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How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost? (and How to Save Money)

By Mariela
March 22, 2023
7 minutes

Did you decide to invest in laser hair removal after being fed up with removing undesired hair every week or every month? The money spent on buying razors, waxing kits, or depilatory creams aside, the side effects like bumps, nicks, and ingrown hair associated with these methods are also making you choose some long-lasting method of unwanted hair removal.

But are you wondering if your savings can cover the cost of laser hair removal consultations and sessions? Which factors determine the total cost? Moreover, if you want to know how much hair removal costs for individual parts of the body and the full body, we got you.

Lastly, are you concerned if you are making the right decision or if you can opt for another method with more benefits, you are in the right place. So, let us get through this article to help you make a decision you won’t regret.

Factors on Which the Cost of Laser Hair Removal Depends

Laser hair removal is a costly procedure. However, the price of 1 session of laser or a complete package varies. Its cost is based on several factors and your consultation with a cosmetic doctor lets you know how much you will be spending throughout the treatment.

To have a rough idea before booking a consultation, let us see the factors determining the cost of laser hair removal.

Area You Want to Treat laser

First and foremost, the bigger area you want to treat, the more will be the cost. For example, laser hair removal targeting the chin, or upper lips will be less than the packaging including full face laser. Additionally, the cost of treating legs will be more than that of arms.

And it is going to cost a lot more if you want a full-body and face laser hair removal at once.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

The second most important factor is the color of your skin and hair along with the difference in them as the laser is absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The darker the hair along with lighter skin, the better absorption, and lesser sessions lead to reduced cost.

However, people will dark skin tones or light hair colors have to spend more because of the poor effect of light on their hair.

The Location of the Laser Hair Removal Clinic

The cost of laser hair removal is also determined by the clinic you are choosing. For example, if you consult from the most advanced clinic or a clinic in a big city, the cost is going to be more. Rather, if you are okay with traveling to a small city clinic, you can save some money.

The Expertise of the Surgeon

Just like the clinic, the more famous or well-experienced the surgeon is, the more will be his/her fee. However, some surgeons also offer free initial consultations which can reduce the overall cost by $100-150.

Number of Sessions Required

Everybody requires a different number of sessions to get rid of unwanted hair completely. Usually, 3-6 sessions are needed. However, they can be increased or decreased depending on the texture, density, and quantity of hair.

What is the Average Cost You Need to Spend on Laser Hair Removal?

As we know, the cost of laser hair removal is determined by multiple factors. So, we are going to provide a vague idea of the average cost of laser hair removal here.

For Face

The face is the smallest yet most sensitive part of you. So, special care is needed in facial laser hair removal. It costs about $250-300 to treat upper lips, chin, and sideburns for 1 session. The total cost depends on the number of sessions included in your package.

For Arms and Underarms

1 session of laser hair removal treatment is anywhere between $200-250 on the pesky underarm hair. And it costs about $300-400 for your arms. So, if you go through 6 sessions, it will cost $3000-4000.

For Legs

laser legs Legs have the most surface area of the body. So, it also costs the most to get your hair removed from the legs long-lastingly. You need to spend $600-1200 to have your legs treated with laser depending on the hair density. And you need more sessions for stubborn leg hair making the total cost $4800-9600 for 8 sessions.

For Bikini Line and Brazilian

You need to spend $200-400 on each laser hair removal session from your private parts. Whether you want a complete removal or some pattern, it will take $1200-2400 for an average of 6 sessions.

For Full Body

If you select a package of full-body laser hair removal, it costs a little less than the individual costs of different body parts combined. But you still have to invest $2500-3000 for one session and $15000-18000 to have your full body go hairless.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth Such Investment

If you think about how you can feel silky smooth hairless skin and wear your pretty one-piece dresses without having to schedule them according to waxing or shaving days, it is a yes. However, if you look at the ridiculously high cost, it could be a big no.

So, let us know the pros and cons of laser hair removal, and leave that decision up to you.

Pros of Laser Hair Removal

laser 2

Following are the advantages of laser hair removal treatment that other temporary methods do not offer.

  • Hair regrowth reduction with every session.

  • Silky smooth hairless skin that lasts for 2 or more years.

  • No risk of razor burns, ingrown hair, nicks, bumps, or blunt hair ends.

  • Precise treatment with little maintenance required in between the sessions.

  • Less painful than waxing or epilation.

  • Is suitable for the entire body.

  • Some of the most advanced laser techniques can also be used on dark skin tones

Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Following are the features of laser hair removal that might make you decide against this semi-long-lasting method of hair removal.

  • Although its cost might be less than the money spent on other hair removal methods combined, it is still ridiculously high.

  • Pain, discomfort, and irritation during the session.

  • Skin redness, blistering, sensitivity, or pigmentation after the session.

  • You cannot wax or pluck your hair in between the session making you wear dresses covering your full body.

  • Ineffective for people with hormonal issues.

  • It is not long-lasting making you spend a huge sum of money after a few years.

  • The hassle of scheduling the session and commuting to the clinic

  • No privacy

Another Long-Lasting Method of Hair Removal that Saves Money

So, did you decide against laser hair removal because you are very conscious about your skin, have no such savings, or cannot go through the regular long-term session? But do you still want long-lasting hair-free skin? That is alright because the world does not end at the laser.

You can try IPL for similar benefits and with little to no side effects. We came across this recently launched IPL device with the most advanced features. It is the Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset . Let us see what makes it an attractive option.

Affordable Cost

If you did not like a laser for its extravagant cost, Ulike will make you love it with its affordable price. It is $329, the amount you’d spend on 1 session of facial laser hair removal and less than ⅓ of the amount spent on one session of laser treatment on the leg.

No Discomfort

The laser comes with pain, discomfort, and irritation. So, pre-treatment anesthetic gels and post-treatment soothing creams are used. Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Purple IPL Handset has a built-in sapphire ice-cooling system to make hair removal pain-free and comfortable. Additionally, it has a dual air duct heat dissipation to cool down the device.

Fast Results

Laser hair removal requires long-term commitment as you regularly have to make time for your session and they can last for several months. With Ulike AIR3 device, all you need is 3 weeks to go hairless because of its 21J of energy output.


You can not select laser treatment according to your skin sensitivity. However, Ulike comes with 3 comfort modes including soft mode, body mode, and power mode to help you treat your body with comfort. Also, it takes only 10 minutes for a whole body session making it time-friendly.

Full-Body Treatment

Lastly, it is suitable for the entire body. You do not need any separate attachments either. Because it comes with different intensity levels to remove unwanted hair from your head to toe.

Comparison Table


Laser Hair Removal

Ulike AIR3 IPL Device






Nearly painless




Time taken to show results

16-24 months

3 weeks


Number of sessions required

6 or more

6-9 sessions


Results last for

2+ years

6 months


Cost of re-treatment




Side effects




Need for professional help




Time taken for full body treatment

1-2 hours

10 minutes



In this article, we have talked about the average cost of laser hair removal. It varies with the number of treatment sessions required, skin tone, hair color, and body part you want to treat. On average you need to spend anywhere between $1800 for your face to $10,000 for your legs and about $18000 for your full body. Not to mention the cost spent on commuting.

However, Ulike Sapphire Air3 Purple Hair Removal Handset is pocket-friendly, easy on the skin, time-saving, and a privacy-maintaining device.

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