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How to Choose the Right Hair Removal Method for Your Body?

By Viktoria
December 5, 2023
9 minutes
How to Choose the Right Hair Removal Method

Before you enter your card details and pay for any hair removal tool, there are important things you must consider. The chances are that you know this already but you may not know what makes up the essential consideration.

Today, there are at least ten hair removal methods, with none free from one fault or the other. For some, their setback is that they are expensive and require a trained expert. Others are either ineffective or prone to serious skin issues like bumps and ingrown hair. Therefore, if you are considering any of these methods, you need to be sure you’re making the most of your options.

In this article, I will help you narrow down the best hair removal method based on your needs. Let’s start by looking at six critical factors that can help you optimize your choice in this regard.

Table of Contents:

6 Things You Must Consider Before Selecting a Hair Removal Method

1. Where is the Objectionable Hair Located on Your Body?

The kind of hair removal method that will be most suitable for you depends (among other things) on the location of the unwanted hair. Is it on your face, head, leg, armpits, or groin area? 

Hairs in these places are different in length, texture, and volume, and that explains why you need to consider this point. Apart from that, different body parts differ in terms of sensitivity, suggesting that what you use on your bead, for instance, may not be appropriate for your pubic areas.

With this understanding, let’s consider major body parts and the hair removal method that may be best for them.

a) Face, Underarms, or Pubic Areas

How Many Sessions Will I Need With PCOS?One common thing about these three body parts is their skin’s sensitivity. The face is particularly delicate because it’s like the window to the body. Any cut, infection, or unsuccessful hair removal attempt can leave it less than desirable. Therefore, the method you should be considering for these areas should be one that is not abrasive or involves avoidable skin pulling.

The qualifying techniques based on this consideration include shaving, trimming, electrolysis, depilatories, laser, or IPL. I know I earlier noted that every method has its pros and cons, but these are less harmful and more effective than others.

Despite all the noise about shaving not being long-lasting and its propensity to cause people ingrown hairs and bumps, it’s still the most acceptable and popular of all. Even modern approaches like the IPL require that you shave first if your hair length is significant. Everyone can shave regardless of their skin type, tone, or sensitivity.

However, if you want something more sophisticated and yet affordable, an IPL device offers that. These handheld tools are easy to operate, requiring only flashing of light on the spot and waiting a few weeks to become hairless. With these handsets, you can stay hairless for months, without running the risk of bumps, cuts, or rashes.


Since the face, groin, and armpit have delicate skin, you shouldn’t use removal methods that can predispose it to dangers. An IPL or laser device is the perfect choice if you don’t have the time and money to visit a beauty shop. That said, if your hair and skin tones are not qualified for an IPL treatment, booking an electrolysis appointment may be the best option, especially if you aren’t opposed to long-lastingly removing those hairs.

b) Head

Men are the ones most often concerned with hair removal on the head. As part of the beauty regimen, many either partially or completely remove their head hairs using electric or battery-operated razors. These devices favor minimal hair removal and shaping, which men need. 

Another technique, which is no less effective, is trimming using scissors. Where you only want to keep the hair on your head at a particular level and have no access to a razor, this approach may be the best. The downside is that you will most likely need help to do it properly.

c) Hands, Legs, and Back

Waxing01These three body parts are arguably the most permissive of all. They are less sensitive and are more accessible to tools or gadgets than other body parts. As such, you can use almost any hair removal method, so long as you permit them and they are safe. 

For example, if you don’t mind minimal pain or discomfort, waxing can be an excellent way to remove leg hairs. You can get it done at a beauty shop or simply DIY. Done correctly, waxing can keep body hairs off for at least four weeks. The result is also immediate and similar to what a salon laser or IPL will give.

Generally speaking, any hair removal method you consider perfect for your face, armpit, and groin areas will also be OK for your legs and hands. What does not always hold is to reverse this approach. Methods suitable for these areas may not augur well if used on sensitive body parts, and rather than achieve smooth skin, you might be nurturing a serious skin injury.

Bottom Line

Where the objectionable hair is on your body is a significant determinant of which removal method will be most suitable. Many only grow hairs on their armpits and groin areas and are not concerned with other body parts. Some, however, need to remove a strand or the other from almost all parts of their body. If you are in the first category, you need a method that is particularly suitable for the nature of the skin in those areas. IPLs, razors, and Lasers are the best options in this regard. But for the second category, you can extend the list to include waxing, plucking, and depilatory creams.

2. How Long You Want to Stay Hairless

Besides the body part that you plan on getting rid of its hair, another paramount consideration is how much hair break you wish to have. As you may already know, only electrolysis truly offers an irreversible hair removal experience. Other techniques are reversible, with some giving rise to regrowth as quickly as a week. 

Therefore, the real question under this consideration is whether you want long-lasting hair removal or a brief or long-term break from hairiness. With shaving, the maximum break time is two weeks. Waxing lasts up to a month, while IPLs and lasers can give six months or more, depending on the device and your adherence to its usage instructions.

