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The 10 Quick and Easy HIIT Workouts for Beginners at Home

By Mariela
April 15, 2023
8 minutes

Some people often express worries that they’re new to exercising. However, I’m glad to let you know that High-intensity interval training is still appropriate for you even if you’re new to exercising. These intense exercises, sometimes referred to as HIIT workouts, have been proven to burn a ton of calories in a short period, saving you time in the gym. You will alternate short rest intervals with times of maximal effort during this sort of training.

The secret to success is in performing the appropriate movements at your respective pace if you’re just starting in fitness or returning after an injury. Yes, HIIT exercises should be challenging, but pushing yourself too far too quickly can lead to accidents and other setbacks. So you want to pay attention to your body, make any adjustments, and carry out each activity correctly.

What Exactly is HIIT?

In simple terms, High-intensity interval training is referred to as HIIT. Short bursts of intensive exercise are interspersed with less demanding recuperation intervals in this sort of workout or exercise. One of the objectives of Exercises like HIIT is to burn a lot of calories quickly. Your body will adjust to the workouts as you get better at performing them, making them easier and easier. HIIT is an extremely effective method for burning fat and enhancing cardiovascular health. But bear in mind that HIIT is quite demanding, and you should exercise optimum caution to avoid injuries.

10 Quick and Easy HIIT Workouts for Beginners

1. 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Looking for a quick yet simple workout to partake in? Jumping rope is a simple HIIT exercise you can fit into your day. Your entire body will begin to work actively and your heart rate will increase with just five to ten minutes of this leaping (you can have brief pauses in between tho). Jumping rope is more difficult than it appears, and it will soon have you perspiring. Start with this beginner-friendly 10-minute jump rope routine. Jump roping is simple everywhere, inside or out, with a jump rope that may be performed both corded and cordlessly. Some jump ropes will even keep track of your workout statistics for you.

2. Sumo Squats

Put your feet slightly farther than hip-width apart and tuck your toes under at a 45-degree angle for sumo squats. Descend until your thighs are somewhat parallel to the floor while maintaining a flat back, an upright chest, and your weight in your heels. Push back to the starting posture by using your glutes and quads. You can repeat the process for as long as you can. After each, you can utilize an overhead stretch, a reverse lunge, and a forward fold to relax.

3. Jumping Jacks

Beginning in an upright position having your legs standing hip-width apart and with your arms at your sides, perform jumping jacks. Jump out with your feet and raise your arms. Repeat as quickly as you can. If performing a standard jumping jack appears too challenging, try stepping from side to side and simultaneously raising your arms.

4. Burpee Hell

Classic Burpees are a four-point exercise. Putting your hands on the floor right in front of your feet, kneel from a standing position. Following that, gently kick your legs back behind you while maintaining a raised plank stance with your arms outstretched. The more daring can add a press-up at this point, which significantly increases the difficulty. You hold a raised plank position while performing the basic burpee, then you hop your feet forward toward your hands. Finally, finish the move by jumping into the air while raising both arms straight above your head. then repeat everything.

5. Push-ups

When you engage in regular push-ups you’re sure to burn some calories. Instead of the floor, position your hands on a sturdy chair or plyo box if you are unable to perform a regular push-up. Alternatively, you can try performing push-ups while keeping your knees on the ground. Because metabolic conditioning is intended to optimize your caloric burn, you should anticipate that this workout could be a bit difficult (especially for beginners). For a start, you can perform five techniques that emphasize total-body workouts. Try to complete as many repetitions as you can in each 45-second segment, then take a 15-second break before starting again.

6. 7M’s HIIT Workouts and Timer

Most people, they’ll rather have themselves work out in their free time when they feel it is most comfortable for them and wherever they dim fit. With this option, your wish is granted. You can work out whenever and wherever you want with this free software, which additionally happens to be the top-rated app for HIIT workouts and get the rewards of exercise without having to deal with the bother of club membership. To let you customize your workout experience concerning your level of fitness, the app offers a variety of interval-based activities that vary in moderate to high intensity. You are in total control of everything.

7. The Seven-Minute HIIT Workout from POPSUGAR

Unlike other workouts that require membership and online access, this workout can be done without an internet connection or instructor. Never fear should you unexpectedly find yourself without access to the internet; you can always write down some exercises to perform whenever you’re lucky enough to have a couple of minutes to spare for an intense core full-body workout. Without an instructor, it’s simple to complete this seven-minute HIIT training for novices, and you can turn up your tunes to make it more enjoyable. Do each of the following exercises as quickly as you can for 30 seconds (while maintaining good form). You can always pause briefly so as not to wear yourself out. Some exercises to do include push-ups, Jack-knife jumps, the wall sit, crunches, squats, chair step-ups, and high knees.

