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How Much Does a Brazilian Wax Cost? A Complete Guide

By Laura
August 8, 2023
7 minutes

One ritual that puberty mandates in our beauty regimen is hair removal. As early as the age of 13, some of us have started dealing with this painful pleasure. Hair on the head – thick, lush, and full – is adorable, especially if you are a woman. But when the hallowed chamber between our legs and its environs becomes bushy, it kills confidence and may even be unhealthy.

Thanks to razors, we can eliminate these unwanted guests whenever we choose. From prehistoric times, shaving has been the saving grace of fashionistas who wanted to look less like sea otters. But with shaving, it quickly became clear that one has to repeat the process within a few days to maintain it. That is besides the occasional nicks, stubbles, cuts, and ingrown hair that come with this agelong approach.

As with most things in life, hair removal has evolved, and we now have an array of methods, of which waxing is one. If you’ve seen a candle melt before, you probably know what wax is. It’s much like a gel or paste, although some can be harder than typical gels. When you visit a salon for waxing, your attendant will place the wax on the spot or use strips to pull off the hair from the root.

Did I hear you shout oops!? Waxing can really hurt if your pain tolerance is very low. But for regulars, it’s never a big deal. This article focuses on location-dependent waxing, which is called Brazilian wax. Before answering this post’s question, it’s best to first review what this concept means.


What is a Brazilian Wax?

You would think that because the waxing is named after Brazil, it would be a common phenomenon in the South American country. Ironically, not many Brazilians have heard of or used the hair removal technique. It’s more of a Western concept that the J sisters started in 1987 in the US. Yes, the J sisters were seven Brazilian females who lived and practiced in Manhattan, US, but the hair-removal approach they founded had more roots in the West than in Brazil.

Leaving this story behind and getting straight into what Brazilian wax means, one can describe it as a euphemism for completely removing hair from the pubic region. If you are a woman, getting a Brazilian means removing all the hair in your anus, bikini line, labia majora & minora, and everywhere hair grows in your intimate part. For men, Brazilian wax means removing all hairs from your groin area all through to your anus.

Some people often confuse Brazilian wax with bikini wax; both are different. If we equate Brazilian wax to a universal set, bikini wax will be a subset. Stated differently, bikini wax only focuses on the bikini lines, as the name suggests, but Brazilian wax takes care of all hairs around the pubic region. And because of the secluded nature of these private parts, you will always have to submit yourself to an expert called an esthetician. If you are a DIY fan, Brazilian wax is not for you.


From the description of the body part this procedure captures to the fact that it isn’t DIY, I can imagine you’re feeling awkward. about it. You are probably “How can I submit my private part to a third party to handle?” That’s what getting a Brazilian entails, but that’s not all. The most demanding aspect itself is the removal procedure.

Without trying to sugarcoat things, waxing is synonymous with uprooting. And while many of us can bear the accompanying discomfort on body parts like the leg, hand, and chest, waxing the pubic area is another scenario. The skin in this area is ultra-sensitive, while the hairs there are coarse. As such, any uprooting, no matter how gently or professionally done, will elicit some “ish” responses. Unlike shaving, waxing can be painful.

If Brazilian Wax Hurts, Why Do People Go For It?

Ulike First, I must mention that the pain accompanying Brazilian wax isn’t excruciating. You won’t feel like a razor is cutting deep into your skin or that you are stepping on a gourd. Instead, it’s a tingling or biting pain that is momentary for some but can last a few minutes for others.

Now, we have different pain tolerance levels. Some people get their Brazilian without complaining of pain, while others dread it because of their first experience. If you cannot endure the discomfort, other effective methods and tools will do the job. One of them, which is highly recommended, is the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL device . It uses light to disrupt hair growth from the root, leading to semi-long-lasting hairlessness.

Ulike IPL device is particularly suitable for those that detest pain or discomfort. Thanks to its patented Sapphire ice-cooling technology, you won’t feel even the tiniest pain while you treat your intimate area with it. Also, global regulatory bodies like the FDA and dermatologists approve of it as a portable device that is safe and effective for personal use. This IPL device is a worthy and better alternative to Brazilian wax, although the initial cost is higher than waxing. But in the long run, it is more cost-effective.

Some people despise the pain and awkwardness of Brazilian hair because of its benefits. I will mention a few of these benefits after touching on the price of this procedure.

How Much is a Brazilian Wax?

brazilian wax The cost of Brazilian wax depends on several variables, so fixing a particular figure is difficult. However, in most places in the US, it ranges from $30 to $100. Some determining factors include the salon’s location, the wax type to be used, other add-on services, and the esthetician’s expertise.

As for the location, urban-located salons are generally more expensive than locally-located ones. Besides the urge to measure up, charges for rent and utilities in big cities are often twice or three times those in the suburbs. As such, businesses in these places, too, have to factor in these payments.

Wax differs in quality and texture; some are hard, while others are soft. Generally, the hard types are better than the soft ones, although they are also more expensive than the former. You can speak with your professional about which type you consider best based on your skin type, budget, and other relevant parameters.

Post-waxing services like moisturization, cooling, and other paparazzi included by your salon can also shoot up the amount you’d pay for a Brazilian wax. Similarly, if your esthetician is licensed and experienced, they will want to charge for their expertise.

Putting all these factors together, you should budget nothing less than $60 for a Brazilian wax if you live in a city.

Why Should I Do Brazilian Wax? 5 Benefits

brazilian wax If something causes discomfort but still attracts people and interests, it must have notable benefits. That’s the case for Brazilian wax. With the discomfort and awkwardness that several people have identified as its downside, it has continued to receive attention from different people because of the following benefits it affords:

  1. Quick Results

Like shaving , you do not need to wait for days or weeks to see the result of Brazilian wax. You are all clean immediately the esthetician tells you that your session has ended. But for other methods, especially the much-touted IPL and lasers, the minimum waiting time before you can start seeing any meaningful hair reduction is three weeks. Therefore, it’s a method very appropriate when quick results are the goal.

  1. Slower and Sparser Regrowth

Although Brazilian wax is not a long-lasting hair removal approach, it gives a hair holiday of over a month. If done by a professional, the outcome is also great as it gives clean silky-smooth skin. After one or two treatments, regrowth becomes sparse, and the process becomes less discomforting.

  1. Affordability

Even in the busiest metropolis, Brazilian wax is still pocket-friendly, especially for someone who only needs a one-off treatment. Excellent IPL devices cost about four times the price of a Brazilian wax, and it does not offer an immediate result.

  1. Confidence Booster

wax Many people who had their Brazilian confessed to their smooth and fresh feeling down there. According to them, this feeling boosted their confidence and made them interact more freely.

  1. Fewer Chances of Irritation

If done by an experienced esthetician, the risk of skin irritation, stubble, or ingrown hair from Brazilian wax is low. Compared to shaving, waxing gives less post-treatment risks.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

If you have decided which salon to patronize for your Brazilian, the other main preparation is on yourself. First, you must ensure that you keep the hair down there as long as possible to minimize pain and ensure a perfect waxing. Shaving a week or two before your Brazilian appointment isn’t a good practice.

To better manage pain, you can use painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen some hours before your appointment. Although this is a no-brainer, cleaning your body – particularly the groin area – is an excellent preparation routine for your appointment.

Is Brazilian Wax Worth it?

Whether a Brazilian wax is worth it depends on your threshold for pain and the timeframe you need to wait. It is worth it if you need results in less than three days. You experience freshness and smoothness after the session is over. However, considering the fact that a third party will have access to your private parts and that the procedure will likely cause you some discomfort, you may want to check out other options.

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