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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Buttocks Naturally?

By Laura
August 6, 2023
7 minutes

Cellulite is much more common than you can assume. It affects about 80 to 90% of women at some point in their life as evidenced in a study [1].

Although it is harmless, women and even men do not like its appearance and try out treatments like laser cellulite removal, liposuction, cryolipolysis, and more. However, cellulite can occur again even after all these treatments when the root cause is not treated.

Therefore, the ultimate treatment is the one that helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite over time. Fortunately, you do not need to head to a clinic for such treatments as simple lifestyle changes and at-home remedies are effective in removing cellulite. So, here we are going to talk about what are the causes of cellulite and how to get rid of the cellulite on the butt naturally.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition that commonly occurs in body areas having fats like buttocks, breasts, thighs, and lower abdomen. In cellulitis, the skin has an irregular surface which gives the skin a dimpled or mottled appearance.

It is also called “cottage cheese skin” because it looks just like cottage cheese which has a smooth surface with rounded pits in between. Moreover, it is related to “orange peel skin” because the skin appears like an orange peel which has a dented surface. These features are explained in an overview of the anatomy of cellulite [2].

Cellulitis occurs when small globules of fats are deposited just under the skin’s surface and pushed against connective tissues which are fibrosed to form thickened bands or adhesions. It might be visible on the skin all the time or only when the skin is pinched.

Also, you need to know that cellulite is not associated with any disease or adverse effects on the skin. But it raises some cosmetic concerns because of the unpleasant appearance.

Grades of Cellulite

Cellulite is classified into three grades based on severity as explained in the severity scale of cellulite in a study [3]. It has grades which are determined by how lumpy the skin appears. These grades are given below.

  • Grade 0: It is the normal smooth appearance of the skin on the areas with fats including the buttocks. There are no dimpling or other symptoms of cellulite in grade 0.

  • Grade 1: This grade is the beginning of the formation of cellulite. Here, skin appears smooth when looking at a standing position. However, there is a formation of small pits when you sit.

  • Grade 2: In grade 2, the skin has moderate dimples in both standing and sitting positions. However, they are not that unsightly.

  • Grade 3: Grade 3 of cellulite features the formation of several dimples along with the areas of protruding skin. It is always present and looks unpleasant.

What are the Causes of Cellulite on Buttocks?

Let us get informed about the causes of cellulite on the buttocks so that you can think of how to get rid of the cellulite on the butt by treating the root cause. Below are the most common causes of cellulite.

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle where you are not involved in any physical activity to tone the muscles is the prime cause of cellulitis. It also includes dehydration, smoking, tight clothes, and unhealthy food like carbs, trans fats, and processed sugars.

2. Obesity

Obesity means excess fats in the buttocks. These fats push against the hardened connective tissue fibers while pulling them down. It results in the formation of lumpy skin.

3. Pregnancy

The weight gain and changes in the level of hormones in pregnancy give way to the development of cellulite on the buttocks and also make it more obvious.

4. Genetics

Cellulite can be caused by some undetermined genetic factor. Genetics in addition to environmental factors worsens the condition.

5. Hormonal Disturbance

Hormones like estrogen, insulin, thyroid, prolactin, and nor-epinephrine are thought to play a role in cellulite development. For example, a decrease in the level of estrogen after menopause can cause cellulite as stated in a study [4].

6. Medical Conditions

Any medical condition that causes a decrease in the production of collagen can cause cellulite because the ability of the skin to stay firm decreases.

7. Aging

With aging, there is natural thinning of the skin. It also becomes less elastic. Consequently, the risk of cellulite development increases.

8. Gender

Cellulite is more common in women as compared to men. This is because connective tissues lie in a parallel direction in women while they criss-cross in men making them stronger.

How to Remove Cellulite From the Butt Naturally

Let us now get to the topic and find out the ways to get rid of the unsightly cellulite from the buttocks.

1. Exercise

The most important modality to get rid of cellulite is toning the muscles and removing the fats in a way that your buttocks stay firm without sagging or dimpling. Exercise is a great way to do both at once.

