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How to Find a Good Personal Trainer for Women? (8 Mistakes to Avoid)

By Viktoria
March 16, 2023
7 minutes

Men and Women have different bodies. They have different requirements and work differently. Even if you find a place for your daily workout and you have the motivation, you will never know whether it’s the right exercise for you or not. So, hiring a personal trainer can be a great idea for anyone including both men and women.

The trainer can not only help you in getting your dream body and spending a quality life but will also keep you motivated. You can focus better and achieve more accurate results with a personal trainer alongside you. But, with the number of trainers available today, it can be quite struggling to find the right one.

So, let’s cut to the chase and find what to do and what to avoid to find a personal trainer suitable for you!

Why do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Do you want to know what difference it makes to have a personal trainer? Let’s answer this.

1. Helps Maintain Consistency and Motivation

A personal trainer is able to set your training plans according to your likings and needs. This will lead you to enjoy your sessions and work more consistently.

Moreover, even if you are down at times, they can also motivate you to keep up with your training. With personal trainers always there to guide you and resolve any issue, you can never feel down.

2. Corrects Your Form to Avoid Injuries

It is very common to overlook mistakes while training by yourself leading to injuries. When a personal trainer is there for you, he can show you every single step to do your exercise. You can get guidance on every minor detail that can help in having a comfortable experience.

Additionally, the trainer can point out your wrong posture immediately thus improving the quality of your training session.

3. Personalizes Workouts Based on Your Body Type

training Just like how choosing the right clothes according to your body type can change your whole personality, a personalized workout plan can also affect the results of your hard work.

For example, ectomorphs don’t require much cardio as compared to endomorphs. So, your personal trainer can help you know your body type and choose the right workout plan to make your training worth it.

4. Creates Partnerships for Achieving Goals

How does it feel to have a person who is committed to your goals as much as you are? It feels good and uplifting, right?

When you work with your personal trainer, you are able to communicate everything with them to have effective results. Additionally, mutual understanding can create a healthy environment for the workout.

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer for Women

If you have decided to choose a trainer, then why not research a little and go for the best one who can meet your requirements easily? Let’s ask about what research you require to know that this trainer is the best one for you.

1. Verify Credentials, and Experience

Before choosing any company to work for we verify their credentials. Similarly, before choosing a trainer, it is essential to know if you are choosing a trustworthy person or not.

So, verify that they have the required certifications and they qualify to be a trainer. Make sure that they are reliable. Also, if they have experience in areas you want to focus on, they can help you train better than an inexperienced person.

2. Ensure their Personality is Compatible with Your Needs

trainer 1 Knowing the personality of your trainer is important to decide if you can connect well with him. If you are compatible with your trainer, you will have the desire to go for training daily.

Moreover, keep in mind that the trainer is not just talking but also working on your needs. A good personal trainer is one who can not only make you feel comfortable but also show you the wanted results.

3. Check their Area of Specialization

Not every key can open every lock. In a similar manner, each personal trainer has expertise in some specific areas, but not all. That is why it is essential to know what your requirements are.

Then, decide whether the trainer you are selecting can fulfill those requirements or not. For example, there are trainers who have specialized in training people with joint issues. So, be smart and choose the one that fits your needs.

4. Ask for Client Testimonials and References

It’s easy to just blabber than to prove the ability a person has. You should certainly not go for a trainer who doesn’t have any reviews or references.

After you have selected your trainer, ask him for any testimonials and references before finalizing your decision. This helps you know about his punctuality, his expertise, his problem-solving skills, and his professional behavior.

5. Find out their Charges

It’s understood that personal trainers charge more as compared to normal trainers. The charges can differ on basis of experience, specialization, services, and the time for training.

So, before hiring a personal trainer, accurately search for what they are charging. This will help you find out the one that fits your budget beforehand.

6. Know their Network

It is very likely for you to spend a lot of your time with your personal trainer. As a result, you should know about the social network of such people, to know about their personality and reliability.

Furthermore, you can get injuries during your training. You will also need a nutritionist, and physical therapist to have perfect results. So, if your trainer has such connections, you will not have to search for everyone separately.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Good Personal Trainer

1. Does Not Consider Your Goals and Objectives

The biggest mistake a person can make before hiring a good personal trainer is not considering their goals and objectives.

If you do not know what are your requirements, you will never know who to choose. Confusion can lead to making wrong decisions. They can affect you financially, physically, and mentally in terms of training by wasting your money, affecting your health, and making you worry about no progress.

2. Not Having a Trial Session Before Hiring

trainer 2 Having a trial session before hiring a personal trainer is obligatory. This will enable you to know about their compatibility with you.

If you do not have a trial session, you will never know about the personality and behavior of your trainer. For example, if you are someone who likes to work in a peaceful environment but your trainer keeps getting loud to motivate you, you are never going to like it.3. Just Focusing on Certifications Not Experience

Sometimes, a person has the certifications but no practical life experience. In such cases, they can guide you theoretically but not practically.

It is understood that gym training requires practical knowledge more than theoretical. So, if you focus only on the certifications, you might find someone who will not be able to solve your problems immediately and guide you the right way.

4. Keeping Your Health History a Secret

Just like how a doctor needs to know everything about your medical records, your personal trainer should also be aware of them.

Trainers set your schedules and your exercises according to your needs and medical conditions. But, if you hide something from them, they might choose the wrong exercise which can worsen the situation than make any improvements. For example, if you have any spinal cord issue and you hide it, heavy exercise can cause disc slip.

5. Getting Along Too Well

Being compatible with your trainer is good but excess of everything is bad. If you and your trainer are being very friendly, you might not make any progress.

It is because, if you are getting along well with someone, it is very likely to spend more time chatting and losing focus from the main aim. The trainer can go easy on you, and let you cheat thus hindering your growth.

6. Not Tracking Progress Aligning Workouts Accordingly

Not tracking progress in accordance with your workout sessions is like walking with a blindfold on. You will never know what progress you are making and whether you are going the right way or not.

Furthermore, if you do not have a track of your improvements, you will never get motivated for workouts in the future.

7. Not Knowing their Area of Expertise

trainer 3 Can you expect someone who can only make pasta to make a pizza for you? No, right? Similarly, expecting every trainer to be an expert in every area is not the right approach.

If you go to a trainer without researching their expertise, you will never find the desired results. There are chances that they might worsen the situation than enhance it.

8. Hiring Based on Affordability and Not Value

Although managing money is very important in the current time but there are things that require the choice of value over money, especially in the case of health.

If you are hiring a very cheap personal trainer, there are chances that he will have more crowd and less time for you. Additionally, he might not have the required qualifications to fulfill your needs.


The trend of personal training is gaining a lot of attention these days. It is because, having a personal trainer can help you stay motivated, work better, avoid injuries, and make faster progress.

As a newbie, it is important to know your needs and your body type. Then, to hire your personal trainer, you should verify the credentials, compatibility, reliability, and expertise of the trainer you are hiring.

After hiring the trainer, you need to tell them everything about your health history, your objectives, and your expectations to make the sessions worth it. Furthermore, not keeping track of progress and only gossiping with the trainer are common mistakes that can be a resistance to your accomplishments.

So, all you need to do is to keep these points in mind and select the suitable trainer to have a healthy and happy life.

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