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How Much is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost?

By Laura
February 11, 2023
7 minutes

Is it hard to reach your sensitive parts to remove hair? Or are you fed up with Waxing and shaving the intimate areas?

Removing hair from such tricky areas may also leave little patches. And even if you remove them all successfully, you end up with ingrown hairs and quick regrowth making you go through that struggle again and again.

So, do you want hassle-free hair removal? and are you looking for a method to be done with unwanted pesky hair for a long time?

Well, we have a solution to your weekly hassles. As you might already know Laser works like magic for hair removal. With a few sessions and you can enjoy flawless beautiful skin for years.

But are you wondering if Laser works on your sensitive parts? Is it safe? Will it come under your budget?

Relax! We have answers to all your confusion. Let us get to know them in detail.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal was introduced 2 decades ago. People assumed it to be the long-lasting method of hair removal. Although it proved to be temporary, it lasts for a long time. Thus, Laser hair removal is for you if you do not want to wax/shave/epilate the unwanted irritating body hair every other day.

Laser hair removal is FDA-cleared, making it a safe method of hair removal. It can be done all over your body; face, armpits, legs, arms, bikini line, and intimate areas. However, the laser is not done around the eye and on the skin with tattoos.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works on the principle of selective electrothermolysis. It means that a specific type wavelength and duration of the laser pulse is used to target hair cells with minimum effect on the surrounding skin tissues. The difference in melanin content of hair and skin enables lasers to target hair cells.

Medical-grade lasers are used to emit a highly focused monochromatic beam of light that is absorbed into the hair. This light heats the hair, reaches its stem, and destroys them. Hair grows from its basal follicles. Once follicles are destroyed by laser heat, no hair grows until they are regenerated.

This is not a one-time procedure. Several sessions are required to provide you with completely hairless skin. And the number of sessions depends on hair growth, thickness, color, and skin type.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

You must know of Bikini line hair removal and also of Brazilian hair removal. These two are considered to be the same at times. However, that is not true. Bikini line hair removal is a hair treatment involving areas within 3 inches of the undies. But Brazilian hair removal goes beyond that. It involves vaginal and buttock hair.

Brazilian Laser hair removal treatment targets pubic hair with a laser and provides long-term hairless skin. So you can bade farewell to shaving and waxing for years and be ever ready for the pool party, beach vacations, and night outs.

Additionally, you can choose how much hair you want to be removed. As some women want all of them out while others prefer to keep a little patch like a postage stamp.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Painful?


Brazilian Laser hair removal is the same as laser hair removal on any part of your body. The experience of undergoing laser treatment differs for people. Some feel no sensations, others feel a little uncomfortable, while others feel burning and irritating sensations.

People with sensitive skin tend to be more uncomfortable with Laser. But there is a solution to that. The application of soothing gel or anesthetic creams can alleviate such sensations and make the process relatively nearly painless.

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian hair removal makes women opt for it with no second thoughts because of several benefits. These include precision, cost-effectiveness, speed, long-lasting results, no ingrown hair, and no side effects.

1. Little to No Side Effects

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive method of hair removal. There is no pulling of skin as in waxing or cuts as in shaving. It is FDA-cleared, specific for hair, and does no damage to the skin making it a safe method of hair removal.

The only side effects you might face include mild redness and inflammation over the treatment area. That too resolves within days leaving silky smooth healthy skin.

2. No Ingrown Hairs

Waxing and shaving can never be perfect and result in ingrown hair. Ingrown hair irritates the skin and makes it nasty to look at.

Laser is an efficient method of getting rid of annoying ingrown hair as it removes the hair from the roots. So you only get smooth hair-free skin with no ingrown hair.

3. Long-Lasting

This is exactly the benefit that makes women spend time and money on Laser treatments. Because once you go through 6 or more sessions, you are free to enjoy no unwanted hair skin for a long time.

Brazilian hair removal treatment lasts for a few to many years. Totally worth the money, right?

How Much Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost?

There is no set cost of Laser hair removal. Several factors determine the total cost and only a rough estimate can be made. Let us know more about those factors.