Exercises that focus on the glutes like step-ups, glute bridges, pop squats, and jump lunges can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Furthermore, the effect of exercise on cellulite is proven in research [5].

2. Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle modifications to help with cellulite include increased physical activity, proper hydration, a healthy diet, and avoidance of alcohol and smoking.

So, you should include protein sources like beef, eggs, and fish; healthy oils like coconut and olive oil; seeds like flax seeds; and fiber-rich foods in your diet. Additionally, you can try the healthy foods mentioned in foods and drinks high in polyphenols .

3. Massage With Essential Oils

Massaging the buttocks with essential oils like rosemary oil, grapefruit oil, and coconut oil helps in dissolving fat globules, reducing the formation of new fat, and breaking the bands that pull these fats to form dimples. Additionally, massaging improves circulation, drains the lymph, and makes skin appear smooth and firm. This effect has been explained in the study [5].

4. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is one of the most efficacious techniques for getting rid of cellulite naturally as concluded in a clinical study [7]. It does so by stimulating the blood flow to the tissues, draining lymphatics, removing dead skin cells, and boosting the regeneration of new, firm, and more elastic skin cells.

A natural loofah or simple dry brush can be used in soft upward and circular motions to reduce cellulite gradually.

5. Collagen and Anti-Cellulite Supplements

Collagen forms and strengthens the connective tissue in the body. So, natural sources of collagen like bone broth and supplements like bioactive peptides can help in making the skin more elastic thus preventing cellulite. The role of collagen in cellulite reduction has been determined in a study [8]. You can also check more uses of collagen in the benefits of collagen for the skin .

Additionally, there are some anti-cellulite supplements like kola extract, green coffee extract, and proteolytic enzymes that help in overcoming the causes of cellulite.

6. Coffee Scrubs

A coffee scrub made with coffee grounds, healthy oil, and sugar eliminates dead skin cells, boosts circulation, and tightens the skin.

Moreover, coffee has a role in stimulating lipolysis and lymphatic drainage. As a result, the lumpy skin on the butt becomes firm and smooth.

7. Compression Stockings

Compression stocking helps in providing support to the sagging and lumpy skin in cellulite. They also regulate blood circulation, gently apply pressure on the buttocks, and maintain the fluid level, especially during prolonged periods of standing or any physical activity. The role of compression stockings in the treatment of cellulite has been explained in a randomized and controlled study [9].

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera helps in the treatment of cellulite by hydrating the skin in a way that, water retention which increases the size of fat globules, is decreased. Its extracts also help in naturally boosting collagen synthesis in the body which makes the skin of the butt region firm and ultimately reduces dimpling.

Furthermore, you can check the benefits of aloe vera in the uses of aloe vera for skin and hair .

9. Consumption of Green Tea and Cinnamon

Green tea and cinnamon have a role in inhibiting the production of fats in the body. They also help in stimulating metabolism that burns the already present fat. So, consumption of both can help in keeping excess fat in check which ultimately treats cellulite.

10. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a form of exercise that targets the gluteal region directly. Just like dry brushing, it improves blood flow, drains lymphatics dissolves fats, and firms the skin. So, it can temporarily yet quickly help in the reduction of cellulite.

11. Improve the Appearance of Cellulite

Lastly, if you can not wait until the cellulite is resolved by natural methods as mentioned earlier, and want to improve its appearance meanwhile, try taking care of your skin in the way that it looks healthy and cellulite is less visible.

You should cleanse the skin well, exfoliate it, remove unwanted hair with the help of Ulike Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset, and use a self-tanner.


Cellulite is the dimpling appearance of the skin caused by excess fat and weak connective tissue. There are several natural methods you can try to get rid of the cellulite on the buttocks. These methods mainly focus on reducing body weight, breaking the excess fats down, toning the muscles, and strengthening the connective tissues.

The most effective of these modalities are lifestyle changes which help in targeting most of the causes of cellulite.


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