8. The 10-Minute HIIT Workout by Pamela Reif

This exercise contains nothing overly ostentatious or dancy. If you are a female, you can invite your boyfriend/male companion to join because this exercise does not require shaking of their hips. It features a combination of quick movements and active breaks. Between each of the fast motions, you’ll find Dolphin Holds and Planks. It may seem like a break, however, remember to maintain your core strength. The energy that follows this exercise doesn’t make one feel down for some reason; on the contrary, it supplies one with more energy. Additionally, you don’t have to worry because there are NO LUNGES and you could also do it with music.

If you have difficulties or need a break, ensure you take a brief break, get a beverage, and continue when you’re ready. The most crucial thing is to push yourself and not give up.

Beginner HIIT workouts are abundant on YouTube and accessible from any location provided that there is internet access. No equipment is needed for this fast workout by Pamela Reif.

9. Jab, cross, front

First, you can start with the right. Standing with your hips turned to the left side, place your right foot just in front of your left. Put your hands in a boxing stance. Using the left arm, deliver a “cross” punch while rotating your entire body toward the right. Begin by jabbing (punching) upward using the right arm. Your right foot should be supporting your weight, and your back heel should be lifting off the floor just a little. Returning your weight to the front and the beginning position, bring both of the arms towards the body. (This move is called the “front” maneuver.). When you’re done, you can repeat the process on the left.

10. Filthy Fifty

The goal of Filthy Fifty is to perform 50 repetitions of 10 different movements. You might begin with 50 box leaps, for instance. 50-leaping pull-ups are the next exercise you should perform once the previous 50-box jumps are complete. You must pace yourself because this exercise’s total session time is lengthy. You risk exhaustion and failure to finish if you move too quickly or you’re in a rush. Perform the Filthy Fifty exercises beforehand to determine how easy or tough each task is for you so you can pace yourself properly.

Complete as quickly as possible.

Why HIIT Is So Efficient at Burning Fat

Anyone who works in the fitness business will tell you that HIIT is the only approach to training if you want to maximize your cardiovascular results. This is because it differs from other types of cardio-based training in how it impacts the human body. In a 2009 study from Canada, participants underwent 8–12 cycles of 60 seconds of vigorous activity (at 95% of VO2 max) after which they received 75 seconds of rest. With this approach, subjects trained three times per week and saw increases comparable to those that may be anticipated from subjects who trained five times per week at a steady state (50-70% VO2 max).

For an era comprising individuals who have become busier than ever and strive to accomplish everything in the shortest amount of time possible, having the chance to work out for a lesser amount of time while still achieving similar aerobic improvements to those typically associated with conventional aerobic workouts has enormous appeal.

Fat burning is another purpose for which HIIT is used. Additionally, HIIT’s effects on the metabolic rate have been extensively researched and it results in excess post-oxygen consumption or EPOC. According to research by East Tennessee State University’s Jeffrey W. King, HIIT raises resting metabolic rate throughout the next 24 hours. In contrast to lengthy cardio workouts, you can develop aerobic fitness in a shorter amount of time and keep your metabolism going for 24 hours after your workout. If you are working out for a prolonged period with lengthy and slow continuous training, you will burn a significant number of calories in a single session. However, immediately after you stop, the fat-burning will almost certainly stop. But with HIIT, the case is different. Fewer calories will be burned during a single HIIT workout, and the results will last for 24 hours.


You could feel that you never had enough time to complete your ambitions in today’s stressful world that we live in. Even if an hour-long workout only takes up 4% of your overall day, it can be difficult to squeeze it into your schedule on top of other tasks. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the exercise for you if you want to have the biggest effect with the least amount of time it takes from your day.

In contrast to lengthy cardio workouts, you can develop aerobic fitness in a shorter amount of time and keep your metabolism going for 24 hours after your workout. You are getting two HIIT workouts that burn fat in one session.

Because you are working out for a prolonged period with lengthy and slow continuous training, you will burn a significant number of calories in a single session, however immediately after you stop, the fat-burning will almost certainly stop. Fewer calories will be burned during a single HIIT workout, but the results will last for 24 hours.

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