3. Skin and Hair Tones

Some hair removal methods, particularly those that involve using light to destroy or dislodge hair follicles, are selective in terms of the skin and hair tones they support. Generally, blonde or gray-haired folks with dark or tanned skin do not benefit much from IPL hair removal. In contrast, the method favors light-skinned and dark-haired individuals.

Another twist to this factor is your hair length. If you’re considering waxing or tweezing, it’s best to grow the hair a bit longer to prevent breakage and ingrown hair. The methods that do not rely on your skin and hair tones include electrolysis, removal creams, tweezing, waxing, and shaving. If you visit a beauty salon, a trained technician can determine the right light wavelength and color for your skin. As such, salon lasers may make the light option available for all skin tones and types.

4. How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Hair removal is already a multi-million-dollar industry, with many big players and novel ideas emerging daily. Consequently, quality comes at a price. While shaving may be said to be cheap, its cumulative cost can be significant over a few years. So are other methods; none is particularly cheap, but you can appraise your budget and let it guide your decision.

As a guide, if you aren’t prepared to spend above one thousand dollars in your hair removal adventure, steer clear of salon-offered services. These include salon IPL, laser, or electrolysis. Many of them require multiple sessions, each capable of setting you back by tens or hundreds of dollars, depending on the size of the area.

If you would love to get rid of body hair completely but don’t have much money, purchasing an IPL device is an incredibly wise decision. First, you can use most of them for a lifetime. Second, they usually don’t require a refill or any major repair. Yes, some can cost as much as $300+, but whatever you pay is a one-off investment. And for most excellent brands, you are entitled to a full refund if the device doesn’t work as expected.

5. Your Skin’s Sensitivity

Sensitive skin owners are often very picky about their skincare regimen. That’s necessary because, with the wrong treatment method, the overall intention of wanting to remove the hair can be defeated. If your skin is sensitive, you cannot go for hair removal options like epilation, waxing, tweezing, or plucking, especially on your face, because of the potential hurt and disfiguration it can cause.

The most appropriate option would be a method that requires minimal or no mechanical pulling of your skin. Such may include careful shaving, depilatory creams, or at-home IPL hair removal gadgets. Electrolysis is also safe if carried out by a meticulous electrologist. However, the best and most convenient method is using a premium at-home IPL gadget. It poses no risk or stress to your skin.

6. Convenience and Privacy

As stated earlier, some hair removal methods are possible at home without assistance or appointment. Others require that you visit an expert and keep doing so until you complete your recommended sessions. Now, for someone with a tight schedule, frequenting a salon for a beauty regimen may be a luxury. Besides the time it takes, the need to expose your body to a third party is one significant setback for salon-based treatments.

But methods like shaving and IPLs are pretty much possible within your closet and are very fast, too. While in the bathroom or during relaxation time in your living room, you can complete the required process in less than 15 minutes. So, for travelers and people with busy schedules, this consideration is by no means a small thing.

A Tabular Guide for Choosing the Best Hair Removal Method

Hair Removal Methods Meaning Cost Suitable for Sensitive skin? Suitable for face, bikini, and armpits? Major Downsides  How long does the result last?
Shaving Cutting hairs very close to the skin surface Cheap in the short term; can be very expensive with time Yes Yes Ingrown hair, bumps, and cuts Maximum of two weeks
IPL Using light to dislodge hair follicles Cheap over time Yes Yes Not suitable for all skin tones Long-lasting as long as you keep using it as instructed
Laser Using light to dislodge hair follicles Cheap over time, but can be initially expensive Yes Yes You have to wait for weeks before seeing the results Long-lasting as long as you keep using it as instructed
Epilation Mechanically uprooting hairs from their roots Affordable No Painful Quite painful Maximum of four weeks
Tweezing Mechanically uprooting hairs from their roots Affordable No Painful Quite painful Maximum of four weeks 
Sugaring Akin to waxing Affordable Yes Painful Not very effective Maximum of four weeks
Electrolysis Irreversibly damaging hair follicles using electricity Very expensive Yes Yes Appointment-based and costly Long-lasting and irreversible
Depilatory creams Removing hair using chemicals Affordable Yes Risky Harmful chemicals Maximum of two weeks
Waxing Using strips to uproot hairs Affordable No Painful Painful Maximum of four weeks
Threading Using thread to uproot hair Affordable No Painful Limited in scope Maximum of four weeks
Plucking Manually uprooting hair Affordable No Painful Limited in scope Maximum of four weeks

In Conclusion

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal HandsetEvery method sure has its pros and cons. However, from the analysis done so far, it’s clear that apart from shaving, one other general hair removal method is IPL. It’s affordable, convenient, and long-lasting in its result. 

But just going online to purchase an IPL device without making proper findings is not the best. Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal Handset is a tested and well-reviewed IPL that offers a great user experience. It is FDA-cleared and suitable for use head to toe. If, for a genuine reason, you do not feel satisfied with the result, you can return it within 90 days of your purchase and get a full refund.

A more lasting choice for everyone is electrolysis, but it’s costly and irreversible. If you must go for it, it has to be worth it. Whatever your decision is, keep safety in mind, and ensure you check what others have to say about it before moving ahead.

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