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How to Get a Laser Hair Removal PCOS the Right Way?

By Mariela
November 21, 2023
9 minutes
How to Get a Laser Hair Removal PCOS the Right Way?

Some women suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder that can affect their ovaries. A symptom of that syndrome is Hirsutism, in which you will see a lot of hair that will be coarse and dark on the body regions where only men grow hair. Such a condition can be very irritating and any woman would want to get a laser hair removal treatment done as soon as possible.

However, there’s confusion if you can get laser hair removal for PCOS or not. In this article, we’ll highlight that question, answer it, and guide you on how to get laser hair removal with PCOS in the right manner. Table of Contents:

What’s PCOS?

What’s PCOS?When females enter their reproductive age, some of them can get a hormonal disorder, PCOS. Because of that, they can feel a disbalance in their hormones, a disturbance in their reproductive system, and a disrupted metabolism. Overall, it’s a very complex situation, and the worst part is that the exact situation is very tricky to get to. Still, here are some common causes of PCOS:

          1. It can be caused due to genetic and environmental factors.
          2. High levels of androgens (male hormones), chronic inflammation, and insulin resistance can also cause PCOS.

What Symptoms Suggest PCOS In Women?

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Even though there can be a lot of reasons behind your irregular menstrual cycle, PCOS can also cause that to happen, and because of this, it becomes almost impossible to predict your ovulation period.

Excess Androgens

If you have PCOS, then it can cause an excess of androgens in your body. Due to that, you may notice a lot of acne, hirsutism, and male-pattern baldness on your head.

Impact of PCOS On Hair Growth & Hirsutism

Men-like Hair Growth

Because of PCOS, a female’s body will see very manly hair growth on her body. For example, your body will grow coarse and dark hair on parts where only men grow hair, like, the face, chest, back, and abdomen. This can make you look more manly.

Highly Sensitive Hair Follicles

PCOS can make your hair follicles more sensitive to androgens, and sensitive follicles can make your hair thick and dark even if your androgen levels are normal.

Emotional & Psychological Impacts

There’s a very high chance that you may experience anxiety, depression, and many types of emotional trauma just because of so much unwanted hair on your body that’s making you manly.

How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal for PCOS?

Laser Hair Removal for PCOSDoes laser hair removal work for PCOS or not? This is a major question, which we’ll answer in this section.

PCOS Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

Laser hair removal is a very intelligent and effective idea to get rid of unwanted hair if you have PCOS. Reasons why laser hair removal is so effective include:

Technique Used In Laser Hair Removal

The technique of laser hair removal suggests that light beams are shot at the melanin of the hair follicles, and it has nothing to do with the PCOS. That is why laser hair removal will be very effective, no matter what level of PCOS you have.

Long-term Results

So what if laser hair removal doesn’t promise long-lasting results? You can still enjoy a hair-free touch and glow with laser hair removal if you’re suffering from PCOS. With time, you will also notice that the hair will regrow thinner, finer, and less dense, so laser hair removal becomes very helpful in the case of PCOS.

Considering Different Degrees Of Hirsutism & How An Individual May Respond To The Treatment

Degree of Hirsutism

Those with mild hirsutism will respond well to the laser hair removal treatment and they’ll see that the hair will start to regrow at a very slower pace than usual. And with multiple sessions, they’ll notice almost no hair on their body.

Hair Color & Skin Type

If your skin color is light, then you’ll be more likely to get better results from the treatment because hirsutism causes dark and coarse hair on the body. But with a light skin shade, laser hair removal treatment will go best.

Electrolysis Or Laser Hair Removal For PCOS?

In this section, we’ll go through electrolysis vs laser hair removal PCOS.

Comparison Basis Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal
Mechanism of action Uses electric current to destroy the hair follicles individually Laser is shot toward the hair follicle and the melanin absorbs that light to get damaged
Effectiveness Offers more long-lasting results, nearly long-lasting Offers long-lasting results, shorter than electrolysis
Pain & Discomfort A needle is inserted every time for each hair follicle, which will be a little painful It’s far less painful than electrolysis
Treatment area It’s better for small areas because it takes a long time It’s a better option for large areas since it’s way faster than electrolysis
Hair Color & Skin Type Compatibility Perfectly compatible with all hair types and skin tones Better for light skin tones with dark hair

Differences In Effectiveness & Approach

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalIn this treatment, you’re likely to get long-lasting results, but you must also attend several sessions to get the best out of it. Usually, you can expect to attend about 8 to 10 sessions to get proper benefits. This treatment is very effective if you have skin tones of lighter shades because then the hair melanin (that’s dark in color) will absorb most of the laser lights, and that will give you effective results.


It’s way better than laser treatment because it doesn’t have to do anything with your skin and hair color. Then, the electric current is applied directly to the hair follicle, which will damage it completely. So, you’re more likely to get nearly long-lasting or very long-lasting results for sure.

Reach Out To Your Professional For Best Consultation

Even though both treatments give you long-lasting results, we still recommend that you reach out to your trusted consultant, and that’s because she’ll give you the best advice. She knows better about your skin, how your body may react to different treatments, and what’s a safer option for you.

