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After Brazilian Wax Bumps: Cause, Treatment, and Prevention

By Laura
April 2, 2024
7 minutes
After Brazilian Wax Bumps

Waxing is an easy hair removal technique even for removing the hair down there. It is quick, pocket-friendly, and removes hair from roots. The results also last for more than a month. But with all the pros, comes some cons. The wax pulls hair from roots, irritating the hair follicles, and triggering the formation of bumps.

These bumps are painful and irritating and imagine irritation on the private parts? You cannot even walk properly. So, what is the solution to after Brazilian wax bumps? Let’s discuss.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What are Post-wax Bumps?What are Post-wax Bumps

Bumps are small raised pimple-like appearances that usually appear when hair is forcefully removed from our body. Due to irritation of our skin and follicles, the body starts an inflammatory reaction that causes the formation of bumps. This is why, it is also known as folliculitis. They can be red or white depending upon the association of pus with the bumps.

Some of the most common reasons for these tiny painful outgrowths include ingrown hair, bacterial infection, and skin irritation by sweating or chemical products. To identify these bumps, you can observe their appearance. They are small tiny pimples with defined margins that are most commonly found in groups.

Luckily, these can subside within 24 hours of waxing in mild cases. However, if you do not take proper care they can last for a week or even more.

Part 2: Why Do I Get Bumps After Brazilian Wax?

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair are one of the most common causes of bumps after a Brazilian wax. They occur after a few days of waxing as the hair regrowth starts. The new growing hair instead of popping out of the skin curls itself back into the hair follicles. As a result, tiny bumps are formed on the body that feel itchy and painful.

Improper After CareImproper After Care

Another reason for the formation of these bumps is improper after-care. When you do not clean your body regularly and get rid of the debris accumulated on skin cells, there are more chances of these bumps to be formed.

Moreover, if the areas remain uncleaned, the chances of bacterial infection increase. When the hair follicles are infected with bacteria, you can expect white pus bumps after a Brazilian wax.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis occurs as a result of skin irritation or allergic reaction to certain fragrances or perfumes. Wax peels off our skin and it becomes sensitive afterwards. Therefore, any chemical product whether it is infused in a soap, skincare product, or perfume can trigger an allergic reaction on the skin.

Since Brazilian wax covers our already sensitive areas of skin, you can expect a more severe irritation, pain, and burning sensation in that area. If contact dermatitis is the cause, you can also expect skin peeling and swelling.

Improper Waxing Technique

Improper waxing technique is a major reason behind developing bumps. For instance, Brazilian wax includes waxing of sensitive private parts, so you need to choose the right wax for this purpose. A soft wax can be harsh so go for hard wax or sugarwax.

Moroever, waxing on dry skin is also not recommended. Therefore, if you are doing a Brazilian wax at home, make sure to learn the proper technique first and then use the wax.

Personal Factors

Personal factors such as skin sensitivity, hair texture, and pre-existing skin conditions also contribute to white or red bumps after a Brazilian wax. The more your skin sensitivity, the higher the chances of occurrence of these bumps. Furthermore, a rough hair texture can trigger an inflammatory reaction even more.

Other than these, pre-existing skin conditions like acne on the external tissue of private parts can be a risk factor for the formation of bumps. Therefore, understanding your skin type, and hair texture, and ruling out any pre-existing skin conditions beforehand can help prevent bumps to a great extent.

Part 3: How Do I Get Rid of Bumps After Brazilian Wax?

Developed the bumps and what to do now? These simple steps can help you treat the bumps at home easily.

Cleanse and Exfoliate the Area

As mentioned before, bumps after a Brazilian wax are usually formed as a result of microbial invasion, ingrown hair, and improper aftercare. You can solve all these just by properly cleansing the waxed area and then exfoliating the dead skin cells.

Cleansing and exfoliation 1-2 days after waxing is recommended. This helps in removing any bacteria, fungi, and other impurities from your skin. Moreover, all the dead cells are sloughed off. So, your hair can smoothly come out of the skin. Continue exfoliation at least twice a week to ensure that the bumps do not develop.

Keep in mind that the exfoliating or cleansing products you are using are chemical and fragrance-free. Otherwise, your skin will be irritated even more.

Use CompressesUse Compresses

Both warm and cold compresses can help against the bumps. Cold compresses help soothe the skin and prevent skin irritation. To apply cold compresses, you can either wrap ice run cold water over a washcloth or use ice wrapped in a clean cloth.