1. Hair Color and Type

Brazilian-Laser-Hair-Removal 2

Laser hair removal is dependent on hair melanin. So, the darker the hair, the greater the light absorption, and follicular destruction. This results in significantly reduced hair regrowth with fewer efforts.

However, it takes longer for light-colored hair and they need to be more patient to see the desired results.

2. Number of Sessions

Each session reduces hair growth and several sessions are needed to make the skin completely hairless. One session of full Brazilian treatment costs $250-335. The total cost depends on the number of sessions.

Some women want 3 sessions but the effects do not last as long as with more sessions. Others want the complete 6-session package to stay hairless for a longer time.

3. Skin Color and Type

As Laser is absorbed into melanin, darker skin tones also tend to absorb it. Thus, it reduces the effect of laser on the target hair. People with darker skin tones need to undergo more sessions as compared to those with light skin increasing the cost of Brazilian Laser hair removal.

4. Where You Live

All clinics have different prices for Laser hair removal packages. Popular and well-established clinics in big cities charge more for the treatment. However, the cost is less if the clinic at your residing site is offering a discount or free consultation.

Average Cost of Brazilian Hair Removal

Treatment Area

Single Session

Package of 6 Sessions

Bikini Line



Full Bikini



Ext. Bikini



Full Brazilian



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Better Alternative: Ulike Sapphire AIR+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ulike Sapphire Is knowing everything about Brazilian Laser including its cost making you look for another option? Check out the revolutionary IPL device. Ulike Sapphire AIR+ dark green IPL set can become your go-to Brazilian hair removal treatment.

1. Affordable and Easy to Use

Ulike sapphire AIR+ dark green IPL handset cost 3 times less as compared to Brazilian laser hair removal. It can also be used on the whole body. Moreover, you need no doctor or nurse for the treatment as it is easy to use and you can do your sessions in the privacy of your home.

2. Noticeable Results in 4 weeks

You have to be patient with the Laser hair removal as it takes 3 or more sessions to notice hairless skin. With Ulike sapphire AIR+ Dark Green IPL handset, only 4 weeks are needed to observe major hair regrowth reduction. A few regular touch-ups after that give you flawless skin for up to 6 months.

3. One-time Investment

Hair comes back with laser hair treatment in a few years. And you have to spend money again. But the Ulike Sapphire handset offers unlimited flashes so that you can use it anytime throughout your life without having to book consultations and buy another device.

4. Specific Level 2 Setting for Brazilian Hair Removal

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ offers 5 intensity levels to treat different areas of the body. It has a specific level 2 setting for bikini lines and Brazilian hair removal. This level is designed according to the sensitivity of these intimate areas.

5. Nearly painless Experience at Home

Ulike Sapphire

Laser hair removal is not without pain and post-treatment precautions. While Ulike Sapphire AIR+ has patent technology to give you a pain-free hair removal experience. Moreover, no cooling gel or anesthetic cream is needed. You can simply chill while removing hair.

6. FDA-Cleared and Ready to Use

Ulike AIR+ hair removal IPL handset is FDA-cleared just like laser. But it is also ready to use. Shave the hair, turn it on and you are good to go. No hassle of going to the clinic and waiting for your turn.

7. Recommended by Dermatologists

For an additional sense of security, this Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL handset is also recommended by dermatologists. A board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hadley King recommends women use Ulike IPL in the safety and privacy of their homes.


Even if Brazilian Hair removal treatment is considered affordable and gives you the liberty to enjoy your beautiful skin for a long time, 1200 dollars might seem expensive. Additionally, you might want to consider another option for privacy concerns.

In such cases, Ulike sapphire AIR+ Dark green hair removal IPL handset can be the best option for you. It is more pocket-friendly, nearly painless, and safer, and gives lifetime cost-free treatment.

So if you can afford and want hairless skin for years and want professional sessions, give Brazilian laser Hair removal a try. However, if you want to spend less and do your treatment by yourself, Ulike Sapphire AIR+ is the way to go.

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