men can also celebrate it with their close friends too. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. The main point here is to thank them for being available in your time of need.

Galentine's day

Why do we need to celebrate?

As we mentioned earlier the whole concept comes from a sitcom called Parks and Recreation. For all of your female friends who mean to you a lot, you can show them your gratitude towards them on this Galentine’s day. And if you wantto know why you need to celebrate this day then read below.

· Free yourself and your bestie from all the life burdens for one day and celebrate this occasion with different games you all like.

· You and your girl gang sure want to remember the happy memories and the crazy moments you experienced together in your college. Pick Galentine’s day for all the crazy moment’s chit-chat.

· We all know everyone’s life is stressful (including your bestie or close friends too). So, get this Galentine’s day the reason to release the stress and arrange a dance party.

· Do we need to remind you of your dark life memories where your friends had always backed you up and were there for you? That is the most crucial reason to celebrate this day to honor your friends.

· Because we all have a special group of friends whom with we can open up our feelings and can do all the stupid talk.

Now let’s move on to how you can celebrate Galentine’s day with your girl gang.

How can we celebrate?

Here isa list of ideas you can follow to celebrate this year’s Galentine’s day.

1. A movie night is always the best idea to spend with your close female friends. There are many movies based on friendship or showcasingits different levels of it. Whether it is Clueless (1995), or Mean Girls (2004), your girl gang can enjoy the movies like these. So, decide on any one of your favorites and enjoy Galentine’s day with your girl squad.

2. You can simply arrange a small get-together too where you all can share the happy or sad talks to let out all the good and bad feelings. As we know “happiness is sharing your sadness with your true friends”.

3. Go out and have some dinner with some wine. Food is everyone’s favorite. You and your squad can decide on the place to eat. And go for a perfect bottle of wine if your gang is more into it.

4. On this Galentine’s day, you all can make a spa trip to a good salon. And can have mani-pedis and facial sessions together.

From all these ideas, shower your friends with affection and make Galentine’s day memorable for them.

How to prepare for the holidays?

But before celebrating any occasion (valentine’s day or Galentine’s day), you need to prepare and always have to select a good dress, hair, and makeup. Along with it, check other points mentioned below.

1. Hair Removal, Beauty

When you decide on the dress, hair, and makeup, please check those unwanted hair growths too. Found them on your legs and arm? Don’t worry, we have something for you to deal with it. The Ulike IPL hair removal device is the safest way to remove those stubborn body hair without giving you any pain. This device works on any part of the body to reduce hair growth significantly. And after 4 to 5 weeks of regular use, you get hairless skin almost long-lastingly. It can also be a perfect gift for Galentine’s Day to your bestie as a gift for clear, smooth & silky skin. Another best thing is that it comes in a beautiful gift box.

2. Gift exchange

Have you decided what you are going to gift your friends yet? If not then you need to decide fast. Generally, most people go for chocolates, greeting cards, and bouquets (chocolate bouquet is also a thing these days). Here you can gift them a fine bottle of wine or champagne. But if you and your friends like a thoughtful gift, here you exchange the experience too. The jewelry exchange is also a good option (which comes under the budget).

Final Words

The people who are always there for you are your true friends for life. No matter if they live close to you or a long distance, they will come for you whenever you need them. Galentine’s day is a perfect day to dedicate your love to your close friends. Shower them with gifts or arrange something like a movie night or a slumber party. Ask them about their favorite things to do then plan according to it (they will like that very much). If your friend is more into self-care then the Ulike IPL hair removal devices are also a perfect choice. Happy Galentine’s day !

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