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How to Cover up a Bruise? (With & Without Makeup)

By Mariela
February 7, 2024
7 minutes
How to Cover up a Bruise (With & Without Makeup)

Bruises might not be a common happening. But we have to agree that they occur. Whether you hit your arm or thigh in the corner of that table while being in a hurry, had some facial procedure done that left you with injection marks, or even got into a fight with someone, you can end up with bruises.

The bruises do not need to speak a story, right? And they should not impact your confidence as well. However, they take some time to heal. So, what can you do meanwhile to prevent the bruising from affecting your daily life?

Well, concealing them with or without makeup is the way to go. So, let us discuss how to cover up bruises with or without makeup in this article.

Table of Contents:

How do you get a Bruise in the First Place?

Our skin and the subcutaneous tissues lying just under the skin contain blood vessels of different sizes known as arteries, veins, and capillaries. These vessels get blood to and from the skin.

While arteries and veins can resist variable amounts of force because of the muscles in their walls, capillaries are only one cell thick and they can burst open with the application of minor trauma.

The rupture of the vessels causes the blood to collect under the skin and give you a bruise. Not only subcutaneous tissue, bruises can also occur in the eyes and cartilage.

Process of Skin  Discoloration in a Bruise

Immediately after getting hit, the fresh blood under the skin gives the bruise its red color. Then deoxygenation of this blood takes place and the bruise appears blue to purple.

As time passes, blood is disintegrated by immunity and enzymes and the bruise becomes green to yellow. Furthermore, it turns brows as it is healing. This process is well explained in an article by Medical News Today [1].

How to Cover up a Bruise with Makeup?

How to Cover up a Bruise with MakeupDepending upon the intensity of the trauma, bruise takes time to heal as explained in the process of bruising above. So, here are some ways to hide your bruise quickly with makeup, especially when you need to go out.

1. Color Correction with Color Wheel

Do you remember the color wheel? Well, it can be used to mask your bruise. As bruises are of different colors, you can use color correctors of the opposite color to counteract the bruise.

For example, green lies opposite to red in the color wheel. So, a green color corrector is the best option to cover up fresh bruises. After applying the corrector, go on with your everyday makeup routine.

2. Concealer and Foundation

Color correction might not be enough if your bruise is severe. You need to top it up with a concealer. Use a concealer that is 1 shade lighter than your skin, apply it on the bruise, and pat it in.

After that use the foundation with your skin color and complete the process with a translucent yet shining powder. Also, check out the 10 Best Concealers for Mature Skin and Dark Circles of 2023.

3. Distract Attention by Highlighting

Sometimes, bruises remain a little visible even after concealing them appropriately. In these cases, you need to withdraw the attention from the areas with the bruise to other areas.

For this, wear bold-colored lipstick, apply a highlight to make the cheekbones obvious, and go for some funky eye makeup. This works well for the bruises on the face.

4. Use a Bronzer or Tanner

If the bruise lies in the area where you usually use a bronzer and it is yellow or brown colored, all you need is to use the bronzer on that area in a way that the edges of the bruise become less obvious and it looks like your normal skin.

For the bruises on the body, tanners can be used to conceal them.

How to Cover up a Bruise Without Makeup?

How to Cover up a Bruise Without MakeupCovering up the bruise with makeup can be a little tricky. So, we have some easier options for you.

1. Hide the Bruise

The best way to cover a bruise is to hide it. Wear full-sleeve clothes if the bruise is on your arms, take help with gloves if it lies on your hands, pants are a great option for bruises on thighs or calves, and a scarf goes well for neck bruises.

That is not all, you can hide the facial bruises with a cap, goggles, or earrings.

2. Wear Something Louder Than the Bruise

Just like bold makeup can divert attention from the ways, wearing unique accessories can work as well. For example, wear an attractive statement jewelry piece that people cannot take their eyes away from.

Additionally, you can use a paste-on tattoo on the bruise.

3. Apply Toothpaste

When anything is broken, toothpaste is there to save it. While it might not be true in most circumstances, toothpaste can help you cover up the bruise. It does so by fastening up the healing in the wound.

The flow of the blood collected under the skin is increased with toothpaste. As a result, there will be little to no discoloration. However, it is not a quick fix.

4. Scrub it

Scrubbing the wound might look like a way to aggravate the bruise. However, it is rather helpful when done right. Take a toothbrush with soft yet sturdy blisters and scrub the area with the bruise gently.

It will disintegrate the blood clot lying under the skin and reduce skin discoloration. But remember to be gentle and not overdo it.

5. Cool it Down or Warm it Up

Icing and warming up are great techniques for covering up the bruise depending upon the stage of the bruise. If the bruise is fresh, use ice immediately so that the broken blood vessels are constricted and there is little to no blood loss to cause the bruise.

Furthermore, icing prevents inflammation and redness of the skin. After some minutes, you can use a warm compress on the wound so that the leftover blood flows through the vessels without clotting.

These effects of temperature on bruises are mentioned in a study [2].

Ways to Heal the Bruise

Ulike IPL Hair RemovalLet us talk about some methods to heal the bruise quickly so that you do not have to cover it anymore. Also, remove the hair from the skin with a Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset to improve the absorption of these products.

1. Use a Thick Moisturising Agent

A thick moisturizing agent like petroleum jelly is a great option to prevent a bruise from scabbing. Not only does it protect the skin from infection by forming a barrier to the bacteria, but it also hydrates the skin and fastens the healing process. You can use aloe vera gel as well.

2. Green Tea Bags

Green tea is a popular anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent. Using a cold green tea bag over the bruise constricts the blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and enhances the process of healing.

The rationale for the use of green tea bags for wound healing is discussed in a study [3]. More benefits of green tea are mentioned in All of Green Tea Benefits for Skin, You Need to Know!

3. Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K is a coagulating agent that reduces bleeding and increases the healing of wounds.

Moreover, it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, using vitamin K cream heals bruises as explained in various studies [4].

4. Arnica Cream

Arnica montana is a natural plant that is used in the production of commercial arnica cream which is an excellent product to heal bruises and reduce pain as mentioned in research [5]. Moreover, if the area with the wound is darkened, check out The Best Neck Whitening Creams to Try (2023)


Bruises occur as a result of trauma to the skin and become an inconvenient mark on the body or the face. However, let us not let these bruises get to our heads and damage our esteem. Thus, learn about the ways to deal with it conveniently that we mentioned in this article.

There are many options. So, you can use a color corrector, concealer, or bronzer to hide the bruise. In addition, you can conceal it with clothes or accessories.

Furthermore, out of all ways, the best option is to ensure its quick healing by applying ointments, lotions, and home remedies. So, we hope that you won’t worry anymore if you ever get a bruise.


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