On the other hand, warm compresses are helpful when you suspect ingrown hair. These compresses soften the skin, open up the pores, and let ingrown hair grow out of the skin smoothly.

Topical Products with Natural Ingredients

Topical products such as creams or natural oils also serve as a solution to these small red outgrowths. Over-the-counter topical creams are available in cosmetic and medical stores to soothe the skin.

You can also use natural oils like tea tree oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties however the oil can clog pores so you need to dilute it. You can use other oils like coconut oil or olive oil for this purpose. After dilution, do a patch test and if everything goes well you can apply it to the waxed area. Additionally, witch hazel also serves as an antiseptic to prevent bacterial infection and treat skin rashes.

Hydrocortisone Cream

A mild hydrocortisone cream serves as a temporary agent in relieving pain, swelling, and redness in the private areas of your skin. However, the cream should only be used around the vaginal area. Moreover, you should also avoid using it for a long time.

Also, ensure that there are no cuts on that area before using the cream. If the bumps still do not subside, you can buy a professional-recommended cream for long-term usage.

Try Aloe Vera Gel

Lastly, aloe vera gel is a natural effective home remedy to treat the inflammatory structures formed after a Brazilian wax. It has anti-bacterial agents and also wound healing properties that can help soothe the inflamed, bumpy, and itchy skin.

Also, using pure aloe vera is completely alright to use around the private areas or into the vagina. However, the treatment is temporary and time-consuming.

Part 4: How to Avoid Bumps After Brazilian Wax?

Exfoliation Before Waxing

Exfoliation before waxing is as necessary as it is after waxing. Dirt, dust, harmful chemicals, and microbes come in contact with our skin throughout the day. These accumulate on the skin and lead to the build-up of dead cells. When we wax on an area with an accumulation of impurities, it does not stick properly and causes hair breakage.

Exfoliating a day or two before waxing the private areas can remove this heap of dead cells and allow the wax to effectively lift up hair from the roots. Since we are talking about the private areas, avoid scrubbing too harshly. Rubbing the scrub for 1-2 minutes is enough and then use warm water to rinse the area.

Do not Wear Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes irritates the skin as the fabric of the cloth continuously comes in contact with the body. Moreover, these tight clothes absorb sweat which causes the accumulation of sweat and all the sweat contents including microbes, dirt, and minerals cause itching down there.

Another drawback of wearing tight clothes is that they can hinder normal regrowth forcing hair to curl back. This curling back of hair follicles leads to ingrown hair.

Keep the Area Moisturized

Lastly, keeping the skin moisturized is also a useful way of preventing bumps. Moisturizers soften the skin and also help in the repair of the moisture barrier that is usually disrupted due to waxing. It reduces skin sensitivity and allows the hair to smoothly grow out of the epidermis.

While buying the moisturizer, you need to be cautious about the ingredients present in it. There should not be any fragrances or sulfates in it. These can be harsh on your skin.

Replace Your Hair Removal MethodReplace Your Hair Removal Method

If nothing works for you, an alternative hair removal method can surely help. Choose a method that does not compromise your protective skin barrier and has minimum chances of irritating the skin. One such method is IPL hair removal. It offers a long-lasting solution to itchy hair down there.

But, is IPL suitable for private parts? Yes, the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL device can be used even on private parts. It has different intensity levels and the lowest intensity level can work for bikini line and pubic hair removal safely.

Part 5: Timeframe for Bumps and Redness to Subside

As the hair are constantly pulled from the roots, redness and inflammation occur. Within 24 hours, the bumps formed subside. This is the case for most people but you can also expect variations. They can also last for a week or two depending upon the severity of reactions and how you take care of your skin.

Without proper care, the condition can worsen and last for a few weeks. Therefore, if you have developed any bumps, properly moisturize the skin. Do not forget to cleanse it regularly and wear loose clothes to enhance the airflow. In addition, be consistent and continue the care as the severe bumps can take time to heal.


Bumps after Brazilian wax are common. They can occur due to improper waxing techniques, insufficient aftercare, microbial infection, excessive sweating, and rough hair texture. They cause a continuous itchy and stinging sensation. As the clothes rub against these bumps, they also become painful.

Hydrocortisone creams, aloe vera gel, moisturizers, natural oils, and warm compressions can help with soothing the skin and minimizing these bumps. However, if they do not seem to reduce, replace waxing with IPL hair removal. It is easier, safer, and more effective.

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