Laser Hair Removal Before & After With PCOS

Laser Hair Removal Before & After With PCOSHere’s a snap of PCOS laser hair removal before and after:

You will notice very friendly changes in your unwanted hair regrowth after laser hair removal treatment if you have PCOS. But please remember that even though you might notice some changes after the first session, you still need to go through all the sessions because that’s how laser hair removal works. Also, if you don’t know how many sessions you will need, that’s where your consultant and esthetician will help you out. Ask them how many sessions you need to get long-lasting results from the treatment.

Does Medicaid Cover Laser Hair Removal for PCOS?

Laser Hair RemovalMedicaid doesn’t necessarily cover laser hair removal treatment for PCOS in all the states of America. That’s why you need to check the state government’s regulations individually. Usually, laser hair removal treatment is considered a cosmetic treatment, which is why it doesn’t get covered in Medicaid for sure. But, if you have PCOS, it’s a medical condition and a laser hair removal treatment becomes somewhat necessary to fight this situation. That’s why some states allow this treatment to be covered by Medicaid.

Eligibility & Specific Requirements To Get Covered

          • PCOS Diagnosis: You will need a formal diagnosis of PCOS by a qualified healthcare professional first.
          • Medical Necessity Documentation: You need to prove that this laser hair removal treatment is more of a medical necessity rather than a cosmetic procedure, your doctor will give you documentation to support this fact.
          • Application To The Program: You can now submit your request to Medicaid and tell them that you need this treatment for medical purposes.
          • Provider Participation Check: You need to verify whether your laser hair removal treatment provider participates in the Medicaid program or not because not all the providers compulsorily participate in it. 

Alternate Financial Options

Private Insurance

So, can laser hair removal be covered by insurance for PCOS? Well, some private insurance companies may cover your treatment.

Discount Programs At The Clinics

Sometimes some clinics offer discounts on the treatment, especially for those with PCOS, but you need to do regular and rigorous research on the net for that.

Charitable Organizations

Some non-profit organizations can help you out. Some of them are:

          • PCOS Challenge: The National Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association
          • The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) Foundation
          • PCOS Foundation

How Many Sessions Will I Need With PCOS?

How Many Sessions Will I Need With PCOS?It’s a matter of concern because those with PCOS can need a few more sessions than a normal person, which will be 6 to 12 sessions or 2 to 4 more. Some factors that can affect this range are discussed below.

Factors That Can Affect Your Total Treatment Sessions (For PCOS)

Hair Color, Thickness, & Skin Color

If your hair grows thick and dark and you also have a fair skin tone, then you’re sure to get benefits quickly. But if hair in excess is fine and lighter, or if your skin tone is a little dark, then you will need more sessions to get the best results.

The Severity Of Hirsutism

As we said above, if it’s mild hirsutism, then you will need fewer sessions, but if it’s severe, then you may need 12+ sessions.

Your Consistency With Your Treatment

Remember that if you’re consistent with your treatment, then you will achieve better results very quickly. By consistent treatment, we mean to say that you keep proper gaps between each session, attend all the sessions, and don’t skip post-care treatments.

Why Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plans & Consultations?

          1. If you stick to your doctor’s advice and treatment plans, you will notice delayed hair regrowth, or else, the entire treatment can become lengthy or ineffective.
          2. Your doctor will analyze your body to come up with the best treatment plan, and following it will help you keep the risks at bay.
          3. Since every girl’s body differs, your doctor will give you custom plans that fit you best. That way, your esthetician can tackle your (individual body’s) needs better.
          4. To get long-lasting results, following a professional’s treatment plan will be the safest option for you.

Best at Home Laser Hair Removal for PCOS

UlikeSo, if you have PCOS and those excess unwanted hair is bothering you, then you can also go for an at-home laser hair removal treatment, which is very much like any salon treatment. At-home laser hair removal devices are handheld devices that are usually designed for home use. You can use these devices like your regular shaver, trimmer, or any grooming product that you might have at your home. Here are some reasons why you would want to go for IPL at-home hair removal devices instead of salon treatments:

          • Salon treatments can be expensive, especially if you’re not so financially strong, you’re not getting financial aid, and you need way more sessions than a normal person. But an IPL home device will be a real money-saver for you.
          • If you think that each session is taking a lot of time, which includes waiting, treatment, and travel time, then an IPL device will let you save on that. You can use this device any time at your convenience and it takes just 8-10 minutes per session.
          • If you’re on your periods and rescheduling isn’t an option, then either you have to bear more pain (since the skin becomes sensitive during periods) or waste your money on an appointment that cannot be rescheduled. But you can use an IPL device when your menstruation period ends.

Go For Ulike

Remember that at-home IPL laser hair removal devices are affordable, highly effective, reliable, and user-friendly when we talk about Ulike devices. Whatever problems you have with a salon, these Ulike devices are a perfect solution. You can try out Ulike Air 3 or Ulike Air+ to get more than 70% reduction in just 4 weeks. Also, their designs are so unisex.


At this point, we can conclude that laser hair removal treatment is one of the best options if you have PCOS, and Ulike at-home devices can substitute them nicely. But remember that before going for a treatment, you need a treatment plan, which only your doctor can prepare for you. So don’t forget to have a proper word with your doctor, speak to them about your condition, your allergies, and your likes, and dislikes, and they’ll give you the best solution to your excess hair problem.

On your end, you can search on the net to find out how other people with a similar condition got cured, how was their experience, and what problems they faced. Learning from the expert holders is never a bad idea after all.

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