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How to Get Rid of Nair Burn Overnight?

By Viktoria
April 1, 2024
6 minutes
How to Get Rid of Nair Burn Overnight

Nair is one of the most popular hair removal creams. Hair removal creams contain salts of thioglycolic acid and hydroxide. These strong chemicals cause the breakdown of the hair strand by dissolving its protein.

Although it should only work on the hair, it might affect the skin as well because skin also contains protein. This results in Nair chemical burn. In addition to their unsightly appearance, these burns are very painful.

So, let us help you heal these burns with our guide on how to get rid of Nair burns overnight.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Does Nair Burn? What Does a Nair Burn Look Like?Does Nair Burn

Burns from different sources appear different. For example, skin burn caused by laser hair removal has a specific appearance while burn caused by chemicals found in depilatory creams like Nair also has a distinguished appearance.

In general, people feel a slight stinging or uncomfortable sensation when the cream is on their bodies. This sensation goes away once you wash the area. However, if it is too much to bear, it might be a sign that your skin is burning.

If we talk about the Nair burns, here are the signs and symptoms you are likely to experience.

  • A burning sensation when the cream is on the body
  • Skin redness as you remove the cream
  • Appearance of small red spots on the background of tender skin
  • Skin swelling and blisters
  • Skin sensitivity and tenderness
  • Itching and irritation
  • Peeling of the skin
  • Pain

Also, note that there is a possibility of chemical burns and these side effects, but they do not occur in everyone.  So, you can give Hair Removal Creams at Home: How to Use, Tips, Pros, and Cons a read to know all about hair removal creams and use them with little to no side effects.

Part 2: Why did Nair Burn my Skin?Why did Nair Burn my Skin

As Nair burns do not occur on everyone, here are a few reasons why you get chemical burns from Nair.

You did not Follow Instructions

Nair hair removal cream comes with a set of instructions and warnings. It is important to read and follow them. Some people assume that using a hair removal cream is a piece of cake and they know it all. So, they do not follow the instructions, and this results in chemical burns.

Your Skin is Allergic or Hypersensitive

Your skin might be too delicate, sensitive, or even allergic to any ingredient in the Nair hair removal cream. In such cases, you are likely to get a burn even if you follow the instructions.

You did not Do a Patch Test

A patch test is a must before using Nair depilatory cream on a large area. No matter whether you have been using chemical depilation or are used to it, you always need to do a patch test.

If you skip the patch test and jump directly to using the cream, it can cause unexpected severe burns.

You Left the Nair Cream for Too Long

Each depilatory cream from Nair comes with the duration you need to keep it on. For example, it is approximately 5 minutes for the face and 10 minutes for the rest of the body.

Also, you should never leave the hair removal cream on your skin for more than 15 minutes. Doing so can give you Nair burns.

You did not do Pre- and Post Care

Just like any other hair removal method, you need pre and post-treat care to pamper your skin and reduce the side effects. If you do not clean the skin well before using Nair hair removal cream or moisturize it afterward, you might get burns.

Also, check Is Hair Removal Cream Safe. Where Should Hair Removal Cream Not Be Used? Hair Removal Cream FAQs

Part 3: How Long Does it Take for Nair Burn to Go Away?

The time needed for nair burns to go away depends on several factors. These are mentioned below,

Type and Intensity of Cream You Used

Each part of the body has its specific needs. You cannot use an intimate area hair removal cream on the face as it can be too intense for the facial skin.

So, the concentration of chemicals in a depilatory cream determines how intense your burn will be. This, in turn, determines the duration of treatment.

Also, give Does Face Hair Removal Cream Work? Is It Safe? A read.

Severity of the Burn

If you only have redness and stinging caused by a burn, it will heal in a day or two. However, if your burns are severe and have blisters, skin peeling, and inflammation, they will take a longer time to heal.

Moreover, severe skin burns or mild to moderate facial burns can even take a few weeks to heal completely.

Condition of Your Skin

A healthy skin can resist the chemical effects of the Nair creams well and the burns heal faster even if they occur. However, if your skin barrier is weak or you are suffering from an underlying skin condition, you might need additional time and attention to treat the burn.

Individual Factors

Lastly, the exact time taken by a Nair burn to heal depends upon personal factors. These include the skin’s reaction to the Nair, the environment, the care you take to treat the burn, and more. </a >

Part 4: How to Heal Nair Burn Overnight?How to Heal Nair Burn Overnight

Treating a chemical burn can take a long time. So, let us help you treat a chemical burn faster with these tips.

Wash the Burnt Area

Once you feel a burn sensation or see a chemical burn after removing the cream, immediately take off the clothes from that area and wash it under cool water.

Do not use lukewarm or hot water. Keep rinsing the area until the burning sensation is significantly reduced. After that, look if your clothes have residues of the cream and rinse them as well.

Use a Cold Compress

The stinging sensation is reduced by washing the treatment area, but it does not go away completely. For this, wrap ice in a wash towel and apply it to the burnt area. You can do so until you feel better.

Apply a Topical Steroid Ointment

Once you have calmed the burn, the next step is to treat it. One of the best treatment options for chemical burns is a steroid ointment. So, grab a hydrocortisone cream from any nearby pharmacy and apply it gently on the burn.

It will reduce redness, itching, and swelling.

Apply a Moisturizer

You need to nourish and hydrate the skin as well. A thick moisturizer can do the job. However, we recommend using petroleum jelly for skin moisturization as it works best and forms a protective layer on the skin.

Use a Painkiller and Anti-Allergic Tablet

In addition to topical treatment, you can also take oral medication to relieve yourself from the pain, itching, and stress caused by chemical burns. Any pain killer like ibuprofen and anti-allergic tablet like antihistamine is safe to use.

Cover the Burn

After your first aid treatment, you need to cover the burn with a bandage. For this, apply a neosporin ointment and gauze. This ointment contains antibiotics and prevents infection.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Tight clothes can cause friction adding to the intensity of the burn. So, always wear loose clothes or leave the burnt area completely bare for it to heal faster.

Go to Doctor

If your burn does not seem to be healing or it is too severe to heal at home, run to your doctor.

Part 5: Try Ulike IPL Hair Removal to Get Rid of Nair Burns

We assume that you got your answer to “Does Nair burn”. Now the question is what to do next as going for a patch time every time you remove hair can be too burdensome and time-consuming.

The best way to get rid of and prevent Nair burns is to throw the cream away. Once you throw the cream, go for Ulike Air 3 IPL Hair Removal for Face, Pubic & Body Hair.

Ulike IPL hair removal can help you remove unwanted hair from every part of your body including the intimate region without causing any pain, discomfort, burns, or rashes.


Depilatory creams like Nair are notorious for causing chemical burns. The duration of the treatment depends upon the intensity of the burn.

However, you can take measures like washing it with cold water, applying over-the-counter ointments, and taking over-the-counter drugs to heal it faster.

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