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How Do You Use A Nose Hair Trimmer?

By Jason
February 17, 2024
6 minutes
How Do You Use A Nose Hair Trimmer?

Do you feel ashamed of having long nasal hair and want to have it trimmed? Look no further, this article is here to guide you on how to get rid of those long nose hair.

Nose hair is a natural thing, long or short. But is that enough reason for you to look like a caveman? Of course not. You should trim it when it gets too long. Trimming your nose hair is not harmful when it is done right.

What you need to trim your nose specifically is a nose trimmer, but you also need to know how to use it, just like you learn how to use the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL hair removal device, which is a recommended device for removing body hair. Please, note that you cannot use this tool to remove your nose hair.

Here, we explain the careful ways to use a nose trimmer without leaving you scratched.

Table of Contents:

3 Reasons You Should Trim Your Nose Hair

3 Reasons You Should Trim Your Nose Hair


Hairs trap dust particles, germs, and other microscopic agents that may be unsafe for the body. Many scholars even believe that this is the primary reason sensitive and enclosed parts of our bodies like the nose, eye, and ear have some levels of hair growth around them. They help to create a primary barrier to damaging agents.

Since the nose is not easily accessible for washing and other grooming activities like the head, the best way to ensure hygiene of the hairs therein is to keep its length in check.

Social Acceptance

Even if you’re so meticulous in keeping your overgrown nose hair clean and healthy, you have the brick wall of societal discleared to surmount if you show up as a caveman. Many people find it awkward to have above-average nose hair, and it can be a deal breaker at any serious gentleman agreement spot.


If you regularly speak in public or market for a brand, you cannot afford to appear in a way that will discredit your product. Experience aside, when we know that something about us isn’t accurate, it can get in our way of delivering excellent service. Not minding your well-cut pants and charming cologne, a few strands stretching out of your nostrils can kill your confidence as you see your clients unable to hide their discleared of it.

Nose Hair Trimming 101: Understanding the Basics

1. Get your tools ready

Get your tools readyThe first step in getting your nose-trimming exercise right is to make sure all the tools you need are ready. But that also means you know what constitutes a good tool. If you don’t know, please, see the essential ones below.

  • Nose hair trimmer

There are two types of nose trimmers: manual and electric. Electric trimmers, which are mostly battery-powered, are more common because they are much easier to use than manual trimmers. 

Manual nose trimmers are also good, but they require your two hands to get the job done, which explains why they are less convenient to use. As such, if you’re new to nose hair trimming, it is best to go for quality electric trimmers. 

  • Nose hair scissors 

Perhaps you don’t have enough resources to get nose trimmers, you can opt for nose hair scissors, which are cheaper. While you can also use your normal scissors to do the job, the sharp end might leave you with a wound if you are not too careful. Therefore, you should buy nose hair scissors to prevent unwanted occurrences.

  • Tweezer 

A lot of men and women trim their nose hairs by using tweezers; it is okay but not entirely safe for you. Dr. Oz, who is a media personality and cardiothoracic surgeon, says using tweezers to pluck nose hairs, may leave a wound, leading to bleeding of the nose and, hence, infection. However, a safe use of tweezers for hair nose removal will be to hold it while you cut with scissors or trimmers.

Overall, electric trimmers are the best and safest. What’s more? you can use them over a long period.

2. Stay in a well-lit place with a clear mirror

Stay in a well-lit place with a clear mirrorEven the best trimmer might not help if you are not in a well-lit room with a big enough mirror. If you want a great result, you don’t need to complicate things; just avoid dimly lit areas and avoid not using a mirror.

Aside from these, you need to set aside a place to have it done. Inside the bathroom may be the best option so that all the hair cut down can be flushed down the sink. If your bathroom uses a dim light bulb, you should consider adding a bright light bulb so you can see everything.

Similarly, while using a normal mirror might be okay, it is highly advised that you use a magnifying mirror for a clearer view.

3. Clean your nose

Clean your noseBefore you start trimming, you must clean your nose. Clean your nose properly to remove dirt and boogers. And don’t even think of using your fingers to do this; that is unhealthy. Instead, place your nostrils close to an open faucet and douche it with running water. When you are done, use a wet cloth to separate the strands to make it very easy to trim.

4. Start trimming

Start trimmingWhen you are done cleaning your nostrils, you can now start trimming. Grab the trimmer and insert it inside your nostrils. For safety purposes and to avoid leaving a wound, do it slowly.

Begin by trimming off the longest strands at the bottom. Once you are done clearing the strands at the bottom of your nose, start trimming upward, especially the ones that are very difficult to reach.

While trimming nose hairs is safe, you shouldn’t trim them to become very short. Remember that nose hair is very important to safeguard the nose by preventing harmful particles from penetrating. Only touch those areas that extend to the outside of your nostrils; don’t go too inside.

When cutting, always use your fingers to push up your nose so that you can see the inside. It will help you know where to cut and avoid cutting at any place that may be harmful to your nose.

This point is where it is highly recommended to use an electric trimmer. As we said, manual trimmers do require using both hands, so the pushing nose-up operation might never be convenient with them.

5. Clean your nose again

Clean your nose againWhen you have finished trimming, you need to clean your nose a second time. This is because there are possibly a few loose strands that may still be inside your nose. Douche it if you don’t want to end up inhaling them. As said before, don’t even try using your finger; it is unhealthy. Instead, clean with running water. Then, dry both the nose and your face completely with a paper towel.

Why You Should Not Cut Your Nose Too Short

Why You Should Not Cut Your Nose Too ShortNose hairs are not beards or mustaches, which you can just remove completely without any possible aftereffects. The reason is that they are not there for fancy; they have a huge role to play in not just protecting the nose from harm but the entire internal body.

If you trim your nose hairs so short, you are exposing yourself to bacteria, dust, and different airborne particles that might penetrate down to your respiratory system. So when your nose hairs are cut too short, you are at risk of contracting a respiratory infection. 

According to a 2011 research, nasal hair functions as a protection against allergens’ invasion of the nasal cavity. When too much hair is removed from the nose, someone with asthma or allergies may become more susceptible to allergies. Therefore, when you are trimming your nose hair, try to leave a little length to do the actual job.

Similarly, when you cut too short with scissors, it can irritate the inside of your nose. The nose is a very sensitive sense organ that can hardly withstand even the slightest harm, so you need to be mindful of how you do things within the nose area.

However, that is never an excuse not to want to trim your nose hairs; rather, they are mere precautions to heed. It is fine if your nose hair is not too long; it is best if you just leave it be. But if you are the type that grows long nose hairs that grow even out of the nostrils, you don’t need to think twice if you care about how you look. Trimming it a little wouldn’t be bad, just not too short.

Bottom Line

While trimming your nose hair is okay, you must take adequate precautions so you do not complicate issues and expose your nose to infections. But this is not to tell you to not do it at all, but rather not to overdo it.

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