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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Laser Hair Removal?

By Mariela
November 20, 2023
7 minutes
How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Laser Hair Removal?

It is a common assumption that unwanted body and facial hair is a concern only for adults as they have to look their best on every occasion and in their routine life as well. Therefore, the kids who grow thick hair instead of the peach fuzz or the teenager who has more hair than his fellows are often ignored. 

Such kids and teenagers are bullied for their physical appearance and it leads them to undergo an inferiority complex. Thus, they look for ways to get rid of the unwanted hair. The best way to deal with the undesirable ugly hair on your body is laser hair removal regardless of the age group, right?

So, let us see if laser hair removal is the most suitable decision for you and how old you have to be to get laser hair removal.

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: At What Age Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?
  • Part 2: What is the Best Age for Laser Hair Removal?
  • Part 3: Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teens?
  • Part 4: Laser Hair Removal for Young Adults
  • Part 5: Older Adults and Laser Hair Removal

    Part 1: At What Age Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

    laser-hair-removalWell, the age at which you can get laser hair removal and the optimal age for the laser are separate things. Under this heading, we will only look at the answer of what age can you get laser hair removal. 

    Minimum Age Requirement:

    The minimum age requirement for laser hair removal is not a particular one. Laser hair removal can be an option to consider for removing the hair semi-long-lastingly at any age. So, you or your child can get a laser at any time you feel like it whether it is the age of 10 or 100. 

    Why Should You Be at a Certain Age:

    While there is no age limit for laser hair removal, it is advised to wait until your child has hit puberty to go to a laser salon. The occurrence of periods is a sign of puberty in women. However, the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics like the beard is a sign of puberty in men.

    It is because hormonal changes occur in puberty leading to hair growth in your face and body. In addition, laser received at a younger age has transient results. Therefore, you can opt for any of the most effective hair removal methods in such cases. 

    Clinical Policy and Individual Factors:

    Each clinic has different age policies for offering laser hair removal. Some clinics allow people of all ages to get laser hair removal while some other clinics play safe and restrict laser hair removal to people over 18. 

    Furthermore, individual factors like if you have gone through puberty at a younger age or if your hair growth is enough for you to get treated are also looked at while making the policy for laser hair removal. 

    Part 2: What is the Best Age for Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair RemovalIt is now time to discuss the ideal age requirement for a laser. 

    Optimal Laser Hair Removal Age:

    The optimal age for laser hair removal is above 18 years. It is the age where most of the teens are entering adulthood, they are wise enough to make a decision for themselves, and their body has reached a certain level of puberty where hormonal fluctuations are not intense. 

    Also, if you wonder how old you have to be to get laser hair removal down there, the right answer is that after your teens the pubic hair is fully developed. 

    Factors Determining the Age:

    The factors determining the age of the laser are

    • Secondary sexual characteristics: The development of secondary sexual characteristics fully means your hormones are not changing anymore and your hair follicles have also reached their adult size and number. Also, the level of estrogen begins to decrease in older age making lasers relatively ineffective for elders.
    • The hair and skin: The skin might be too sensitive in younger years and older years as well. So, you have to be well-prepared for the discomfort associated with the laser. Also, the hair is darkest in the early adulthood years making lasers highly effective. The pigment starts to reduce in older years making it difficult for the laser to target unwanted hair.
    • The ability to make decisions: A teenager can be responsible and an elder might not be mature enough. So, your mental age is important when considering laser. 
    • The will to stay consistent: Laser hair removal is a multi-step process. Therefore, you have to stay consistent with the schedule, pre-, and post-care of the laser. Also, give Laser Hair Removal 101

    Need for Professional Consultations:

    Whether you are 18 or 90, it is important to get a consultation from a professional before the commencement of your laser hair removal sessions to ensure that you won’t regret the treatment.

    Part 3: Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teens?

    Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Teens?Now, we will discuss the effects of laser hair removal on different age groups. 

    Pre-Requisites and Consent:

    In America, teens might be given the full freedom. But they are still dependent on their parents, right? Therefore, if you are a teenager looking forward to laser hair removal, go talk to your parents and get consent. 

    The parents supervise the treatment, pre-, and post-care of the laser to make it safe and effective for you. In addition, any hidden disorder like PCOS, hypertrichosis, or hirsutism is worth considering.  

    Safety Considerations:

    With safety considerations, it means paying attention to the hair on your body so that they have reached its maximum density and thickness. It is because hair keeps growing in the teenage years.

    Also, you should keep the condition of your skin in mind and meticulously take measures to protect and improve its barrier. 

    Potential Risks and Side Effects: 

    The risks and side effects of laser hair removal for teens are given as,

    • Relatively more pain and discomfort because their body is more sensitive to pain
    • Regrowth of hair at any time because hormonal status is changing
    • Temporary results of the laser because new hair follicles form
    • Skin redness, irritation, and burns when no proper pre and post-care is taken

    Part 4: Laser Hair Removal for Young Adults

    Laser Hair Removal for Young AdultsYoung adults are the best candidates for laser hair removal. Let us see how. 

    Suitability and Considerations:

    Laser hair removal is most effective when you get the sessions in your 20s and 30s. It stays effective until 50 years of age around menopause. So, if you fall in this age group, you should consider the following factors.

    • Your skin type and tone
    • Your hair color and the type of laser most suitable for it
    • Your budget
    • Your schedule 


    The benefits of laser hair removal for busy adults are given as,

    • Saves the money spent on in-salon waxing or threading
    • Save the time spent on shaving, depilatory creams, and other hair removal methods
    • Hairless smooth ready-to-go skin 24/7
    • Boost in self-esteem
    • Hairless body that lasts for many years 

    Effects and Experience: 

    Most of the adults who get laser hair removal are satisfied with the results and they feel like laser hair removal was one of the best decisions in their life. This is because, in the adult years, the effect of hormones is little on hair growth as they are not undergoing fluctuations.

    However, the case might be a little different if you have PCOS, and take OCPs or any hormone-containing medicine. 

    Part 5: Older Adults and Laser Hair Removal

    Older Adults and Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal in the other extreme of the age, 50s, and 60s have different results. Let us see how. 

    Factors Affecting Laser Hair Removal in Older Adults

    • Hormonal status: The level of hormones starts changing in your 50s. It gives you hair in places you never had it before like the chin or neck. Such hair is stubborn and needs multiple treatments.
    • Skin Condition: The skin becomes delicate and sagging in older years. So, the laser might affect the skin adversely. 
    • Pigmentation of the hair: The pigmentation of the hair is reduced after menopause making it difficult for lasers to target the hair. 

    Points to Consider While Getting Laser Hair Removal

    Keep these points in mind as well. 

    • Skin sensitivity: If your skin has become too sensitive, you might not take laser hair removal because of the discomfort associated with it. 
    • Medical disorders: If there is any condition that is affecting your skin or you have a tumor, laser hair removal might not be ideal for you.
    • Medications: If you are taking medicines that trigger photosensitivity, laser hair removal is not a good option.

    Need for Personalized Treatment

    Age can be one of the biggest limitations of laser hair removal. However, it is not an absolute contraindication. So, considering all the factors given above, you should consult a laser hair removal surgeon to determine if laser hair removal will work for you. Also, you can ask him/her for customized treatment. 


    Laser hair removal is safe for all age groups. However, when it comes to suitability, the ideal age group is the 20s to 40s as the efficacy of laser hair removal is decreased at the extremes of the age.

    However, individual factors vary and there are several points to consider while opting for this procedure. We discussed all those factors above. Furthermore, you can talk with the doctor to ensure that you are making the right decision for your age and other conditions. 

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